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This doesn’t look desperate at all

So apparently with Windows Phone 7 finally achieving RTM status, Microsoft decided to hold a funeral for the iPhone today, since there’s obviously no possible way Apple’s device will be able to compete with Redmond’s latest attempt to remain relevant. Sounds hilarious, right?

And then they went a ruined it all with a Thriller Dance.

Yes, nothing says “We’re the future” like playing a song from 28 years ago and having dancers reenact the video on the web the way people did 7 years ago when it was groundbreaking and funny. I’m surprised they didn’t get Rick-Rolled halfway through.

A refreshing change of theft

I’m so used to seeing Microsoft rip off Apple that it’s nice to see them rip off Howard Stern for once. Long time fans may remember when Stern’s syndicated radio show entered a new major market he would often hold a fake funeral for whoever the number one DJ of the city was. The difference? Usually in 3 months Stern actually WAS number one, and the competition was either fired or divorced, where somehow, given that this post that I am currently writing is the first I have even heard that Windows Phone 7 is almost available, I don’t have high hopes for Microsoft having a similar outcome.

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18 Responses to “This doesn’t look desperate at all”
  1. Jon says:

    I’ll bet that Windows 7 Mobile will be every bit as successful as the Zune.

  2. Wayne B says:

    Ripoff? 1) Microsoft has been in the phone business for years. 2) Microsoft had Web TV before Apple had their TV product. 3) Microsoft had scroll wheels on their mice before Apple built any type of scrolling specific hardware like their “magic” mouse or their trackpads that allow scrolling. 4) Microsoft had a Taskbar before Apple had a Dock. Microsoft had Taskbar folder menus before Apple had Stacks. 5) Microsoft had the Xbox Store before Apple had the App Store. 6) Microsoft had a best selling OS before Apple had…oh wait, Apple doesn’t have the best selling OS. Sorry. You’re wrong.

  3. Leon says:

    Wow, that’s almost like the Microsoft Store opening. I can’t keep watching because I feel so embarrassed for them 🙁

  4. Tice says:

    OMG. This is as BAD as the screaming of Apple employees at the opening of an Apple Store. Don’t this Computer Folks have any pride? Or are they really just NERDS?

  5. Mark Strait says:

    A company that ruled the industry needs to go to this level to sell their OS. Just goes to prove, if you don’t innovate, than you will die on the grapevine. Sorry no one thinks that Win Mobile 7 will succeed, no one cares about Microsoft, especially after the Kim and lack luster Zune.

  6. Stephen says:

    It wasn’t a funeral. Those were just floats that were part of a parade to celebrate WP7 going gold. The floats were a small part of it, and the rest is all just a celebration for the employees’ hard work.

  7. Wayne B says:

    Apple looked very, very desperate for all of their Mac vs PC ads and you make fun of Microsoft for a little web video stunt.

    Why don’t you pull your head out of your arse?

  8. tayworm says:


  9. bewlay says:

    Poor Wayne B, desperately trying to justify supporting mediocrity. BTW, the task bar is as different from the dock as you are from an attractive human being. Oh, and if Apple hadn’t perfected the GUI you wouldn’t have the pale knockoff called windows to attempt to love.

  10. MacPaul says:

    This is like a bad joke… I think the Windows phone will actually be decent but come on, is this Steve Balmers idea?

  11. Wayne B says:

    Pffft, OK. If Apple is the epitome of the GUI then we’re in trouble because OS X truly sucks. Maybe one day they’ll fix the Finder so people stop complaining about how horrible it is.

    The Dock is good for nothing but marketing as you can see from Apple’s internal emails where all the engineers were complaining about it but the Marketing department trumped them.

    Apple spent billions of dollars on a childish Ad Campaign and you fools are making fun of Microsoft for one event. LOL

  12. Smelly P Jays says:

    IBM hired Bill Gates to build an operating system which he turned around and stole from them and then Steve Jobs hired Bill Gates to develop a graphical interface for the Macintosh which he stole and called Windows…
    The “Oh Shucks Kid” just might be the most successful thief the world has ever known

  13. droid says:

    droooiiiiid end of story

  14. Big Al says:

    What would Joseph Campbell say?

  15. Thomas says:

    What ever happened to those clamshell mac laptops? Those things were cool.

  16. pr4tul says:

    This article isn’t even *remotely* funny compared to WayneB’s comments. I’d love to retaliate on each of your points, but I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for a wonderful monday morning start.

  17. DroidFan says:

    Wayne B: uhhhh, Microsoft leads the market on desktops, they blow at phones. iPhone and BB trump Windows Phone OS currently and Android is gaining ground on both, very very quickly might I add. I highly doubt Phone 7 gains market at all.

    Droid FTW!

  18. photogirl says:

    this whole thread is hilarious. Those Windoze fanboys can’t see the forest for the trees….

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