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The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 7 – MiLi: Power Skin & PocketPal

With all this talk about the iPhone 4, it’s easy to forget there’s 10’s of millions of perfectly good iPhone 3G’s and 3G S’s out there still looking for some loving. And while we’re all about the iPhone 4 these days, we haven’t forgotten about all you “old-school” iPhone users, and we’re showing you some love with our new iPhone 3G accessory giveaway.

Odds are you love your iPhone 3G/ 3G S so much, your only gripe is that you occasionally have to put it down to recharge. Well, you’re in luck, because today we have the dynamic iPhone-charging duo of the Power Skin & PocketPal by MiLi, one of my all-time favorite iPhone battery makers. Now you and your iPhone never have to be apart again!

World’s thinnest external battery/protective case & USB charger for iPhone 3G & 3GS
• 1,200 mAH battery capacity doubles the life of your iPhone 3G & 3GS
• Packaged with PocketPal, world’s smallest foldable USB charger
• Pass-through USB/mini-USB allows you to charge and sync your iPhone without removing case
• Two-toned color combinations using black, white, blue, green, pink, orange, and silver
• Apple certified with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

To Enter: Speaking of “dynamic duos” leave us a comment telling us name two things that are better together than on their own. Is it peanut butter and jelly? Batman and Robin? The internet and porn? What? Open to US and Canadian readers only, winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends 7 days from now. Good luck!

80 Responses to “The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 7 – MiLi: Power Skin & PocketPal”
  1. Karsten says:

    2 chicks.

  2. Torrance says:

    Peanut butter and jelly.

  3. Christopher Engesser says:

    whiskey and sour pop

  4. Steve519 says:

    internet and porn, you mentioned it above and you couldn’t be any more right. well that and the iPhone with AirVideo is another great one.

  5. apod says:

    cinnamon and sugar

  6. Jonro says:

    Anything and butter.

  7. MIke says:

    Hot dogs and the 4th of July

  8. brnmbrns says:

    “Lamb and Tuna Fish”

  9. sfmitch says:

    America and Football (the real one, not soccer)

  10. David says:

    Bacon and anything.

  11. Mike says:

    fast music and driving.

  12. Jason B says:

    chocolate and coffee

  13. Mark S. says:


  14. Paul says:

    Marmite and cheese (or Marmite and avocado). Oooo baby!

  15. Jim says:

    peanut butter and fluff

  16. AG says:

    Silly Putty & Newspaper

  17. Brian says:

    Hall and Oats.

  18. dlowe402 says:

    “Porkchops n Applesauce” Actually, I am gonna have to agree with and the “Boobs” comment.

  19. Rey Miranda says:

    mili vanilli… or was that too kiss ass?

  20. Gina says:

    Milk & Cookies

  21. Mark Fox says:

    cottage cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy

  22. Othello says:

    my wife and her girlfriend

  23. Leif says:

    Harley & Davisdon

  24. David Mac says:

    Two monitors!

  25. Chuck says:

    mac & cheese

  26. Cantor says:

    Ice and CocaCola 🙂

  27. SteveBobMike says:

    Jack and Coke

  28. Jim D says:

    Mac & Cheese for me, please.

  29. Edgar says:

    Tequila and Squirt!!!

  30. Andy says:

    I haven’t had it, but if you go to Hawaii try some Spam with Poi. Also try munching on a Kit Kat while sipping Drambuie.

    For you culinary pleasure visit this link before your next meal.

  31. Corinne says:

    Two things that are better together than on their own?

    Milk Chocolate and cheddar cheese.

    It’s weird, but I think both are overpowering on their own, but together? They make this really tasty combinary.

  32. Kevin says:

    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

    Competition is great!

  33. Greg says:

    BBQ and a beer.

  34. Spacenuke says:

    I’m suprised that I haven’t seen this.

    My wife and I

  35. Dan W says:

    Peanut butter and chocolate. Awesome no matter how you pair them.

  36. Sean says:

    One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. Wait that’s three….Oh well

  37. harpoon says:

    cereal and milk

  38. Mitch Preston says:


  39. J McLain says:

    Lazyboy recliner and MacBook Pro

  40. Grant Wall says:

    A phone and an iPod 😀

  41. Donut says:

    Freddy Kruger & Jason Vorhees

  42. Jon says:

    avon barksdale and stringer bell

  43. John Hefner says:

    Mary Kate & Ashley Olson

  44. Brian Beam says:


  45. Aldo Johnson says:

    From an old TV ad of a group of women talking: “You eat chocolate, your boyfriend eats mint, then you kiss.”

    Is that three things? Or five?

  46. Shauna says:

    Me and my Mac!

  47. josh berrios says:

    my wife and facetime!!! :^>

  48. Ofek says:

    Wheels 🙂

  49. Teegan says:

    Mints + Ice Cream = Mint Ice Cream

    btw Fruitcake it the opposite. Fruit (good) + cake (great!) = Fruitcake (Nasty crap).

  50. Sergio says:

    PB and J

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