DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon

BUY-IT Price:?? GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Does not appear to be breedable, it must be EARNED by winning DragonVale Races CHECK OUT OUR RACING GUIDE!


**NOTE: Update your DragonVale app 1st**

From BackFlip – “Ancient and wise, Kairos has a unique magic that can speed up time. To get Kairos, you’ll first want to add his perch to your park from the Habitat section of the Market. Then collect Kairos’ 21 fragments over 3 stages to summon him to your park. The fragments are prizes you win in DragonVale Races. Fragments can also be purchased in the DragonVale Market.”

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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487 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon”
  1. Peinisawesome says:

    I swear, trying to get this dragon is not fun -.- is just pissed me off and I’ve already made my knuckles bleed from punching the bed so much

  2. Iloveroblox says:

    Literally u have him at lvl 32 my bro got him at lvl 18 😛 how lucky!

  3. mmgd66 says:

    got him! finally! he is bad a**!

  4. Alex says:

    Took me 3 days of intensive racing, but here it is. It looks like there’s no link between how well you perform in the race (amount of ‘perfect’ gears) and how quickly you assemble the fragments. The head of the statue – the last fragment took me at least 20 races to win!

    • Emily says:

      WhaThe? I’m on level 22 and just got the first piece of the perch! I’ve only owned this game for a week and a half, though, and won almost all races with the serenity dragon. They haven’t been putting the pieces in the chests for most of the races. It’s always food and money, and sometimes gems. I’ve been getting bad luck on everything in this game! Especially the breeding lies that they call “hints” it looks like you can only get gemstone, or at least the sapphire dragon, at the very beginning or end of the month. I’ve tried levels 16 and 18 rain and mountain over 20 times in both caves and nothing! I just now got the amber on the first try so I don’t know what’s up with the sapphire. I even leveled the dragons up right before breeding like 4 levels a time or more and still no sapphire BTW, I need friends (that actually have this game) on Facebook. What’s the best way to find people to add on this game? Should I put my name on this site or is that not a good idea? Lol PLEASE HELP if you’re reading this, and, sorry so long!

  5. Steven says:

    I still haven’t got it. Can u even ??? 🙁

  6. A person says:

    Look at the second picture of kairos you’ll see that macenstein has only 2 visitors.

    • L says:

      Number of visitors seems to be arbitrary. I had almost 100 the other day when I was upgrading my paths then down to 30 the next for no reason. He probably has already purchased every available item, habitat and decoration so he can’t really add much more. Hence, no visitors.

  7. SomeOne says:

    Finally got him at level 26! I didn’t race, cause I got better success rates by sending dragons on quests.

  8. Travis says:

    It is so hard to get but i finally got a long time ago it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Abbie says:

    What exactly does this dragon do?? Confused -_- got it but don’t know what it’s purpose is…

    • Duke says:

      When you finally get it, click on him. He will have a little picture of the sundial and it says activate across it. When you hit activate, time in your park moves foward 6 hours. (Does not count for gem dragons or the colliseum) its good for speeding up eggs and breeding, and also adds 6 hours worth of income to all your habitats, so its best to use after you have already cleared all of your income first

  10. Anna says:

    How do you get. The time claw and the whatnot? Someone said racing, how long do you have to race and what level do you have to be?

    • Tate says:

      Anna first of all you need to buy the racing track at lvl 12 I think.Then it depends on how long It takes to assemble all the fragments you win at the end of the race if you’d like to be my friend on Game Center my Id is dragon slayer 18 hope this helps

    • the boss says:

      You must be level 16 an have a race track

  11. I says:

    I got one fragment in a month

  12. Moon Wolf says:

    Reading all these comments, I seem to be rather lucky. I bought the perch and have only one piece to go and have barely had it a week. Been racing a lot, along with quests. The last piece is being rather annoying though…

    • Someone says:

      I know right.I’ve been stuck on it for about 3 weeks now.I got to lazy to race and just started the quests…

  13. gumasat says:

    Apocalypse dragon is the best to get the races, noone can defeat it

  14. molly says:

    What’s this quest you guys are talking about? I’m on level 16 and haven’t really seen anything about it

  15. Hi guy says:

    Took me 2 days to get him and I got Kairos at level 17

  16. Free The Giant God says:

    I have three of Kairos… .-.

    • anonymous says:

      I don’t think you can get more than one Kairos Dragon.
      Btw for anyone who might be confused, the Kairos Dragon speeds up time so you get money faster and you can breed and incubate faster.

  17. Lupus says:

    Why do i have two kairos ==||

  18. Dragons rule!!!!' says:

    Just completed the cronolith after racing loads and getting duplicates!!! Yes !!!!:):):)

  19. Dragonvalehunter says:

    I just bought the Kairos perch and I already spent 800,000+ Dragon cash and I only got 5 pieces of the chronology. Gah I can’t believe that you have to go through the time claw AND Kairos statute.

  20. Low mow says:

    Aww this is soooooooo annoying to get I need four more pieces to get karios so unfair

  21. Allie says:

    All of you are saying “it took me 2 weeks to get it!” Dude it took me several months this isn’t fair. -_-

  22. PandaLuver says:

    I have one last piece for the Chronoloth I have raced probably about like 100 times & gotten every other piece like 2 times but not the second one! 🙁 Add me on Game Center I give gems on the daily! GC name: ArticMelon

  23. idky says:

    I got kairos in like 2 years of racing atleast I got it and the rest of you should keep trying it worth it and put in this code in reedem code…95275269

  24. Mike says:

    Iv bin trying to get this thing for 3 months straight.

  25. Yaash says:

    Can anybody tell me why I haven’t been able to get even a single piece in Kairos stage 1 even after racing more than 10 times. My current level is 15. I just bought or should I say summon the Perch of kairos couple of hours ago and I really want this dragon 🙂

  26. Yaash says:

    And another question, I recently visited my friends park and 2 of my friends have like thousands of gems and I am just wondering how did they earn it ? I am level 15 and I am thinking about buying a breeding island but it’s for 125 gems. I’m like omg ????

  27. Ali says:

    What about a KIaras dragon? It could be like Kiaros feminine side. And possibly more speed ups for us. 😀 Or Gems. Or rare dragon can be collected at random once every two weeks?

  28. moo says:


  29. Arjun says:

    I have only two pieces left for kairos but I am not getting it so I will buy it

  30. Victor says:

    I have never try to breed Rainbow with water dragon.
    I love dragonvale.:)
    I am 5 y. old

  31. Lilith says:

    The article is wrongly titled. It’s not ‘breed’, but rather ‘obtain’.

    I can’t remember when I got Kairos, tbh.

  32. Linda says:

    I don’t remember what level I was when I got him, but there was some kind of glitch and I have 2 Kairos dragons in my park. Just one perch, but 2 dragons.

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