DragonVale: How to breed a Seaweed Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Seaweed Dragon

DragonVale SEAWEED Dragon

DragonVale SEAWEED Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Water and Plant

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale SEAWEED Dragon Egg

The SEAWEED Dragon Egg is the 3rd Egg

24 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Seaweed Dragon”
  1. Vinny says:

    I’ve done this five times and it hasn’t worked! I keep getting swamp dragons!

  2. Billy says:

    Try The Orginal water dragon in the first box and the original plant dragon in the second box

  3. Kennytavon says:

    I tried the suggested options and the commented options with no success. Out of frustration I selected two at random (lightning and swamp). Got a seaweed on the first try!

  4. musiclicious says:

    I kept getting swamp dragons as well. Then I tried water-swamp antd got a seaweed first try!

  5. marie says:

    I am so tired of getting a swamp dragon.

  6. LoL says:

    Try Moss dragon and water dragon 😉

  7. NICK says:

    I got the seaweed dragon with a LV 15 seaweed and LV 10 lighting !!!

    • Wonderer says:

      No duh you already had a seaweed dragon in the combo…
      If you say that then you can say “this worked for me! Seaweed and seaweed…”

  8. Beautifullight777 says:

    I have bread seaweed first time. My “secret” is moving both dragons to at least level 11. I feel this is the primary method of success for all breeding.

  9. Mieps says:

    I used Evergreen with water (Both level 4) and I got seaweed!

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