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Yeah Hugh, THAT’S why she’s cute

Fresh on the heels of Hugh Hefner‘s tweet that Playboy would be coming to the iPad uncensored (which now appears to just be a web app), comes this tweet about his fiance, Crystal.

While I obviously find nothing hotter than Mac Chicks, I can think of at least three other reasons why Crystal is cute. See if you can spot them.

7 Responses to “Yeah Hugh, THAT’S why she’s cute”
  1. The Captain says:

    She’s not only cute but she “really” wishes for World Peace. 😛

  2. Frank says:

    Just to clarify: he means left boob, right boob, ass. OR boobs, ass, and vajay.

  3. john boy says:

    I’m wishing for her “World Piece”…

  4. Jim says:

    John boy I have to agree with you not sure I could handle the whole thing but would sure like to try.

  5. ArtOfWarfare says:

    My girlfriend buys issues of playboy and forces the nude images on me to test how capable I am of ignoring them.

    The biggest flaw I see in this one is the just blonde hair. Blonde works as a good color to dye in strips, but by itself is a pretty awful hair color, IMO.

    Her smile looks awkward.

    Her nose is too long and straight.

  6. Min says:

    Oh, come on, ArtOfWarfare. She is cute and sexy~ 🙂

  7. Rob says:

    @ArtOfWarfare…wow your girlfriend really has you programmed nicely doesn’t she….you instantly go to the items other girls would rip her apart about. If you said the drapes didn’t go with her shoes or hair color…I would have to ask you to hand in your man card. See most males, don’t even see the things you were talking about…sorry

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