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Looks like Egypt is a little behind the times

Faithful Macenstein reader Jonathan sent us this awesome anthology of commercials for Egypt’s Panda Cheese featuring an easily angered Panda with no respect for those who won’t eat his cheese. (By the way, does anything sound less appetizing than Panda cheese?) What does this have to do with Apple? Not much. However, as Jonathan points out, the panda DOES “ go postal on a Macintosh SE circa 1987 in an office full of them, this despite being a modern commercial (i think)… the moral of the commercials being, you do not say no to panda (cheese) … or is the moral something about the Egyptians using 23year old computers?

via geekosystem

3 Responses to “Looks like Egypt is a little behind the times”
  1. I just loled way too hard

  2. Ioannis says:

    Well, the style and the stare of the Panda, in combination with the music, make this pub unsurpassable!
    I feel sorry for the historic Macs nevertheless!

  3. Way Cool the 4th says:

    7 years later & I’m still loling!

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