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The Apple Store of Pot Dispensaries

We may not like to admit it, but when most people think of Apple users, they think of hippie pot heads. I know I do. Which is why it isn’t all that shocking to see SPARC, one of the latest and greatest legal pot dispensaries in San Fran, sporting a somewhat familiar “Apple Store” feel to it.

Above: Check out those two giant, iPhone-like LCDs

Actually, it’s not really fair to equate the Apple Store with marijuana, as the Apple Store really just ripped off the GAP retail stores, design-wise. And when I think of GAP shoppers, I totally think of pot smoking, iPod-having hippies.

Above: Ahh… Mary Jane, now in fun, iPod-inspired colors.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the tip!

via sfist

7 Responses to “The Apple Store of Pot Dispensaries”
  1. Trevor Ramage says:

    I’m an Apple user and I fuckin’ hate pot smoking hippies.

  2. Don says:

    Is this shop real? Is dope legalized there or decriminalized? I thought one had to trip to Amsterdam for this sort of thing.

  3. xyberdruid says:

    reminds me more of a teavana than an apple store…same customer base though

  4. xyberdruid says:

    @DOn where have you been. Cali has had legalized Mary jane for YEARS (they along with 14 other states actually) hey are going to vote on legalizing it for recreational purposes this November

    i don’t smoke it myself i just find the subject interesting

  5. glo says:

    SPARC is their name. LOL.

    As for Pot, Legalize the grow your own. Criminalize the sale. Hang anyone in Government linked to dealing it and/or destroying it.

    As for Hemp, Why is that linked with Marijuana/Pot laws. You can buy the cloths, you can eat the seeds, you can smoke all the Hemp bud you want, and you will never get high. It was legal for hundreds of years in the states and mandated to be grown, and then…? hmmm.

    SPARC. Lol. Wonder if this will ‘SPARC’ a new rumor Sun is going to buy Apple… or would it be Apple buying Sun this time around? It could be a good buy if it were not ORACLE.

  6. Don says:


    Thanks, I’m in Australia, seems we are a bit slow down here in that respect!

    I’ll be right over!

  7. Kaleberg says:

    Wasn’t SPARC an early 90s Sun workstation? There may be another joke here.

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