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Guess what I’m humming?

Yes, even I, the king of the iPhone 4 bitching, must admit to getting a bit burned out on bashing Apple over the iPhone reception issue. In fact, I was more than willing to put on my happy fanboy mask, pretend the iPhone works as advertised, and call it a lesson learned. But when I see someone put forth actual effort into an iPhone 4-bashing song, especially one with a catchy chorus, then I feel I just have to share. So here is faithful Macenstein reader Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff‘s opus, “The Antennagate Song “. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “Guess what I’m humming?”
  1. MfS says:

    Yeah, those millions of people that are returning their iPhone 4s…yep, price of crap, doesn’t work for anybody. Didn’t know 0.55% equaled a piece of crap.

    What a load of garbage.

  2. Bad Horse says:

    I have to agree. I am disappointed that it might not be up to the extremely high standards I am used to from Apple, but it still the best phone I have ever had!

  3. MIke says:

    Oh, come on – the song is catchy. Never called the iPhone 4 crap, just complained about no bars and not being able to blame AT&T – this time.

  4. Maybe you should move to a real country that doesn’t have this problem.

    Australia and New Zealand seem to be having very few problems but then we have Vodafone not AT&T.

  5. Imagine Engine says:

    I have an iPhone 4 on Rogers network here in Vancouver, Canada and don’t experience dropped calls or signal bars going to none even with my hand completely covering the bottom left of the iPhone. I have 5 bars holding the iPhone in my hand this drops to 4 bars in the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area). Using the app my results with out covering the antenna over Rogers HSPA+ (3G) network was for download 5592 kbps and upload 3612 kbps and with my hand covering antenna 4723 kbps and upload 2700 kbps. Rogers network is HSPA+ supporting 21 Mbps download speed but the iPhone 4 HSPA chip only maxes out at 7.2 Mbps download speed. I’ll be traveling to the USA soon testing the iPhone 4 on AT&T network. In the past though I’ve noticed while using an iPhone 3G AT&T doesn’t provide the same speed and bandwidth we get here in Canada.

  6. Keith says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen this guy somewhere before…

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