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Oh, admit it, we’ve all done it. It’s 17 degrees out and you just want to check a text message or see if an e-mail came in, but to take off your gloves would be sheer lunacy. So, what do you do? You use your nose to “Slide to Unlock” of course. The only problem is as “handy” as your nose is, there are some accuracy issues to contend with when doing anything more complicated than unlocking the iPhone with your schnoz. Well, some inventive (if not optimistic) developers have come up with a solution to the problem of accurately nose-dialing. Behold Nose Dial.

That’s right. Now you can dial attractive people through the over-sized address book using nothing more than your nose. No longer do you need to keep an uncooked hotdog in your pocket all winter to use as a stylus. I would suggest, however, that you bring along some sort of cleaning cloth as there’s a chance frozen snot-cicles could become a problem.

via High Smart Tech

9 Responses to “Genius”
  1. kraig says:

    17 degrees? thats warm over here in montana

  2. Colin says:

    Yeah, I hate when it gets 17 degrees celsius. You have to put long sleeve shirts on and pants. It’s awful. I don’t know about the gloves and this nose dialing business though.

  3. Jasper says:

    I dunno about 17°, but when I have gloves on (unless they’re riding gloves) I slide to unlock with my nose. Been caught doing it a couple of times, but it’s always a “wtf….OHHHHHHH” kinda look. Pretty funny.

  4. @Colin,
    Oh you wacky rest-of-the-world and your quaint Celciuses and Metrics and what not. It’s so cute!
    – The Doc

  5. @Jonathan,

    Yeah, I bought those last year, and quite frankly the nose would be more accurate
    – The Doc

  6. Don says:

    We’re having 38 degrees Celsius for new years, I think that’s like a hundred or your farenheights however you spell it!

  7. Jonathan says:


    I guess the nose knows… meh, that was bad… anyway. Really? I sadly live in an area where it is no where near cold enough to have to wear gloves outside so I do not need them, and probably wouldn’t have to be forced to use my nose, maybe if I go to the mountains I’ll get a chance to test the difference between nose dialing and using the glove insert things.

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