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DragonVale: How to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon

DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon

LUNAR ECLIPSE DRAGON: (Only breedable in the days surrounding a Lunar Eclipse)
BUY-IT Price: 2,250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Dodo and Iceberg / Mud and Snow / Ice and Sandstorm / Rain and Mountain / Earth and Snow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon Egg

610 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon”
  1. Micah says:

    With mud and snow I got a double rainbow

  2. Jamie says:

    i got 39 hours??any one know??

  3. RustyMalibu says:

    I actually had one of these bad boy hatch from from an air and glacier dragon, while I was trying to hatch a winter dragon

  4. 20thayer13 says:

    Thanks for the Mountain/Chrome combo! Worked first try on EBI level 14 and 13

    • Calicogirl43 says:

      I also got the lunar eclipse on the first try with this combo ( Lvl 14 mountain + lvl13 chrome) on the epic breeding island, so thanks!!!! Everybody use this combo it REALLY WORKS!!!! : D

    • Irishindian42 says:

      I tried the mountain and chrome after every other combination above and got a breeding time of 22 hrs????? Sighi finally saw this post after trying every combination above several times… I got a 22 hrs breeding time… No idea what is in store ????

    • Anonymous DragonVale User says:

      Got silver dragon first and third tries with this combo (both level 14). Still waiting to get a lunar eclipse.

  5. Phill says:

    I finally got an eclipse dragon. I got like nearly all gem dragons, thanx to Macenstein but all my sun/moon dragons have failed me. It’s way too expensive to buy it at first but now to think of it, I think I wasted more gems to finish breeding than buying the dragon itself!

  6. Kybok says:

    I have both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. I got solar eclipse accidentally by mud and blazing because was trying to vet the panlong dragon then I realized the combination was blazing and mud and I got it. The lunar eclipse dragon I got by mistake by air and glacier trying to get the winter dragon and I’m still trying to get it.Can somebody help me out here? My friend code is 128826

  7. Margaret says:

    This was a very easy dragon to breed at least for the first time both my son and I bred snow lvl 15 and earth lvl 13 in the EBG and got this dragon first time

  8. Adam says:

    Wht does ebg mean

  9. Cole says:

    Oh thanx i’m in a heated dragonvale competition with my friends to get many epic dragons. I dont have the EBI but i am sure to get many epic dragons thanx again to macenstein

  10. slayer942 says:

    Breed a poison and earth to get motley

  11. Retimeout says:

    Yay i got it with earth and snow first try lvl 11 both

  12. Skytooth says:

    Got it breeding double rainbow and Celtic. What?

  13. Cameron says:

    I am still unsuccessful at getting this dragon but my brother got it with Air and Mountain both lvl 11 in the EBI. Hope it helped???? Gl Breeding GO TEAM USA?????????????????????????????? Portugal sucks

  14. ThePikey says:

    Got a 48 hr with Ice Lvl 13 & SandStorm Lvl 14 on the island on the second try. We will see in 2 days!!

  15. Julie says:

    Got it with sonic and bearded on a random pairing šŸ™‚

  16. Jed says:

    I bred the mud and snow combination ( both lvl 10 ) on the EBI and I got 1 day and 15 hours breeding time – what could it be?!?!?

  17. Riptide says:

    I was breeding randomly trying to get this dragon and I breeded level 10 silver and level 12 gift dragons together and got 24 hours. Any ideas!?!?!?!

  18. Sunshine says:

    I got mine 1st try with level 12 Air & level 11 Arctic on EBI

  19. dj4c says:

    thanks, i got it with mountain and chrome on EBI first try!

  20. LoreneGo says:

    When is this dragon available?

    Game Center ID: AngelBabyGirl53

  21. Breeder says:

    I got mine when breeding leap year dragon lvl10 and metal dragon lvl11

  22. Krystal says:

    With dodo and iceberg I keep getting the ghost dragon

  23. Sunshine says:

    I had to restart my game because I got a new phone… Got it with the same combo from before – level 15 air and level 13 arctic dragons on the EBI after about 3 tries. Try this combo – it works!!

  24. Crystal says:

    Got first time with Antarian lvll 9 and Polarian lvl 4 that order in cooperative breeding cave.

  25. Sumiko says:

    Anyone want gems add me as a friend on facebook
    /lilly.vazquez.739 if you like play daily

  26. DawnBlade says:

    Holy cow….I just got this dragon with my level 11 Andromedan and a friend’s Bizurian (also level 11)…. I was in absolute shock when I saw it in my hatchery.

  27. Michelle says:

    After many fails with the above combos, I tried someone’s suggestion using air and mountain. Got it first try on EBI both level 16!!!

  28. Erin says:

    Got it on first try with Blazing and Glacier, using the Epic Breeding Island.

  29. Irishindian42 says:

    I just got two lunar eclipse eggs at the same time from breeding Hail and Dodo in the EBI and Rain and Mountain in the breeding cave. All dragons were level 17. This was my first time breeding those combinations. The chrome and mountain combo didn’t work for me, I tried like 6 times. I’m a level 78 park… If that matters.

  30. Cupcake says:

    I got a Lunar eclipse dragon by breeding air+glacier on the EBI, both level 11. Was aiming for a winter dragon but Iā€™m not disappointed.

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