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iTunes is now bigger than Jesus

Beatles on itunes

Wow. NOW what are we going to talk about?

16 Responses to “iTunes is now bigger than Jesus”
  1. Spydraman says:

    So… What? Today is the day that i will forget tomorrow

  2. Chris Leither says:


  3. peter says:

    much ado about nothing.

  4. Kevin Walsh says:

    uber lame….

  5. Darrin D says:

    It’s about Frakin’ time!

  6. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Was anyone honestly holding out on buying the CD and waiting for them on iTunes? It’s only been physically available for decades…

  7. Don says:

    Yep, I reckon anyone who would buy The Beatles songs would have purchased the CDs years ago and would have ripped them into iTunes by now. Couple of great photos of them though.

  8. Jonro says:

    Same here. Have CDs and ripped them long ago. Maybe there’s a Beatles album or two that I don’t have that I might purchase from iTunes. Then again, maybe not.

  9. m4tt says:

    whats funny is our local news station broke the news 2 hours before the itunes site updated at 10:am. as far as news worthiness goes this is not.
    maybe if they came out with the iwigi for itunes we could talk to John and George

  10. The Captain says:

    This was the BIG News posted on Apple last night???
    Hell, I uploaded The Beatles when I got my first Mac off CD’s!
    I was hoping for the iPhone update.

    It’s official, Steve Jobs is on Crack!

  11. dztrucktion says:

    Who cares???

  12. The Captain says:

    Oh well, maybe now you can hear the “message” clearer when played backwards. 😉

  13. ryemac3 says:

    BFG. Not for nothing, but I’ve had the Beatles in my iTunes for about 10 years now. Why? Because I bought the CDs 20 years ago.

  14. mih kah el says:

    Maybe this will awaken the unenlightened! they will become conscious of who and what they truly are: the Sons and Daughters of the living Father. Relinqueshing judgement for Wisdom! Rising from the poverty within and without them….. or.. .. ah.. maybe not.

  15. jdbaum says:

    Hopefully it’ll get some of these darn kids to expand their musical horizons a bit beyond Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus.

  16. jeh704 says:

    I think it is great that itunes now has the Beatles…problem for me is the pricing. The box set on iTunes is $149.99…at Amazon, the *physical* box set is $129.99.

    Let me see, owing the physical disks, being able to rip them into iTunes for $129.99, or just download from iTunes at $149.99.

    Can we move on to when IOS 4.2 for iPad is coming out?

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