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Stay Classy: Westboro Baptist Church announces (via iPhone) it will protest Steve Jobs Funeral

I would say it is ironic that the Westboro Baptist Church (of the infamous “God Hates Fags” movement which gained fame protesting outside of the funerals of little girls and fallen soldiers) announced that they will be protesting Steve Jobs’ funeral via an iPhone, but unfortunately, they already beat me to it.

Yes, God hates fags, and apparently he also hates Steve Jobs, according to WBC, whose many Twitter accounts have announced that Steve is currently burning in Hell for all his sins. And what sins are those, you might ask? Well, in sifting through their inexplicably angry Tweets, it appears that WBC are angry at Steve for making money, which somehow equates to the sin of Pride, as far as I can tell. Now, I’m not one to call a group like the WBC publicity whores, but seriously? Is there anyone more self righteous and proud of themselves than the Westboro Baptist Church, which appears to consist solely of the members of the seemingly deranged Phelps family? I would imagine that Steve isn’t the only one in America making more money than the Phelps – odds are you’ve made more money reading this article than the Phelps pull in all year – so their singling Steve out seems a bit of a stretch, even for them. But then again, how could they resist picketing the funeral of someone who’s death can crash Twitter?

They also blame Steve for making Apple such a “gay friendly” company, possibly referring to Tim Cook’s appointment as CEO.

Well, here’s hoping that this is just another case of the WBC blowing hot air, trying to stir up headlines but ultimately not having enough money to fly out to picket the funeral. If they really wanted to protest Apple, I would suggest they burn all their Apple gear. I know I would feel a whole lot better knowing they were playing Angry Birds on a Droid (I assume everything they do involves Anger).

25 Responses to “Stay Classy: Westboro Baptist Church announces (via iPhone) it will protest Steve Jobs Funeral”
  1. Raymond says:

    Fuck the WBC. Sadly, reporting about them gives them the much needed publicity the desire. If we ignore them, they WILL go away.

  2. Blake says:

    This pisses me so….

  3. Chris says:

    I think that this church has completely missed the point of what it means to be a church. As a Christian, I am truly appalled. Steve Jobs was a great man that did great things and he deserves a lot of respect.

  4. Marksman says:

    Don’t they realize Steve only made $1 a year form Apple?

  5. Louis says:

    Fuck westboro. If they want someone to fuck with they can come to my front door in Ostrander, Ohio 43061. I’ll put the fear of god into every last one of those assholes.

  6. Min says:

    They couldn’t be more wrong. God is using iphone 5 given by Steve Jobs right now. Here is the proof:

    “This is not my church” – God sent from iphone 5

  7. Man-O-War says:

    Well I just talked to God last April and he was tired of WBC pestering him with all the bullshit. He also mentioned someing about Arc incident 2.0 if they don’t settle the F down …

  8. Lars Beduhn says:

    Fuck them assholes… seriously.

    If America wouldn’t be the free and great nation it is, they’d already been blown to pieces.
    They should… at least ONCE… think before they speak.

    Additionally… if they really WERE these religious folks… why do they use Twitter, et al. ?
    They should live a life akin to the Amish or something.


  9. Man-O-War says:

    Seriously though, almost everything I enjoy about my material life Mr. Jobs had something to do with so God Bless Steve Jobs, and God Bless Mac Chick of the Month Feb 2007 in particular for representing the other half of what I enjoy in life.

    -sent from my iPad.

  10. Magpie says:

    I was sort-of assuming they wouldn’t like him because he was Buddhist (seeing as all non-Christians go to hell and all). But they don’t seem to be mentioning that part!

  11. Tom says:

    Another case study for why state sponsored sterilization of idiots may not be such a bad idea. 😉

  12. Min says:

    They are the Crazy ones that CAN be ignored.

  13. Ken Constant says:

    Well first of all the media is giving them what they want the most. Attention to them. If we ignored them. Sooner or later they would fall apart.

  14. Kristen says:

    First of all, this is terrible on many levels. Steve jobs did SO much for the technological world and I’m sure he had a wonderful influence on those around him. It is very sad that he is gone!

    Second, this “church” gives Christians a TERRIBLE name. No human being is perfect. We all fall short, but thankfully God’s grace is there. Westboro needs to start repenting (as do all humans.)

    Third, something that was reported really bothered me and I don’t want people to get the wrong impression on who God is. “God hates fags…” God does not hate anything but sin.. homosexuality is a sin.. God does not hate the people who consider themselves to be homosexual.. He hates the sin of homosexuality.

    Okay, that is all 🙂

  15. joan h says:

    I can’t believe you have such hateful people in the USA, how can they describe themselves as Christians? RIP Steve Jobs, xx

  16. Gary says:

    There is nothing remotely religious about the Westboro Baptist Church. They are strictly a legal group tied to suing anyone dumb enough to come close to infringing on their US Constitutional rights. Every day that they stay together and spout the hate of their message, is just one more thing that the Phelps-Roper clan will have to justify before God if they are to be given salvation. When that Judgement Day comes I hope that they are ready for God’s decision about them, and they have found a way to put Christ first in their heart’s.

  17. joy says:

    I don’t know who these ppl think they are but they need to go back where they came from. They are not the ones that have to judge. How in the hell do you know where he is? You don’t everyone of ya’ll will be judged for what ya’ll are doing, evendentally ya’ll don’t read the right BIBLE. He was a great person. Everyone needs to get together and come and protest ya’ll. I am christian and I know right an wrong an what the bible says, but I don’t go around judging. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves, one day your church might get blowed up or maybe someone will pass in your so called church and everyone will protest ya’ll. Ya’ll will be meeting ppl in hell for what ya’ll are doing. Leave ppl alone go to church read your bible the right one an stay the crap out of other ppls lives. Do ya’ll have nothing better to do? If ya’ll came to or around my life I would rid you all.

  18. IHateWestboroBaptistChurch says:

    These Westboro morons are the epitome of what I’ve come to expect from “Christians”. You push your “god” and your religion onto everyone and show blind hatred for anyone who doesn’t share your views. It’s funny how you got your message out with devices that Steve Jobs invented, how hypocritical of you. Oh wait, I forgot, that’s another “Christian” trait.

    • Peter says:

      And you are the epitome of what I’ve come to expect from Atheist trolls.

    • Ken says:

      You talk about hypocresy, yet you judge all Christians based on a small group of isolated haters that are not recognized by any Christian institution. Way to go.

      How about if people judge every atheist a Troll because of your single post?

  19. ArtOfWarfare says:

    You know, this is why his funeral was private. I’m not sure how much they really wanted to keep out the fanboys (although I feel pretty certain we may have had something to do with it,) so much as they really wanted to keep out hate groups like the WBC.

  20. IHateWestboroBaptistChurch says:

    Macenstein sucks!

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