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Déjà vu: Win an iMainGo: X Speaker for iPod and iPhone

Thank you, we have a winner. This contest is closed.
Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader John!

Wow, it seems like just last month we gave away one of these awesome iMainGo: X speakers (probably because it WAS). Well, we’re back it, thanks once again to our good friends at iMainGo.

Looking for a safe way to take your iPod/iPhone with you without sacrificing audio quality for portability? Well, you’re in luck. We’re giving one lucky reader a brand-spanking new iMainGo X speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad, … anything with a mini stereo plug, really. We reviewed the previous model of iMainGo portable speaker and were quite impressed, and the new model is a significant upgrade.

Boasting the same transparent touch-sensitive membrane as the previous model which allows you full access to the iPod/iPhone’s touch screen while keeping it safe from dust and Hawaiian Punch spills, the X model has some nice upgrades, such as a built-in rechargeable battery, support for 2 headphone jacks for car trip sharing, and the ability to hook multiple units together to really crank the tunes. I found the iMainGo to be the perfect camping/picnic speaker, and if you’re looking for a way to impose YOUR musical tastes on others who happen to be nearby, the iMainGo X is just the thing.

iMainGo: X
Ultra –portable speaker system and protective case for your iPhone, iPod touch or MP3

· Custom fits and protects all iPods® (except Shuffle®), iPhone®, iPod Touch® and most MP3’s.
· Doubles as a premium external stereo speaker system for any device with a 3.5 mm connection
· Control and view your device without opening the case
· Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and plug in charger for extended use
· Daisy-chain feature allows you to connect more than one iMainGo X for a larger sound experience
· Comes with custom travel bag, wrist strip and adjustable carry strap
· Size 5.7” x 3.8” x 2.4”

To Enter: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if you want to win this iPhone/iPod speaker, you HAVE an iPod/iPhone, so to enter, simply tell me What’s your favorite iOS app out there right now? If you don’t own an iPod touch or iPhone, just say Angry Birds or something. Open to US and Canadian readers only, winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends 7 days from now (St. Patrick’s Day). Good luck!

77 Responses to “Déjà vu: Win an iMainGo: X Speaker for iPod and iPhone”
  1. Daniel Scott says:

    Logitech Touch Mouse

  2. Sean says:

    Clock – ha ha ha

  3. Keith says:

    Words with Friends

  4. harpoon says:


  5. Zach C says:

    I really love Instapaper for iOS.

  6. Eli says:

    Music (for podcasts mostly)

  7. Andrea says:

    pocket god

  8. Paul says:

    Mobile Safari

  9. Tim says:

    iPod Add for Podcasts!

  10. Brandon says:

    I really love mega jump. It is jut a ton of fun, and overall a great purchase for $0!

  11. Double U says:

    Angry Birds or something

  12. JorgeLuisBorges says:

    Line2 — my iPad is now my business phone.

  13. darrell says:

    VLC 😉

  14. Donut says:

    Opera – speedy on the fly web browsing.

  15. Bitmatt says:

    Recently signed up for Rdio, so I use that app a lot.

  16. JohnnyC says:

    My fave iPhone app? Currently it’s the Mint.com app.

    It let’s me track how much money I don’t have in REAL TIME – so I can feel the pain the moment that bills come out of my bank account.

  17. minicyc says:

    The app I spend the most time in is email, but it isn’t my favorite. I much prefer braveheart (right now) I have solved it but sometimes I just want some mindless slaughter of random creatures.

  18. Chris Lenfert says:

    CraigsPro – gotta find those deals while they’re still hot

  19. Uncle Miltie says:

    I’m addicted to Words With Friends. Seriously addicted. I have 14 games going simultaneously right now. This isn’t good…

  20. Blake says:

    because I’m addicted to it, Facebook…. sadly

  21. Monica I. says:

    Favourite App – Sad but true – weather

  22. Alejandro says:

    downloads lite. I love the fact that I can download any file online for free (up to 7 files)

  23. db says:

    TuneIn Radio

  24. Adam M says:

    StumbleUpon is my favourite, I can now stumble from my iPhone and waste time anywhere.

  25. David says:

    I am using Poynt.

  26. The Captain says:

    Awesome Notes for iPhone & iPad!
    Home, work, Geek stuff in one place. Syncs with my MacBook Pro and back up my files on Google, Evernote and other services.

  27. AtomicAge says:

    Toss up between Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds… with the edge going to Angry Birds. The constant updates to “Seasons” makes it a winner. Angry Birds = #Winning!

  28. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Legendary Wars – Best RTS game I’ve played on a not-computer. Well, besides maybe Battalion Wars II on the Wii…

  29. Grey Podder says:


    But for a third-party app, Infinity Blade.

  30. Min says:

    Light Meter. I use it all the time with my old Canon film camera.

  31. Christopher says:


  32. Leif Johnson says:

    Stuck on Zombie Cafe

  33. John Daugherty says:

    I have been logging a lot of Solomon’s Boneyard time lately. Great (or not so great) time killer.

  34. Bill says:

    Around Me

  35. Steve Calhoun says:

    Cover Orange

  36. Felix says:

    Definitely and without a doubt Fifa 11, such a classy game

  37. Pat says:

    Podcaster for some sweet sweet NPR action.

  38. Jonathan says:

    Today I Die (Again) … I do not know why, but I love this game!

  39. Gregg says:

    runkeeper or comicbook lover

  40. David says:


  41. Ross says:

    Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Webcam

  42. Jeanette McLain says:

    iSilo with The Recovery Version

  43. Brian Morton says:


  44. telp says:

    I’m a nerd so I’m gonna go with The Chemical Touch

  45. MIke says:

    Angry birds.

  46. Rusty says:

    ~tiny wings~

  47. Chris H says:

    Shadow Era

  48. Howard says:


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