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I’m sure it’s just a coincidence

Here’s something odd… As we all know, the iPhone 4 does NOT have a reception issue with its antenna. Yet The New York Times is reporting that Mark Papermaster, that hot shot engineer that Apple wanted so badly to head up their iPhone Hardware Engineering department they had to fight IBM for him, and who coincidentally appears to be the driving force behind the iPhone 4’s “non-issue-having” antenna design, has left Apple.

There’s no official word from Apple or Papermaster as to whether he left on his own accord or was fired, but… he was fired.

Of course that’s just my educated guess. However I’m sure it had nothing to do with the iPhone 4’s antenna design or bad press. Odds are he was stealing Post-Its or something.

via 9to5

9 Responses to “I’m sure it’s just a coincidence”
  1. Vas the Man says:

    Yeah, with a name like PaperMaster, it probably had something to do with stationery.

  2. Jonro says:

    Too bad. Next year’s antenna design was going to be even better.

  3. mashnut says:

    I don’t think that picture is of Mark Papermaster…
    I think this is him http://www.edibleapple.com/so-thats-what-mark-papermaster-looks-like/

  4. Bill says:

    Um, it’s probably not the antenna issue: 1) Jobs is the one who championed the antenna, according to the WSJ. 2) The antenna had been in R&D for two years, even before Papermaster arrived. 3) Papermaster, mysteriously, was not in the promotional videos for the iPhone 4, unlike all the other major executives, and these were probably done months before the antennagate backlash (nor was he at the antennagate press conference). 4) The WSJ said it was a culture clash and him not use to executives being “expected to keep on top of the smallest details of their areas of responsibility.”

    IMHO, if anything was the final straw, it’s the debacle of the white iPhone production failures.

  5. dr Who says:

    I think you really lost it Doc. A well, it was pleasure reading your blog, but it’ s time to move on. Maybe till later. Hope you get over this negative way of writing soon and get some new and humorous perspectives.

    Bye, bye…

  6. spinedoc says:

    How do you tell you are an Apple fanboy? If you say things like “the iphone4 does NOT have a reception issue with it’s antenna”. Saying it like you are 100% sure and have run every scientific test known to man is a sure sigh of fanboyism. Even disregarding the scientific tests performed by such horrible sources as Consumer Reports and Anandtech, I still don’t see how you can be so incredibly positive about your own scientific findings.

    Keep in mind I’m not personally saying the ip4 has or doesn’t have antenna issues, I’m just saying anyone who can so lightly and unscientifically declare something 100% true needs to have a serious reality check as a fanboy who shot his own credibility down.

  7. Imagine Engine says:

    I don’t believe some users complaints regarding signal strength have much to do with the iPhone 4 as it has to do with the user actual network coverage in their home area. After Apple updated the firmware to show the correct signal strength in a customer area there was an increase in users complaining of poor signal strength. I have an iPhone 4 on Rogers network here in Vancouver, Canada and don’t experience dropped calls or signal bars going to none even with my hand completely covering the bottom left of the iPhone. I have 5 bars with the iPhone 4 with out holding it and after holding the iPhone in my hand this drops to 4 bars in the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area). Using the Speedtest.net app my results with out covering the antenna over Rogers HSPA+ (3G) network was for download 5592 kbps and upload 3612 kbps and with my hand covering antenna 4723 kbps download and 2700 kbps upload. Keep in mind unlike AT&T in the USA, Rogers network here in Canada is HSPA+ supporting 21 Mbps download speed but also keep in mind the iPhone 4 HSPA chip maxes out at 7.2 Mbps download speed. In the past though I’ve noticed while using an iPhone 3G AT&T doesn’t provide the same speed and bandwidth we get here in Canada which may be a big part of why AT&T iPhone customers in the USA are complaining of dropped calls after their bars drop from a few to none. I tested the iPhone 4 while vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada recently and was unable to get zero bars by gripping the bottom left of the iPhone. Though I did notice the strongest signal I got along the Strip in Vegas was 3 bars which dropped to 2 bars when I gripped the bottom left of the iPhone. My 3G (HSPA) data speeds in Vegas on AT&T was 1539 Kbps download and 759 Kbps upload. I experienced similar data speeds in Bellingham, WA. Both towers I roamed on were from AT&T. As in the past you guys/gals in the USA still have a really crappy 3G network. While AT&T covers a large part of the USA population they really need to work on improving both signal and speed of their 3G network. Here in Canada we’ve been using HSPA+ (maximum download speed 21 Mbps) which will be upgraded to 42 Mbps later this year. While the iPhone 4 can only use a maximum of 7.2 Mbps a network capable of 42 Mbps or even 21 Mbps leaves plenty of bandwidth for users of the network even with all the USB modems that can currently use 21 Mbps.

  8. Khyron says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and I do have an “antennagate” problem..
    I dare you to visit me and try to hold the phone without a stupid case

  9. Tim says:

    That’s Tony Fadell, bro. Not cool.

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