DragonVale: How to breed a Sakura Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Sakura Dragon

DragonVale SAKURA Dragon

DragonVale SAKURA Dragon

SAKURA DRAGON: (Seasonal Can only be bred in April/May, thus far)
BUY-IT Price: 300 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Tree and Flower

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale SAKURA Dragon Egg

The 4th egg is the DragonVale SAKURA Dragon Egg

110 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Sakura Dragon”
  1. Qiro says:

    I don’t see them in the market.. Can I still breed them? P.S: it’s still May..

    • Green says:

      Yes just got a Sakura dragon with flower15 and 15 tree:-) at least 40 tries omg! I tried at 2:00 a.m. If it matters? It might be easier when most people are asleep and maybe it’s a higher chance “who knows!”

  2. Adam says:

    How long does it take to breed them if they’re still able to be bred? I don’t see them anymore and I doubt we will until they are breed able again.

  3. iZinv87 says:

    Omg, it’s May 24th, been trying to breed this since May 1st but still..

  4. Kitti616 says:

    Will I be able to breed one if I’m a level 9

  5. Agh says:

    Agh I am so sad I missed this I hope it comes back it is sooo pretty :p

  6. Bathbebe says:

    Add me bathbebe!!!

  7. Maddie says:

    IT’S BACK.

  8. chuckie mills says:

    Do we know how long they will be re-released?

  9. Kaleigh says:

    This dragon is so pretty. Trying to get her and equinox!

    I have gem tree. Add me on Game Center, MrsAngryPanda

  10. Poisha says:

    Is there a better way to breed this?

  11. Pabkins says:

    I keep getting the darn bone dragon over and over again!

  12. FallenAngels2 says:

    Gem 4 gem anybody please, and does anybody know if paper and flower works for sakura?????

  13. Rinon says:

    If you already have 1 and are trying for a 2nd for egg collection, what are some recommended breeding a to psi the Sakura dragon with?

  14. Rinon says:

    If you already have 1 and are trying for a 2nd for egg collection, what are some recommended breedings to pair the Sakura dragon with?

    • FallenAngels2 says:

      If i were you, i would say flower because it plant and fire, while sakura is all 3 so try flower, tree, and earth plant and fire dragons one of those should work.

  15. aezuck says:

    Got 10 hours breeding time! Hoping it is this and not another bone…

    Add me for gem trading. Will send a gem back as soon as I can. GC is aezuck
    Happy Breeding!

  16. JRW says:

    Finally got this dragon in the normal breeding cave! It took several tried but I now have it! (:

  17. Don K. says:

    Lost track of the number of tries that I have bred Flower Dragon with a Tree Dragon in an effort to get the Sakura Dragon. Have used combinations involving 4 different Flower Dragons and 3 different Tree Dragons. Have got a 10 hour breeding time 7 times resulting in 4 Lava Dragons and 3 Bone Dragons. Plan to do about 3 or 4 more breedings, then throw in the towel and go after a different dragon.

    • Don K. says:

      Finally got my Sakura Dragon. It was on my 9th 10 hour breeding time after 4 Lava Dragons and 4 Bone Dragons. Over all my attempts with Flower & Tree Dragons, I used 5 different Flower Dragons and 4 different Tree Dragons.

  18. lizzy*bo*bizzy says:

    Got one on the second try! I’m really happy that Dragonvale is bringing the limited time dragons back!

  19. K-man110 says:

    I got mine on my fourth try with tree and flower. Friend request me on Gamecenter I am K-man 110

  20. CrazeeVivi says:

    How about gift plus earth? Wouldn’t that work guys?

  21. Mjk says:

    I got mine trying to get a clover with flower and moss…

  22. CrazeeVivi says:

    I got 24hrs with tree + flower!! What is it?

  23. AmazonExplorer says:

    Anyone else notice the Sukura dragon is wearing saddles that or it has hooves. Add me for gem 4 gem only first three others will be turned down

  24. Connor1004 says:

    I’ve been trying to get this one since they brought back the rares! It’s impossible!

  25. Mac says:

    Did flower and tree Got 14 hour breeding time… What is it?

  26. Arcusdog says:

    I’ve been breeding Obsidian & Poison over & over, just hoping to get Sakura! Glad I asked google, can’t wait to try flower & Tree. It makes more sense than what I was doing.

    Friend me for gem trading! Arcusdog

  27. Barimoore says:

    finally got it with tree and flower :))

  28. Eric Loh says:

    Yes! Tree and flower.

  29. JOROYJO says:

    Add me JOROYJO will trade gem.

  30. Bunny7542 says:

    I have a sakura took at least 50 tries…I heard even if they are not breed able you can breed one with a blue moon and get another sakura…is this true???

  31. Max says:

    I got a 14 hour breeding time with tree and flower can someone out there please tell me what it is

  32. Homer says:

    Sakura is back! Time for me to get a second one. I already have one during the Bring ‘Em Back period. Happy breeding everyone! Tree and Flower is the only way get it.

  33. Trisha says:

    Just got a sukura.dragon with Lv 15 flower and lv 15 tree!!! Yea! I have wanted this beautiful dragon for a long time! Any one found another combo that works? Trying for number 2.

  34. Marty says:

    woo! they’re back!!

  35. Marko says:

    I got it 3rd time with flower on left and tree right

  36. Marko says:

    add me on markonikv@hotmail.com (android)

  37. Presley says:

    Got it first try!

  38. JustDatGuy2 says:

    add me @JustDatGuy2

  39. Myniaya says:

    Flower and tree or tree and flower?

  40. Mathew says:

    I got it first go with evergreen and lava hope this helps

  41. Crazy12345 says:

    Got one on first try normal breeding cave l10 tree l7 flower.

    Add me. C0olCel99

  42. Lacey says:

    I got in on my second go with flower and tree, it’s so adorable !! 😀
    Good Luck guys 🙂

  43. Mushroom baby says:

    Did anyone come up with other comb?…

  44. Mushroom baby says:

    There should be more comb that would be breedable for sakura rather than only Tree and Flower. Please Dr. Mac? I’m so desperate to get this dragon.

  45. lady tete says:

    Got my sakura first try, normal breeding cave level 10 flower and tree. I been lucky the last few dragons i tried to breed!!! Yea!!!!

  46. made says:

    When i enter dragonvale there is an add for sakura but inside the game in the egg list its not there and neither is equinox can i still breed them even if they’re not in my dragon egglist?

  47. made says:

    I cant see the sakura dragon on the dragon list in my game can i still breed it?

  48. Casi15 says:

    Just got the Sakura dragon on my third try! I was so happy 🙂 Got it with Tree dragon lvl 10 on the left and Flower dragon lvl 10 on the right. Im going to try and get a second one for display. Good luck people 🙂

  49. g-love07 says:

    has anybody had luck with any other combinations? if I get one more lava dragon im gonna scream!

    need people to trade gem for gem! add me on Game Center g-love07

  50. dragonfreak says:

    Im waiting for my tree dragon and my flower dragon to finish breeding im so exided to see what happens

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