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The New Macbook ‘Fro

Out of all the recent Apple parody videos, this is my new favorite. It’s so ridiculously stupid, and so well done, it completely speaks to me. The “Aluminium” line is perfect.

The New MacBook ‘Fro from Skye Leith on Vimeo.

I assume there was much discussion as to the name and MacBook Fro must have barely edged out the “MacBook hAir”.

Thanks to faithful Macenstien reader Skye for the link!

3 Responses to “The New Macbook ‘Fro”
  1. Heather L says:

    love the William Gates on the pic LOL

  2. imajoebob says:

    Obviously fake, because if hair was that important, Steve would have some.

    The Smart Pick is brilliant, and saved an otherwise pedestrian bit of humour.

  3. davewhippedgoliath says:

    ipick come on

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