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Will Apple approve Smuggle Truck?

Billed as “The Premiere smuggling game on the App Store”, Owlchemy Labs’ upcoming Smuggle Truck looks on the surface to be a very well made and cool looking physics-oriented driving game. Of course, looks aren’t everything, and some Mexican Americans are apparently up in brazos over the game a full two months before its slated release date. Why? Well, as you can see in the below trailer, the game appears to revolve around trying to illegally smuggle Mexicans across the US border, all the while trying to keep as many of these would-be-immigrants from bouncing out of the back of your truck.

You got to admit, the bouncing Mexican baby getting hit by a truck is the cherry on this controversial sundae, and given that Smuggle Truck hasn’t even been submitted to the App store yet, let alone approved, I’m thinking Owlchemy Labs might be a tad optimistic about Apple blessing this title. Personally, I think the game mechanics look fun, and the artwork and physics look wonderful, but the subject matter will prove to be an interesting test of Apple’s “We’ll know what’s offensive when we see it” approval process. We’ll keep an eye on this title come March when Smuggle Truck is scheduled to be completed.

3 Responses to “Will Apple approve Smuggle Truck?”
  1. Anderson says:

    This game looks SO Fun! I hope it comes out even if they have to change the theme so it’s less controversial.

  2. Jonro says:

    That’s a game? I thought it was a Fox News documentary.

  3. Rob says:

    Yeah…can’t wait to play that game. Wait till they come out with Angry Mexicans…you get shoot them across the border from a sling shot.

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