DragonVale: How to breed a Hail Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Hail Dragon

Dragonvale Hail Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 300 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Cold and Lightning

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Hail Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the Dragonvale Hail Dragon Egg

159 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Hail Dragon”
  1. Bonnie says:

    Got my second with the same combo!!!! Ice and storm.

  2. Starlight says:

    What are the other two eggs in the picture? I only recognize the hail dragon egg…

  3. Brian says:

    I tried cold and lighting 12 times so far, and have 11 storms and one sun about to try ice and lightning

  4. Bam10333 says:

    I can give two more people gems but you have to give me as well daily.
    GC: bam10333

    • Bam10333 says:

      Sorry guys both spots are taken if one fails to exchange gems I will add people again.

      • Beenie1948 says:


        I know you probably already know this but, if you don’t:

        Keep your friends even if they don’t give you gems. You can still pick up cash from them through their party hats.

        Also, try to place your compatible habitats together with their boosters. For example, I have a butterfly dragon, it’s habitats are air, lightning and fire. I have an air habitat, a lightning habitat and a fire habitat all on the same island. My butterfly gets a 20% boost from all three habitats. My butterfly is level 15 and I get a boost to 247. Be careful how you combine your dragons on your habitats because the wrong dragon could cause you to loose 20%. If you don’t understand this write me and I’ll try to explain it better. Or better yet look at my dragon habitats.

        We are friends..

  5. Lolo says:

    I used cold left lightning right and got hail in the breeding cave 1st try, both lvl 10s c:

  6. Brian says:

    I have got 2 suns with lightning and cold. And no hail yet

    • lady tete says:

      Try sonic and storm or crystal and storm. I’m trying for a sun dragon and now continually getting a hail dragon. I mean I’ve breed like 8 so far!!!! Ugh!!! But yea try those combos. 🙂

  7. ninja1102 says:

    only got my gem giving tree.. i need friends who are loyal gem traders..
    add me ninja1102


  8. Ivy says:

    Any clues what I might have bred with ice and lightning for a 48 hour wait time??

  9. xsouthernbellsx says:

    I’m looking for 3 more daily gem for gem players. The first 3 invites gets it. As long as you gem me everyday ill gem you 🙂

  10. Raymond8D says:

    Anyone in need of gems?? Add me and I’ll send u hams if u send me some. My name for Game Center is “Raymon8D”

  11. Ame chan says:

    Found a different combination … Used lichen an sonic and got a hail dragon on the first try

  12. jamie says:

    HEY GUYS PLZZZZZ tell me,i bred cold lvl 10 and lighting lvl 9 first try and got 48 hours?

  13. Josephrak says:

    I got storm first 2 tries with cold and lightning come on hail! I need you! For amethyst!

  14. MichealMyers says:

    How do u invite people to be ur friend

  15. Kmk'o'hara says:

    If course you will need him for amethyst! Ps it is sonic and something else!

  16. Josephrak says:

    What is best combo for hail? I keep getting storm with cold and lightning

  17. KitanaMinx says:

    I’ ve batting 0 for 0 with cold and lightning and 2 for 2 with ice and storm.

  18. Amogh says:

    I bred them and i got a 48 hour breeding time any ideas?

  19. Dfen911 says:

    Arg frustrating as he’ll trying to get this dragon! I’ve done cold and lightning and keep getting a sun dragon. Ok so getting epic dragons are cool but I don’t want it lol. In cave I did ice and sonic, and damn if I didn’t get another sun.

    Also I have tree and only 2 folks that regularly give gems so can take 4 more for gem to gem.


  20. Shea says:

    I think I’ve been using cold and lightning, and have gotten a whack of storm dragons, but then I got one that took two days and the egg has a moon on it so I’m guessing that it’s a moon dragon 😛
    Happy about the moon, but I still need hail to get Amethyst and I need Love LOL

  21. Josephrak says:

    I got it with cold and water trying to get an ice to get this. Hmm. Weird.

  22. Sandy4LSU says:

    Thanks so much for helping an ol’ aunt!!! I’m trying to play this with my nephews and they don’t share info. Hahaha! They love the game and really love beat in’ me. I finally got a hail! Please add if ya have time…. GC# is sandy4LSU
    Thanks and have a gray day!

  23. jamie says:

    i keep getting storm

  24. gaveuponforever says:

    I have tried every combo listed in the comments and no hail! I tried in upgraded breeding cave and my epic breeding island. I need it for Amethyst!

  25. Cel says:

    Why do you still have topaz?

  26. Blabber Mouth says:

    Breed a cold and lightning got 39 hours…

  27. Dom2000gt says:

    Cold and lightning. Got 38 hours. Any ideas? Been trying to get a hail for two weeks and nothing is working in either breeding cave

  28. Dom2000gt says:

    Been trying to get hail for two weeks and nothing is working in either breeding cave

  29. Dom2000gt says:

    What’s been working for everyone recently? I still have had no luck getting a hail.

  30. bla bla bla 123xyz says:

    got sun dragon :0

  31. Jes says:

    How do you add people on Dragonvale that arent facebook friends with you?

  32. Ryan says:

    I breed a lightning and a ice, total 48 hours what do I get???

  33. Cold says:

    when i try to breed frostfire with Firefly and Cold i make a Hail Dragon

  34. Vinny Vietti says:

    Try fire fly an cold it helps

  35. Wacko says:

    I got hail first time with cold +lightning

  36. Cam says:

    Add me gem 4 gem cam898989

  37. danny says:

    hey guys can someone send me 100;

  38. VGA Dragon Breeder says:

    Aw, quit yer complaining about getting storm dragons. I got mine with Storm (left) and Fire (right) first try. Both must be at least level 5.

  39. Cole taylor says:

    Random question i bred a cold dragon with a tree dragon and got twelve hours whats the dragon going to be??

  40. dragon_whisper says:

    I think that’s a mossy dragon but it could be something seasonal. Hail is really hard to get when your trying to get but not to hard when your not.

  41. dragon_whisper says:

    I just got moon dragon uhhggg I hate the dang ways of breeding

  42. Grace says:

    You can also get with the scorch and ice dragons. I’ve been trying to get the blue fire dragon with this combo because I don’t have a storm dragon to go with fire, but the hail dragon is all i ever get.

  43. Lexikitty123 says:

    I got it with sun and moon three times in a row

  44. Angel says:

    i did coop singularity and comet hope this helps

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