DragonVale: How to breed a GOLD OLYMPUS Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a GOLD OLYMPUS Dragon

DragonVale OLYMPIC GOLD Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,500 GEMS


(The key appears to be combos with Air, Earth and Lightning)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale OLYMPIC GOLD Dragon Egg

The 2nd egg is the DragonVale OLYMPIC GOLD Dragon Egg

736 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a GOLD OLYMPUS Dragon”
  1. Crystal says:

    I just got an olympous dragon not sure wich one but I got one with EARTH and SONIC on second try

  2. Aubrey says:

    I got a double rainbow with the blazing and crystal.

  3. Phyrea says:

    Obsidian and thunder gave me a gold Olympus. Was trying for a sun dragon lol

  4. Lois says:

    Looking for 6 people to trade gems with….

  5. Andrew says:

    Add me gym for fym on game center my names deadzombies01

  6. Eric Loh says:

    Got it with blazing & crystal in EBI. With willow (10) & quake (10) at the normal cave.

  7. bri alexander says:

    with willow and quake on ebc 1st time! they’re both level 15 just so ya know

  8. Smile says:

    Got it with cactus and sandstorm! 5th try 🙂

  9. Jessica says:

    Tried for this dragon forever! Finally got it randomly with dodo and liberty

  10. Daniel says:

    This has got to be one of the hardest dragons for me to get (this and the Silver Dragon). I’ve tried every combo since this dragon’s inception and have never gotten it.

  11. Kxnxs89 says:

    Insane. I literally just now finally got the gold Olympus dragon. After a year of it being out. Worst luck ever in this game.

  12. Konata says:

    Wow I just got a 35 hour wait time with willow and quake o.O I hope it’s this one!

  13. Mm says:

    Add me on dragonvale for gem trade!

    My Game Center ID is: Justkeepswimming19

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just got a 35 hour breeding time with crystal a nd rain. It’s still in the breeding cave so I’m not sure which Olympus it is.

  15. Gilz says:

    Addme ! Galisca

  16. Xarcher says:

    I’ve been trying and by the way it looks for a couple of people I’ve actually been thinking of usin earth and sonic

  17. Dark xarcher says:

    I got gold Olympus with sonic and earth i just went to level 18 i flipped when i saw gold horns

  18. bill says:

    I got it with rainbow and rainbow ????

  19. BlackWingHaseo says:

    35 hour time on first try with Blazing and Quake, any ideas which one it’ll be? First time with that timer, could be one of the three.

  20. Tensa Tsuiki says:

    LOL that frosfire dragon just photobombing!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bigb1704 says:

    I tried CRYSTAL and BLAZING got it first try

  22. Logan says:

    Thunder and Mountain

  23. Riczn says:

    Please enter this code for 25 free gems and daily gems as well – 461698

    From Dragonvale master

  24. Bob fakeree says:

    Crystal and blazing 2nd try

  25. Binx1025 says:

    Hi Dr Mac,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all of the successful combos you’ve provided us all with 🙂 I’m on Android and already entered a code so I’m unable to support you with gems as a thank you so I guess the only way to show my appreciation is a good old fashioned thanks!! Xoxoxoxo

  26. chickenman2002 says:

    Try paper and sonic got a silver Olympus first try


    I Tried Crystal Air and got what i think ended up as 01: 30: 00:00 what do you think i got???

  28. msscha says:

    FYI: think I got a snowy Olympus (32 hrs incubation time) with level 14 bluefire and level 13 air.

  29. Margaret says:

    Quake and air seems to be a good pairing as my son has gotten 2 bronze over four breeding and I got a silver after 2 tries. You can get sandstorms with this pairing.

  30. icedragon says:

    I did sandstorm and cactus, got 35 hours, what is it?!?!?!???

  31. Shane says:

    I was going for sandstorm and I got one of them first try

  32. LadyVanity says:

    I got it using sandstorm + thunder too

  33. Cheychey says:

    On my first try I bred the gold Olympus dragon with sandstorm and thunder as I was trying for another dragon. So?

  34. Stef says:

    This was hands down the hardest dragon for me to breed, ever. After trying many pairs over and over and making a TON of Bronze and Silver Olympuses, I’m finally getting a Gold Olympus from Crystal and Sonic, each Level 15.

  35. Kevin Gamer says:

    I was trying to breed lapis dragon a few months ago and got quake so many times I was about to give up until BAM! 35 hours. I waited and gold a silver Olympus and I was happy so treys again and ended up getting another silver Olympus! Then I tryed one last time and got a gold Olympus. I used lvl 10 sandstorm and thunder in the normal breeding cave. Please add me on Game Center because I need a gem buddy my username is doody6411. Add me!

  36. Ally K. says:

    I got a gold Olympus by breeding rainbow and double rainbow.

  37. Miles says:

    Got 35 hours oneof these dragons and also got a rainbow with a chrome and crystal both level 11

  38. Cheekychick says:

    I got it first try with Earth and Sonic ( both level 11 ) !!!

  39. Pat Coughlin says:

    I play every day and my old friends have all quit. I have lots of room for friends. I am on level47 . Chucktrish

  40. Rooster says:

    I just bred a peridot dragon on the first go

  41. Irina says:

    Obsidian and thunder both level 15 first try! 🙂

  42. Ruth Hudson says:

    I’m ready to pull my hair out. I’ve been trying to get A gold Olympus dragon for almost 2 months , both breeding caves. I’ve gotten numerous silver and bronze. I stopped briefly to try for a moonstruck dragon, which I never got. If the great dragon wizards are watching over Dragonvale please send me a Gold Olympus Dragon so I can concentrate on other dragonvale adventures. If anyone needs a gem sending friend I send gems everyday. Sakiann1

  43. Nat says:

    Sandstorm and Thunder dragon gets you all the olympus dragons. I was trying to get the lapis dragon and on my second try got Silver Olympus, tried again for lapis and got Gold Olympus on what would be the fourth try for the lapis. My friend bred Sandstorm and Thunder and got a Bronze Olympus. I hope this helps some of you! Best of luck! <3 🙂

    P.S. The higher your dragons level (ex 11) the more likely you'll get it…but you all already know that by now . •~#~•

  44. Josh!! says:

    Just got an Olympus dragon not sure which one in the new co-op breeding, air and antarian(galactic)

  45. andshewas says:

    Just got an Olympus in the co-open cave using Rainbow and Rose.

  46. Jamie says:

    I was on the new cooperative breeding island trying to get another galaxy dragon and did my anatarian with the Wizards polarian and got the gold Olympus

  47. Kitsune Miku says:

    I got it 2nd try with Willow x Quake, crossing fingers Gold Olympus, not sure yet, but I suppose I’ll find out in 35 HOURS!!! 😛
    Percy Jackson fans, virtual high five 😉

  48. Samantha says:

    Got it first try with level 20 quake and level 5 willow xD and didn’t even use the ebc

  49. Ashlyn says:

    Add me on GC. My username is ****

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