DragonVale: How to breed a Gift Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Gift Dragon

Dragonvale Gift Dragon

INCUBATION TIME: 12 Hours, 25 Minutes
BUY-IT Price: 250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blue Fire and Flower / Fire and Lichen / Flower and Ice / Frostfire and Plant / Fire and Reindeer / Flower and Glacier

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Gift Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Gift Dragon Egg

132 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Gift Dragon”
  1. brian says:

    thanks for the gift

  2. Dangman says:

    How dO I get a gift dragon!?

  3. John says:

    If you were to display the egg would that count as it being in the park? I was just wondering if you could display it then hatch another!

    • Rachelle says:

      Yes it counts as having it if you do and you want to switch you just sell and can get it again there face book page said after Christmas they will allow you to bread more if you want

  4. Xian says:

    Can you display it and buy another one?

  5. Mike says:

    How do you get I! Do you have too get one as a gift from other people?

  6. Rebecca says:

    I was hoping I could hatch one and get another egg to display, like I’m trying to do with all the other dragons. I guess if we’re only allowed one, then I won’t be able to do that, right?

    • HungarrToph24 says:

      yeah i ran into the same problem but i dont really like the look of this dragon so im just gonna display it on my egg island.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I decided to display my Gift Dragon egg instead of hatch it and sure enough, it won’t give me another one to hatch. I’m hoping at some point Backflip changes that. FYI, they put it on a plant pedestal.

  8. Rachael says:

    If you display it and decide that you wanted the actual dragon or vise versa you can sell it for 0 gold and get another one you can hatch or display.

  9. Nic says:

    Facebook update says it can be bred after the 25th for those of us who want more than one. The one only is referring to the free part, I guess.

  10. rich says:

    U can buy it from the store for free!!!

  11. Pearl says:

    Is it still available?

  12. Kenny says:

    I can’t seem to find it in the market! D: Does anybody have any tips on how to get it, or was in only available on the 24th? (The word from the wizard said on the 25th only so I’m confused…)

  13. kyoshii says:

    I cannot find the gift dragon anywhere in the market. What am I doing wrong? Super frustrating…

  14. Thomin8r says:

    Ok, so the Gift Drsgon is available again in the store for 250 Gems. Mac, have you been able to come up with a breeding combination yet?

  15. Nancie says:

    Pretty sure I’m getting one with evergreen and fire. 9 hour and 56 minute breeding time in upgraded breeding cave, which is not the breeding time for any other dragon.

    • Thomin8r says:

      Thank you Nancie, I can confirm that I just tried this combination in the EBC and after a couple of short incubations I had one that was 9:56, and this one DID result in a Gift Dragon Egg for me. Thanks again.

      Mac, I can confirm that this combination worked for me in the EBC, I am trying it in the EBI to see if that one is easier.

  16. Moopy says:

    What is the black egg with the red dot in the center Mac? I thought I had them all!!! :). Thanks!

  17. Kuria says:

    I love the little Santa’s that walk around :]

  18. 808GB says:

    I just bred a gift dragon with panlong and bloom in the upgraded cave. Just wanted to let everyone know! Add me if you want to see and for gem trade. 808GB on gamecenter.

  19. Xela says:

    Got another gift dragon with paper + copper. Could it be a fluke? Waiting to see if it hatches,

  20. DandyPink says:

    I was trying for a Sapphire Dragon and got a SECOND Gift Dragon. I got the free one on Christmas and another today. Hate to tell you this, but I can’t remember for sure – Rain and Mountain(?) on the Epic Breeding Island. I’ve been trying to get the last few dragons I’m missing, so I’m not sure which combo it was…

  21. Lisa says:

    I just got a second gift dragon with bone and reindeer, 12:25 hrs, I was trying for a Paper Dragon

  22. Joris says:


    I got à extra one, using gift and bluefire.


  23. Rin says:

    Hello Dr Mac, I believe it’s time to update this page. The Gift Dragon is now breedable, I got it first try from breeding Mountain and Poison together in the breeding cave, with an incubation time of 12 hours 25 minutes.

    Thanks for your hard work on maintaining this site and lots of love to you! Merry belated Christmas!

  24. Jared says:

    Just got my second gift with fire and reindeer first try 😀

  25. Jsteckel says:

    I got a gift dragon using blazing and lichen. Was trying for a seasonal. Thanks for all your hard work Dr Mac! It is very much appreciated!!

  26. Jd251063 says:

    I got second one with gift and reindeer x

  27. Xeonchin says:

    Hi, I’m dragonvale’s fan also. Rin & dandypink was right. The gift dragon is breedable, I get my second gift egg by using chopper and paper.

  28. Stocks151 says:

    I got one, mountain and poison, trying to get paper xd

  29. Beleivergirl says:

    What is the silvery egg in the picture?

  30. Lyk12 says:

    Got gift using copper and paper … Was trying to get my second apoc dragon instead

  31. Kerri says:

    I have my free gift dragon, and also have a gift dragon egg incubating, bred from Flower & Storm on upgraded island.

  32. Tintay83 says:

    Pls add me, give me gems and I’ll give u one back :), daily player.

  33. Voloyal says:

    I got a Gift Dragon with a Reindeer/Scorch combo while trying for a Leap Year Dragon.

  34. Ubdyin says:

    I just got the gift dragon using Poison on the left and Cold dragon on the right in Epic Breeding Island. It took about 6 tries. Add me as friend and you can see the egg.


  35. ameljy says:

    Just got it with lava and lichen first try:)

  36. ameljy says:

    I’ve gotten one with a lava and lichen on my first try:)

  37. Josephrak says:

    What is that green orb above the picture of the gift dragon on the first picture at the top

    • Skarlowy says:

      When a dragon is above level 10, an orb appears above it, and the color and pattern depends on the primary element of the dragon, which in this case, is Plant. Just in case you did not know, you can get dragons over level 10, by building the respective shrine and collecting 50 of that element’s dragon (for more info, read the description of it).

  38. Brian says:

    Brianphook add me

  39. Cruzzer says:

    I got two of these in a row breeding copper and paper trying to get apocalypse…. -___-

  40. Dragons2424 says:

    Love how it’s Santa themed… Add me, I gift each day: dragons2424

  41. Glen says:

    Excuse me, I have a question. Is the gift dragon a limited time dragon? When will it be out of market? I still have one and still trying to get another one. Will it be out of market with other limited time dragons on 1/2? Thanks for all your help. By the way, my game center account is GLEN YEH. feel free to add me. Thanks!!!

  42. Ivy says:

    If you breed two of the same dragon together after they are unavailable do you still get the third same dragon?

  43. Carrie says:

    Tried to get it with blazing and lichen.. Got 48 hours.. What is it?! Add me on GC, Lovelylovex , GemxGem!

    • Dragon says:

      Seasonal or rainbow!! If u don’t have these then congrats if u have them already then i would put them on pedestals add me zexal200

      • Diggindawg says:

        48 hours is going to be moon or sun. They both take 2 days and require cold and lightning, both are present in this breeding combo.

    • Dylan says:

      With Blaziing and Lichen I got my Seasonal Dragon =D

      Hope you got it =)


  44. person says:

    I cant add you because I’m on a kindle fire:(

  45. Henry says:

    I got this with flower and lightning while I was trying to breed the love dragon!

  46. Mason Hiller says:

    Add me gem for gem Masonator131

  47. jamie says:

    add me gem4gem everday JAM0712 PLZ thanks!

  48. Dennis says:

    Add me gem 4 gem

  49. Dylan says:

    Is This Dragon Limited For Christmas ?

    GameCenter: DylanB03

  50. bla bla bla 123xyz says:

    got breeding time 10h. wat could it be?

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