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New site asks, “Where’s Jobs?”

Much like Wonder Woman, Steve Jobs and his invisible jet could be virtually anywhere in the world right now. The question is, where? Well, one site dares to try to supply that answer, or at least have some fun trying. Behold, Where’s Jobs?

Yes, Waldo’s got nothing on Steve. Whether it’s the Beijing Airport, the 5th Ave Apple Store, an anti-Vietnam War protest in the 60’s, or a crowd scene from the movie TROY, Steve could be virtually anywhere on the planet, or anywhere in time, for that matter. And the best part is, if you happen to notice that sneaky CEO somewhere, you can submit your own “Where’s Jobs?”! (Although, conventional wisdom would tell you that a ninja would be next to impossible to spot… until it’s too late…) So, break out your magnifying glasses and get looking!

2 Responses to “New site asks, “Where’s Jobs?””
  1. Thanks for the post on our site, we’re glad you like it. 🙂

    The search for Jobs will continue… It must…

  2. ObamaPacman says:

    Um, it’s impossible to tell who is who, the faces are TINY.

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