Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (September 2010): Ancilla Tilia - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (September 2010): Ancilla Tilia

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”, proudly sponsored by MacLove, makers of some of the sexiest iPad, iPhone, and iPod cases and accessories available. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Ancilla Tilia, a Playboy Model, presenter, sponsored pokerplayer, actress, and of course, a die-hard Mac Chick, all the way from Amsterdam!

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla just returned to her hometown of Amsterdam after spending a month in L.A. for modeling-jobs. She started modeling when she was chosen to be “Playboy Playmate” of Holland as soon as she turned 18. “At the time I didn’t take modeling too seriously, it was just a way for me to have fun. I was actually working as a multi-media assistant setting up beamers and stuff at conferences and I was looking into starting my own vegetarian shop. I had never dreamed Playboy would thrown me the Playmate title! I gave up my dream of a vegetarian shop and have never looked back.” Missed chance, because surely with a title like “Holland’s most sexy vegetarian” it would have done very well!

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

After being initially shy and hesitant about becoming a model, she then jumped at the chance to do what she loved most; modeling latex and corsetry in the mysterious world of fetish. Earlier this year American Playboy discovered her after another cover-feature for Dutch Playboy, and featured her with three different editorials in Playboy Special Editions USA.

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

As for her Mac possessions; she is in love with her iPhone 3G and just purchased a Macbook Pro 15″ Matte screen. It took me forever to buy those items, but they’ve influenced my life greatly in a positive way. I don’t even need my office room anymore because I always answer my emails, play poker, update my website, and communicate with my friends from the comfort of my own bed with my MacBook on my lap.” She even traveled all the way across the Netherlands for a Matte Screen MacBook. ” I work with photos a lot, I really needed that Matte Screen, it’s so much better for me!”

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Nowadays Ancilla does more and more mainstream acting and presentation work in Europe, she even has her own comical show “Partying with Ancilla” on Flabber TV where she goes to the craziest parties to interview the most eccentric people. “I love producing a fantasy that I pulled out of my imagination, that will last forever, even when I am long gone.”

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Name: Ancilla
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Occupation: Model, presenter, sponsored pokerplayer, actress
First mac purchase: A MacBook back in 2005. I never used that one much actually. These days my MacBook and me are two pieces of a whole.
Favorite Apple Gear: my iPhone. It really changed my life, the way I communicate with my friends, I developed a new hobby for taking pictures on the go and I’m on twitter all day long. My playlist keeps me going at the gym. I can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone 4 but it’s impossible to get my hands on in Holland! Maybe someone would be so kind…
Favorite non-Apple gear: I can’t think of anything! My heated blanket? Coffeemaker? Toaster? Oh wait, I know, my err… backmassager!
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy
Favorite Movies: The Cell, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, American Beauty, 9.5 weeks, Non ti muovere
Favorite Bands: Gnarls Barkley & Dan Le sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Hobbies: Traveling, photography, art & culture, movies
Pets: My two bald black Sphynx cats Dita & Calvus (that’s Latin for “the bald one”)

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

Ancilla Tilia Photo by Patrick Kaas

To see more of Ancilla Tilia, check her out at:
(Warning, this gets a bit graphic…)

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Ancilla Tilia
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Ancilla Tilia
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21 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (September 2010): Ancilla Tilia”
  1. Jon says:

    We got a winner.

  2. Scott A Pope says:

    Very nice indeed.

  3. Sugapablo says:

    WTF is with that video on her site? I don’t read dutch.

  4. The Captain says:

    Thanks Doc, Ms. Tilia is a most welcome addition to my Mac’s and iPhone! 😀
    The one pick with “slide to unlock” could sell a lot of iPhones! LOL!.

  5. Jean says:

    @ Sugapablo: She protests against the live ‘stripping’ (slaughter) of fish. A campaign of a Dutch foundation against animal cruelty.

  6. mack says:

    @sugapablo its a commercial against the “stripping” of life animals of their skin..
    she’s a hardcore vegitarian 🙂

  7. Franklin says:

    @Sugapablo The text at the end says “Live stripping is not ok. Yet everyday this happens to thousands of fish.” The video is a PSA on humane fish farming.

    If you’re not sure what live stripping is here’s a video on youtube (Warning, this gets more than a bit graphic…):!

  8. HuminaHumina says:

    Mrs. Macenstein must be a VERY evolved human being.

    If I were within 1,000 miles of Holland I’d be delivering an iPhone 4 right now…

  9. Tim says:

    Funny how it is always the same look/face. Almost replacable. Head is always cocked to the left with that same smile.

  10. Sugapablo says:

    Gotcha. Sugapablo is vegetarian too so…cool. 🙂

  11. SteveBobMike says:

    Slide to unlock bra. Classic. Hope there isn’t a passcode set.

  12. Broek-13 says:

    @ huminahumina.
    Im on my way as we speak.
    Glad to be dutch 🙂

  13. ghostshadow says:

    wow now there we go 😀

  14. PaulTT says:

    This Dutch Girl sticks her fingers in the dyke and looks good doing it!

  15. Rob says:

    Oh my….don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a laptop as much as I would like to be that one…lucky laptop…

  16. Ed says:

    Ms. Tilla is very attractive indeed. I’m now going to look up her Playboys.

  17. Imagine Engine says:

    Mactastic! I’d love to show her the beauty here if she ever drops by Vancouver, Canada 🙂

  18. Eye Weary says:

    I swear I just looked at these pictures 4 times and have yet to spot a Mac product. 😉

  19. aclim says:

    Eye Weary: hey me too… 🙂 only familiar thing I’ve spot so far is ‘slide to unlock’… seriously where are the others? 😀 I love this girl!!!

  20. aargh! says:

    Ancilla uses a Mac?
    My God, I *knew* she was perfect!!

  21. fkablabwab says:

    “I’m a PC guy” – me, until I saw this article

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