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FAIL for inaccuracy

The jokes on THEM. My iPhone has NEVER had for full bars.

via TDW via TUAW

5 Responses to “FAIL for inaccuracy”
  1. The Captain says:

    LOL! Honest advertising, Who knew? 😉

  2. Jokes on you! For should be four. =)

  3. seearees says:

    Clever. I’m gonna check out this bar. In San Francisco I’m always showing full bars but can barely send a text message.

  4. darrell says:

    aren’t all phones supposed to be 5 bars when full?

    4 full bars may be closer to accurate for the iPhone, as i normally see it between 2-4 than 5.

  5. Grant Wall says:

    I’m kind of amazed this is still a problem. Though it seems to be more of an issue caused by a mix of carrier and device.

    Even with my cell phone provider, who in tahe past has been known to be somewhat lackluster I rarely fall below 4 bars. Usually I see 5 and I’ve only ever had one call drop.

    Funny story:

    Back when I was in Post Secondary I still saw around 4 bars in the equipment room in the basement of our school. Not just any old room either. This one was quite literally an old bank vault, complete with vault door.

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