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Apple is awesome and can do no wrong

Happy? It’s even a double rainbow.

18 Responses to “Apple is awesome and can do no wrong”
  1. Alonso says:

    VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!! LOL!

  2. Luke says:

    Ha, Apple fans can be quite rabid. I’ve always used a case for my iPhone, so I don’t really mind (although Apple should’ve approached this differently; it’s still an issue they should address).
    I have a 1st Gen iPhone, so I REALLY need an upgrade.

  3. Tap says:

    Nice, except the outer rainbow should have it’s colours reversed

  4. Andy says:

    This whole iPhone4 fiasco is why I never buy something when it first comes out. Shame on anyone who feels they got burned because the iPhone4 isn’t as great as they wanted it to be. Next time wise up and wait until the dust settles before buying a newly released product!

    I’m giving one extra Ass Cramp to anyone who bitches that they don’t like their new iPhone!

  5. dr Who says:

    He Doc,

    Yes I know it’s hard for you to accept…. The whole antenna-gate thing is really non existing. It’s a storm in a glass of water, blow out of proportion by the media.

    And get your own iPhone 4 to a Apple care center, it’s possible you just have one of the rare, that has something as lose wire. They’ll check and if necessary chance or repair yours.

    Your still ranking high on my favorite feed list. Keep blogging in your unique voice and don’t get caught up in a stupid media bashing spectacle the next time. 🙂

    dr Who


    dr Who

  6. darrell says:

    @Luke & Andy – i just bought a 3GS off of craigslist and couldn’t be happier. people have to stop complaining about the phone and make a choice: stay, upgrade, or buy something else.

    everyone is pointing and laughing at apple right now because the majority of internet tools want the company to fail. the only thing to do now is sit back, wait, and see if the CONSUMER disregards the problem and still buys the product. and seeing as how the last stats showed 1.7million sold first weekend to 3million now, i would say people are still interested.

    internet backlash wanted to take the mac, the iPod and the iPad down. but the consumer chooses what is successful. not the pricks on gizmodo or techcrunch.

    i’m sure i’ll buy an iPhone 4 soon (would rather have an iPad) but i would like to see if apple takes it to another network first.

  7. MotoUser says:

    Whoo hoo! A double rainbow and two iPhones, what else could you ask for? Happy happy, joy joy!

  8. ObamaPacman says:

    Didn’t have a problem with original iPhone (v1.1.x and on) or iPhone 3GS (v3.0 and on).

    And no, the doc isn’t dreaming. I’ve run into some problems too:

    Maybe do a video showing iPhone 4 (with case and 4.0.1) and 3GS side by side?

  9. ObamaPacman says:

    Woah, OMG, if I take moar drugs there is almost a triple rainbow! What does it mean????

  10. Andy says:

    I’ve always kept my iPhone 3G in a hard case. I wouldn’t want it to break if it fell nor do I want any scratches on my pretty Apple jewell of a smart phone.

    When, not if, I upgrade to an iPhone 4 I’m putting a case on it even if it gets perfect cellphone performance. After all, the thing is made of glass for Christsakes!

    Here is something to marvel at:

    Other companies might sell Crap but Apple dosen’t.

  11. Joe says:

    The whole thing reminds me of the wiimote thru TV screen non-issue. Complete with free prophylactics handheld electronic devices. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

  12. biblezombie says:

    Oh my gosh! Do you mean to tell me that the people working for Apple are really human and capable of having imperfections? Go get your phone fixed and quit whining. This coming from someone who had his ipod touch worked on/replaced 4 times before they got it fixed. Man up.

  13. Michael says:

    Ok, so what is the point of this thread. You start by saying “Apple can do no wrong” with Happy Double Rainbows. Where are the unicorns and dancing cherubs as well?

    I want to say this, if you buy Apple products you have a right to complain, if you don’t it’s best left to the Apple Professionals. I have many, many Apple products I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (fully loaded) 24″ LED Display, got the iPad (WiFi) on launch day and picked up my first iPhone two weeks after launch. I have easily owned another five Apple Laptops and an two iMac’s before my current gear.

    My iPhone works fine for me, I have the bumper and look forward to my refund and freebie case which I find to be the bare minimum Apple could have done.

    As for Apple doing no wrong, well on that you are wrong. They expect their sugar coating to to cover all and this time it didn’t. You piss off Consumer Reports and it will cost you. Apple was finally forced to give something away, but my opinion is they knew they had to so they put a perceived value on the bumper (which did protect my phone this weekend) when it costs $1 to make.

    Jobs is no great leader, he is getting lucky based on others who work for him. Jonathan Ives is the real talen, Steve not so much.

    Again I buy Apple, I love my Apple products, but I do not like the Wizard behind the curtain.

  14. Smartnamehere says:

    If there is a reason to hate Apple, I think fingers should be pointed to their over-zealot fans.

    I don’t think there is a more annoying group of people on the internet. You have the right to complain about a product that you think is not working as it should. All those empty comments about taking your phone to the Apple Store and shutting your mouth are just demonstrating how mediocre individuals deal with issues. If you pay a premium, demand what should have been granted for the price.

  15. ObamaPacman says:


    Sounds like you are either a MiroSheep or Fandroid, but deep inside you like to buy Apple products and doesn’t have the income prospects to buy one.

  16. Smartnamehere says:


    I do like buying apple products, I have been doing so for a while now. I just don’t think that I should blindly abandon common sense and overlook flaws just because this is Apple we’re talking about. My 27″ iMac had the screen problems that were well documented and it took me a lengthy process to get it replaced, and I was not happy about it. I had the right to complain, didn’t I. Same thing here.

  17. Dave-O says:

    Everyone who isn’t bitching about the fact that they can’t stop touching the weak spot (ever hear the joke about the patient telling the doctor, “it hurts when I do this”?) knows that the colors should be reversed on the second rainbow.

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