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1 in 5 iPhone users are broke

iPhone users are poor

You might think with the iPhone being a tad on the expensive side, not to mention all the monthly data fees and weekly app purchases, that iPhone users would be positively rolling in cash, but according to a recent UK poll, 1/5th of iPhone users surveyed have literally FIGURATIVELY sold their souls to get their hands on the device.

But almost one in five owners of the must-have phone admit that their main bank account is always overdrawn. This is around double the national average, with one in ten Britons admitting to being constantly in the red.

I suppose we should be shocked and disgusted that someone could be so fiscally irresponsible as to put owning the latest Apple tech ahead of saving for their future (or food and shelter) but if anything, that number seems a bit low to me. After all, 100% of the iPhone owners in MY house are destitute.

Via MailOnline

4 Responses to “1 in 5 iPhone users are broke”
  1. m4tt says:

    time to put the kids of macenstein to work on a paper route.

  2. Steven Cruise says:

    I found this article interesting, but I gotta say it – someone needs to check out the definition of “literally,” sorry. It just bugs me.

  3. Rob says:

    @Steven…how do you know that these people have not literally sold their souls.

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