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The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 8 – An iSkin solo iPhone case

With all this talk about the iPhone 4, it’s easy to forget there’s 10’s of millions of perfectly good iPhone 3G’s and 3G S’s out there still looking for some loving. And while we’re all about the iPhone 4 these days, we haven’t forgotten about all you “old-school” iPhone users, and we’re showing you some love with our new iPhone 3G accessory giveaway.

The iSkin Solo FX case takes the amazing iSkin Solo case and raises the bar even higher by adding a designer pattern that screams chic, and a special mirror screen protector for the ultimate look.

To Enter: Speaking of “chic design”, sure we’re all fans of Apple, but we’re curious, what is the best designed NON-APPLE product out there? Open to US and Canadian readers only, winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends 7 days from now. Good luck!

41 Responses to “The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 8 – An iSkin solo iPhone case”
  1. Bill says:

    Any thing by Bang & Olufsen

  2. Torrance says:

    Tesla roadster

  3. Scott says:

    Dyson anything.

  4. AG says:

    For AV Receivers, the only brand that does any design (other than offering “black” and “silver”) is Harman Kardon.

  5. harpoon says:

    not much compares, but my DeLonghi coffee maker’s pretty slick

  6. Corinne says:

    Love Acer computers. There’s something sleek about them.

  7. Edgar says:

    Samsung Touch of Color monitors with TV tuners goes well with my macbook pro

  8. Paul says:

    Aston Martin Venture

  9. Steven says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Any of it.

  10. Leif says:

    Porsche Carrera GT

    • Usctrojan12 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Porsche is the “I Feel the need for Speed”/ “Most Beautiful Sports Car” out there. My husband, two daughters and I can fit comfortably in our Porsche which makes this machine of beauty even more desirable.

  11. Ofek says:

    AO’s Flight-Gear 2

  12. Mykel says:

    The Lexus is fine with me!!!!!!!

  13. Andy says:

    Fender Stratocaster & the Saturn 5 moon rocket!

  14. Donut says:

    seagate harddrives

  15. Lienster says:

    the human being

  16. Jason B says:

    LG tvs

  17. MfS says:

    Nintendo Wii.

  18. Bryan Oakley says:

    the Prius

  19. Chris Purdy says:

    B&W Nautilus speakers….

  20. bc says:

    Audi R8

  21. Grant says:

    Tesla model S

  22. Jonro says:

    A Parker 51 fountain pen.

  23. beekay says:

    Lenovo Thinkpads are pretty sexy.

  24. Tyler Wall says:

    I’d have to say the Flipside Wallet. I’ve been waiting for them to get in stock forever. They look awesome, are super strong, and are RFID shielding. Oh, they’re also pretty small. (smaller than my current wallet at least!)

  25. Aldo Johnson says:

    HK USP

  26. SteveBobMike says:

    I think the Xbox is pretty good, I mean the ones that don’t red ring.

  27. Ryan says:


  28. Brian Beam says:

    The Q-Tip

  29. Mitch Preston says:

    Big Fan of BMW’s…

  30. JoeBin says:

    Rubix cube

  31. Chris says:

    Sony PS3 Slim

  32. Patrick says:


  33. Gina says:

    The Dyson ball vacuum

  34. John says:

    Pelikan fountain pens (a whole different world of geekdom)

  35. dood says:

    PRS guitars

  36. Mike says:

    La Pavoni Europiccola

  37. Teegan says:


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