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Netflix Instant Streaming comes to the iPhone

Netflix on iPhone

This morning I woke up to a Tweet from faithful Macenstein reader @TheJTizzle alerting me that the long-promised Netflix for iPhone has finally been released. It appears to work awesomely, although it seems to be relegated to just instant streaming titles, (ie, you can’t seem to browse current and upcoming DVD releases and add them to your queue as you can on the iPad, unless I’m missing something) but the streaming works great, even over 3G! I must say, with all their Apple device support, Netflix has become one of the few monthly bills I feel I actually get my money’s worth from. That, and my subscription to Highlights magazine.

Netflix on iPhone

Netflix on iPhone

4 Responses to “Netflix Instant Streaming comes to the iPhone”
  1. The Captain says:

    So you can only view what’s offered on the app?

  2. dlowe402 says:

    I knew you’d be on this like stink on poo! I just found out as well and downloaded it immediately. Works great even on my crappy interwebz. I am sooooo keeping my Unlimited plan!

  3. CPD says:

    @The Captain:

    You can view all of NetFlix’s streaming content, all of their streaming content. You can’t add DVD’s and BluRays to your mail queue.

  4. Nick says:

    I love it that you have one bar of 3G in the first title page. Sigh, att.

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