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I prefer LEGOS

ThinkGeek has its usual array of April Fools gag gifts on display today, and by far the standout (for me anyway) is the Playmobil Apple Store.

I especially like the hipster Genius Bar guys, and the “optional Line pack” for simulating iPhone/iPad launches, featuring “Segway Woz”.

Other Apple-themed items include: Angry Birds Pork Rinds, Edible Gummy iPhone Cases (Deliciously mobile), and the Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System (1up Nintendo with your iPhone)

2 Responses to “I prefer LEGOS”
  1. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Hah, I missed the fact Woz was on a Segway.

  2. photogirl says:

    awesome joke – but awesome set! If they *actually* made this – they’d sell a ton. But it would have to come with Woz!!

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