DragonVale: How to breed a Sandstorm Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Sandstorm Dragon

DragonVale SANDSTORM Dragon

DragonVale SANDSTORM Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,000 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Air and Lava / Air and Mud / Air and tree / Sakura and Air

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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158 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Sandstorm Dragon”
  1. jose says:

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  2. Leeah says:

    I thought i had this dragon so i tried sakura + air and got a 48hr breed.. all the dragons am trying to get are coming up to 48 hr breeds… lol this sucks.

  3. Milo says:

    Hey leeah have you seen The dragons That comeback from Them egg. It could ben a rainbow dragon.

  4. Brit says:

    What does the sandstorm egg look like??

    • Trisha says:

      Brit- The sandstorm egg is purple with silver diamonds. I.just got one today with level 10 air and level 11 lava*** Good luck!

  5. Ryan says:

    Does the lava have to be level 11

    • Inga says:

      No, any level that is capable of breeding can come up with that result. Which side they’re on doesn’t matter either.

      GC: babyingabear

      • Moby says:

        The in-game tips do say level 11 allows for better odds of getting a rare dragon, but beyond that level/order don’t make a difference. You also don’t NEED level 11s, it just helps. Like how using ebi helps but isn’t necessary to get rares.

  6. am_01 says:

    Hi. I tried for a sandstorm with air and tree but got a 24hour 36 min breeding time in the upgraded cave. Any thoughts on what dragon this could be? By math it should be a dragon that has a 30hour 45min breeding time in a regular cave but I can’t find one of those. Any ideas? Thanks.


  7. george says:

    What is the best combination of dragons for this one?? I’ve been trying for months now and just can’t seem to get it. Any idea’s??

  8. Shannon says:

    I just made my second attempt for this dragon in the standard breeding cave with Crystal{10} and Fog{10}, going so far as ensuring that each respectively came from an Air & Earth habitat should that increase my odds of hatching the hard to get Sandstorm Dragon.

    {think strategy is gettin’ the best of me:) ?}

    The resulting 9hr incubation has me puzzled .. I thought that time was exclusive to the Swamp Dragon but there’s no plant element in the combo I used.

    Has anyone else encountered this phenomena?
    Or have any insight on what I can expect to hatch?

    Thank you,

    GC: SLK•105

  9. Vinny Vietti says:

    HOW DO I GET The Sakura dragon

  10. Roberto says:

    I have been desperately trying for a year now to get Sandstorm, using all the recommended combinations.
    All I get is Obsedian, Mud and some other dragon.
    Sandstorm is the only dragon missing on my islands.
    HELP!! 🙁

  11. matthias says:

    Just got one with air and moss

  12. lomodoc says:

    Hi guys. Add me I have the gifting tree. username: lomodoc

  13. karlbunster says:

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    bunster facebook

  14. Rae says:

    Wow, first try with level 15 air and level 15 lava! 🙂

  15. Clankerzz says:

    I have been trying for a year to get this dragon snd still can’t get it, i even tried with the EBI
    Add me for a gem for gem thing,

    • TheYoungtommy says:

      Are you still looking for a gem4gem trade? My Game Center username is TheYoungtommy and I have a dragonsai gifting tree so I think I’ll be able to do it.

  16. Linda says:

    With air and tree, I have got a 7 hour breeding. So I don’t know what it is about.

  17. Joanna says:

    I’ve gotten a bunch of different dragons breeding air with tree and mud and I’m going to try lava but I might’ve tried that already and I don’t have Sakura so…?

  18. David says:

    Hallo guys, if You need a perfect friend, for do a gem for gem trade, add me, or reply here, i am lvl 23 and want to get it.:)
    Tried like 70-100 times to get this one.. But fails:P
    Yee, and, i tried some combos and i got 47, then 48 hours.
    Silver then Moon.
    How to get Silver : Cold Dragon Lv 14 + Meteor Dragon Lv 10, it was mine.
    Moon Dragon : Storm Lv 11 + Scorch Lv 10.
    I haven’t got EBI and i need friends to get this, please help me, thanks.

    • Lindsay says:

      Level 37 I need friends to send/ swap gems! I have a lot of dragons, including rainbow, leap year(s), hydra, cyclops, 5 different galaxy dragons, gemstone, crystalline, limited time (hidden, monolith, ornamental, aura, and more..) you name it I (most likely) have it! I don’t have a gifting tree (YET), but once I have more friends to send/ receive gems then I’ll finally have use to get one! I have several galaxy dragons to use in the Cooperative Breeding Cave.. Please add me, either through Facebook or with my Game Center username, but if you add me via Facebook, PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE saying to add you for DragonVale (I usually won’t accept requests if I don’t recognize you)
      Facebook (Lindsy Smith): linds.smith0120@gmail.com OR
      Game Center: huneddd$bills
      The more the merrier! ???

  19. daniele says:

    Incredible. I got all normal dragons and the most of rare, im level 34 and i never had this. The same is dodo dragon. Lol tried billions time but always failed!!!

  20. Mp says:

    Very first try with air and moss!

  21. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Not sure how this is possible. What is a salute dragon anyway?

  22. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    I mean sakura.

  23. Abc says:

    Got it with air and bone!

  24. Donna says:

    Finally got it too with Air and Moss!

  25. BigBang says:

    Air and Lava first try

  26. Stef says:

    Been having a bit of trouble getting a second Sandstorm for an egg for display – as soon as I tried Air & Cotton I got it straight away.

  27. Cynthia says:

    I unintentionally got a sandstorm dragon while breeding my level thirteen air dragon and level ten ghost dragon.

  28. Tathome says:

    Tried multiple times with air (10) and lava (12) in the non-upgraded breeding cave and haven’t gotten it. I keep getting 10 hour lava and 14 hour smoke… SUCH A LONG WAIT

    add me gem for gem on Game Center: TheYoungtommy

  29. Travis says:

    I just got sandstorm trying to get winter… I used air and glacier 🙂

  30. Margaret says:

    My son got it first time with air and tree. Ready to breed the lapis.

    • Margaret says:

      I tried to breed with air and tree & air and Forrest in my game no luck, so went with air lvl 14 and thunder lvl 16 and got it second try. There was a chance for olympus dragons but now can get olympus dragons breeding for the lapis.

  31. Jumpysquirrel says:

    Got it first time with air and sand. 🙂

  32. Zac says:

    Hey gem for gem guys, promise i will return when you give
    Gamecentre ID: bob80081

  33. Zac says:

    Gem for gem
    Game centre ID: bob80081

  34. Zac says:

    Need gems!!! WILL return
    GAMECENTRE ID: bob80081

  35. Ben says:

    This has by far become the hardest get for me. I tried 31 different times of various combination lava, moss, tree, mud, glass, crystal & air; still no sight of this flying brown dragon.

  36. Zac says:

    Hey if you’re looking for a gem4gem trade add me
    my gamecentre is Bob80081
    I am on every day.

  37. Calicogirl43 says:

    I got it with air and forest

  38. Zoodles says:

    I bred air and moss and got 14 hour breeding time what could it be?

    Gamecenter ID: + Zoodles +

  39. Veebeegee says:

    I am officially super choked. I just bred this dragon with a Earth and Willow dragon which should not be possible. I was aiming for a Dodo. How can this be? I am not impressed with Dragonvale right now.

    • Krishna says:

      Of course it’s possible. Willow contains the elements Air and Plant and Earth is obviously Earth. Sandstorm requires both Earth and Air to be present. The ones that Macenstein lists are meant to be the shortest possible breeding combinations in terms of dragons that we don’t want to make it faster to get the one we do want.

  40. Ziggi says:

    I got it by blazing and obsidian first try trying to get solar eclipse.

  41. MC Chen says:

    I got it first try using Earth and Chrome, the combination for dodo 🙂

  42. Ash says:

    I’m trying to get it by breeding dodo and air

  43. Ldaena says:

    Air and tree both level 13 third time

  44. Viola says:


  45. Emily says:

    OMG I GOT SANDSTORM…OMG I GOT SANDSTORM…BEEN PLAYIN FOR OVER A YEAR AND FINALLY GOT SANDSTORM! Tried the stupid combinations over and over, hundreds of times probably, and just now got it with AIR and FOREST. i tried them, because i got forest from air and tree and was like…oh, that’s right-i forgot about FOREST! I bet it will work! Worked the 2nd time! Lol YES! Now i can get LAPIS!

  46. bettina says:

    Tried all those combos and nothing finally used my brain and tried air and sand… Got it first try! Basic breeding cave too.

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