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The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 9 – MiLi Power Miracle

With all this talk about the iPhone 4, it’s easy to forget there’s 10’s of millions of perfectly good iPhone 3G’s and 3G S’s out there still looking for some loving. And while we’re all about the iPhone 4 these days, we haven’t forgotten about all you “old-school” iPhone users, and we’re showing you some love with our new iPhone 3G accessory giveaway.

Up for grabs today is a MiLi Power Miracle, the 2000mAh external power bank for digital products, such as iPod, iPhone, and other digital products. The MiLi Power Miracle comes with a retraceable USB cable and six connector tips for various digital devices.

2,000 mAh lithium ion battery approximately doubles the life of most mobile devices
• Multi-lead USB cord and 6 attachment tips for most common mobile devices: Mini-USB, Micro-USB, iPod/iPhone, LG, Samsung G Series, Blackberry/HTC/Motorola, and Nokia
• Four front facing LED lights indicate battery packs current charge level
• Ideal to carry in pocket or laptop bag
• Multiple colors including: iron gray, champagne, white and black

To Enter: Whenever we give away a power charger, we love to ask people, if you could choose, What is the ONE super power you would love to have? Open to US and Canadian readers only, winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends 7 days from now. Good luck!

81 Responses to “The “I still love my iPhone 3G/3G S Giveaway” Day 9 – MiLi Power Miracle”
  1. Adam G. Davie says:

    Super Human Strength

  2. Rich Koster says:

    Unlimited battery life and 5 bars, always!

  3. Colin says:

    Whatever Hero had on NBC’s Heros. Where he could manipulate time and teleport.

  4. Patrick says:


  5. Matt says:

    the ability to make anything beautiful

  6. Chuck says:

    the ability to win Macenstein giveaways

  7. Brandon says:

    Easy. Invisibility. You can do almost anything with such power. Who wants to fly when they can take the stairs without being seen?! Flying sounds exhausting… and too risky for my likings. There are no immediate risks to walking a few flights of stairs while invisible except maybe bumping genitals with someone of the opposite sex, who MIGHT not look so bad. The possibilities are endless…

  8. ron says:


  9. Donut says:


  10. Double U says:

    mind control

  11. sally says:

    Invisibility… without a doubt

  12. Alexis says:

    Running like the Flash (the super hero, not Adobe Flash)

  13. John Hefner says:

    The ability to have 200% of the energy I need to do any task necessary at all times; I could miss sleep if I need to.

  14. Min says:

    being good at anything that I wanted

  15. Gina says:


  16. Andy says:

    What no Ass Crampers out there??!!!!!!

  17. beekay says:


  18. Dan W says:

    flying. the work commute would be much easier…but then I might have a different job.

  19. Rob says:

    Time travel…just like this old time classic TV show from the 80’s

  20. Greg says:

    reading minds

  21. Spacenuke says:

    Time Travel

  22. Teegan says:

    Vector manipulation – the ability to change, increase, decrease, or otherwise alter any vector (physics term). Meaning that if I start moving in one direction I could speed myself up to any speed I want. I could change the direction of a bullet. Or even stop the flow or blood out of a wound.

  23. John says:

    read minds…

  24. dood says:

    XRAY vision!

  25. Mike says:

    I don’t need a super power, I am already awesome enough. Sadly, I cannot charge batteries by touch alone, thus I need this device.

  26. iM4cGirl says:

    I would like the ability to mimicry of power or absorption of power, but I prefer the MiLi Power Miracle.

  27. Brian says:


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