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I never knew hair could grow that thick

Guess who found a problem with the Verizon iPhone’s antenna? Why it’s Apple’s nemesis, Consumer Reports, back trying to start Antennagate 2.

5 Responses to “I never knew hair could grow that thick”
  1. andrew says:

    …That’s not hair. And we are supposed to take the word of a guy that looks like that?

    I say revolt! We want new leadership at Consumer Reports. Let the street demonstrations begin. Down the the Consumer Reports regime and all their lies.

  2. p.o.'d dude says:

    maybe if they weren’t stuck in the ’70’s we’d get a decent credible review…

  3. Jonro says:

    Let’s see. The bumper solves the problem, but they still won’t recommend the iPhone?

  4. Rob says:

    Killed him a bar when he was only three…

  5. Heather L says:

    did people really expect verizon’s iphone4 not to have the same issue?

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