DragonVale: How to breed a Bloom Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Bloom Dragon

DragonVale BLOOM Dragon

DragonVale BLOOM Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 700 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Plant and Storm / Cactus and Storm / Lichen and Storm

(Seasonal – Only available around Easter)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein”. Thanks!

DragonVale BLOOM Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg (pastel rainbow) is the DragonVale BLOOM Dragon Egg

185 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Bloom Dragon”
  1. Lacey says:

    Add me for gems Lucy Pie 🙂 <3
    The smiley face and heart is in the name

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    • Allie says:

      Hello everyone use my friend code! ********

      • Shula says:

        Does anybody read what the Dr has posted about friend codes?! Seriously annoying seeing all the posts after he has specifically asked you to use the massive gem code forum. Please respect this helpful site and only post your comments on the actual dragons you are trying to get or have already been successful getting as he has taken the time to set this up to help us get the dragons we want, not get gems! Many thanks and the best of luck getting your dragons :o)

  2. Lacey says:

    Add me for gems Lucy Pie 🙂 <3
    The smiley face and heart is in the name
    P.s I got it first time with storm and plant

  3. Cam says:

    With the storm and plant combination I got a breeding time of two days. Any ideas?

  4. Cam says:

    With plant and storm I got a breeding time of 2 days. What is it?

    • Sophie says:

      It will either be a moon or a sun. If you bred it in the day it will be a sun. If you bred it at night, it will be a moon.

  5. Nic says:

    I’m trying for another Bloom, I got one last year, and I’m getting 48 hour times. In the last 5 weeks I have gotten 1 rainbow, 5 suns and 6 moons. Has anyone else noticed that they are getting epic dragons when breeding for every other new or rerelease dragon? It took me months to get rainbow, sun and moon to begin with and now I can’t stop getting them.

  6. Christian Spars says:

    I got this dragon first try with plant + storm. Add me, I send gems CBSTexans16. The caps included

  7. Kibu says:

    I noticed that 2, when I was going 4 a spring dragon I got a sun dragon, but the next time I tried I got a spring dragon.

  8. Kibu says:

    I noticed that 2, when I was going 4 a spring dragon I got a sun dragon, but the next time I tried I got a spring dragon. 🙂

  9. Kibu says:

    I got this dragon with tree and plant 4th time.

  10. Keagaonator says:

    Hw do you add friends without an email?

  11. Dragonking33 says:

    I have bred three sun dragons trying to breed this one :/

  12. John says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried every possible combination their is to breed the bloom! HOW DO YOU BREED THE BLOOM!

  13. John says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried every possible combination their is to breed the bloom! HOW DO YOU BREED THE BLOOM! MACENSTEN HELP!!!!!!!!

  14. John says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried every possible combination their is to breed the bloom! HOW DO YOU BREED THE BLOOM! MACENSTIEN HELP!!!!!!!!

    • Afrobreak says:

      Just try plant storm or Flower storm

      • Midoku233 says:

        GC: Midoku233

        I’m level 27 and got my Bloom Dragon on my first try with a level 12 Plant Dragon, and a level 12 Storm Dragon on the EBI. Try that combo it seems to be working for most people.

        Good Luck,

  15. Icekid says:

    I bred crystal and sonic, I think I got this. Did I?

  16. Lenny says:

    What is the egg to the right of the clover in the picture above?

  17. kelly says:

    Ever since I found this site I haven’t had a sucessful breed it has been over a month! I have tried up to 10 times with all listed and commented combo’s for river, bloom, plasma , spring, sakura, sandstorm, aquamarine ( dont have them so combo’s using them not tried). I know it’s easier to breed on breeding island and with higher level dragons but im still saving. All my dragons are level 10 & im level 27 I got sun, seasonal, blue moon and olympus mixing gift with others when I was at a much lower level , does it get harder the higher level I am? Also all recommendations are not retaining element sequences what’s whith that? I only have sucess by following them ie. to get bloom I would use evergreen & lightning or plant and hail ( not that they work either) how does it work if the secquence is irelevant then why not those combos ? Oh my mum is having the same trouble and she is at a much lower level , Im so confused what am I missing here???
    Please can anyone help me?

    • Afrobreak says:

      You’re just unlucky … , just try Flower storm or plant storm , those have the highest chance

  18. SeetherATM says:

    Friend me for gem exchange. SeetherATM on Game Center.

  19. JustDatGuy2 says:

    plant and storm 13hrs but the egg looks different any ideas what it is

  20. AlyzieDGamer says:

    I surprisingly got three in a row with Plant and Storm (both level 15) using both the Epic Breeding Island and upgrading breeding cave. Yay ^^

  21. Dragonking33 says:

    I have bred five sun dragons and still no bloom, 39 hours over and over

  22. $(tatty)$ says:

    Just got it with lvl 10 plant and lvl 15 storm in breeding cave. Welcome to add $(tatty)$, trading gems daily to the first 6 senders. Thanks.

  23. Smoochy101 says:

    I literally tried plant storm and lichen storm over 50 tries, I looked at this is slight despair, I try one more time, Imediate bloomage.

  24. Nottooshabbyhimself says:

    I bred ice and mining dragon hoping for diamond it said it was going to take 2 days… What did I get?

  25. anonymous says:

    Can I still breed a bloom dragon..??? Or is it to late

  26. Cj says:

    I havent been able to get any rare dragons, but on my first try for spring i got rainbow! 😀 sun and moon just seem imossible for me though!

  27. Jihyun says:

    I tried plant and storm, each time is 2 or 3 hours I’ve even waiting forever for a bloom! How do you guys get these dragons so fast? I’m also trying to get a moon, equinox, rainbow, and sun. Seems impossible.

  28. Sahitam says:

    I have bred crystal with forge its taking 13 hours what is this could it be a Bloom.

  29. Kaffrin says:

    Trying to buy an epic breedin island, but I don’t have a lot of gems, and have kind of a long way to go. Please add me on Game Center and help me out 🙂
    Ill try to send you them back in return.
    ID= Kaffrin13

  30. brian says:

    I gotca bloom dragon on my first try with a plant Level 10 and Storm level 10 with. Breeding cave

  31. JustynGarrett says:

    Got this first try on plant and storm try it at night couldn’t get it in the day but I tried at 8:00 pm and got it.

  32. Lisitowaala says:

    Plant and storm 😉 add me waala1

  33. Jay says:

    Was trying for almost a week to get bloom with no luck but did get a moon tho. Then just today got two blooms in a row using lvl 10 storm on the left and lvl 10 lichen on the right on the epic breeding island.

  34. BloomDragonWanter says:

    I have tried so many things but no luck ???? I even did my level 7 Storm with my level 5 Plant does the level matter, and I have a tree dragon with storm and it says 10 hours what is it?

  35. NICK says:

    I got a Bloom dragon with a LV 11 Evergreen and a LV 10 Storm!!!!

  36. Sanana.B says:

    Tried pretty much every combination to get this and all I seem to get are lichen and storm. I have sold so many of them now I’ve completely lost track. Ah well, seem to have run out of time now. Will just have to wait till next year 😛

    • Sanana.B says:

      Oh and add me. My account is just called Phoeblz. I don’t really have any one to give gems too right now. Would love some back too! 🙂

  37. K1ID4NK says:

    Got the bloom dragon with Lv. 10 Cactus and Storm. Took around 7 try’s tho

  38. Sara says:

    Just got a bloom dragon with Lvl 12 Cold and Lvl 13 Swamp somehow

  39. Adam says:

    OMG i just got a leap year not even close to leap year!!!!

  40. Margaret says:

    This has never happen to me before but I just bred two blooms in a roll on first try. I put storm lvl 15 and plant lvl 12. I hope helps for everyone else. Good luck.

  41. Lbc says:

    I need 6 new friends that are serious about trading gems everyday!! I will gift gems everyday!! Game Center ID:TheeLBC29

  42. Jumpysquirrel says:

    I just keep getting hail dragons..

  43. Noname says:

    I goT 6 hours instead of 13 hours. What dragon do you think ill get.

  44. Noname says:

    Add me I need lots of gems ~KIKI~3

  45. Leon says:

    I breed hail and pepper and got it first try

  46. PyroTheFirst says:

    Been trying plant and storm constantly in both breeding caves since return and still no luck. Anyone found a combo that works faster?

  47. Richard123 says:

    It’s taking 10 hours for cactus and storm to breed. ???

  48. LLLTengokuHana says:

    l have managed to get a Bloom dragon with a rift trait by breeding a Storm dragon and a Plant Rift dragon within the Rift!

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