DragonVale: How to breed a Zombie Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Zombie Dragon

Dragonvale Zombie Dragon

INCUBATION TIME: 20 Hours (Only breedable around Halloween)
BUY-IT Price: 1932 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Pollen and Meteor

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Zombie Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Zombie Dragon Egg

170 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Zombie Dragon”
  1. Sacred*Realm says:

    Looking to add friends to my dragonvale game. Log on daily so will send gems daily. Game Center i.d. Is Sacred*Realm.

  2. SammyBug2005 says:

    I’ve tried pollen & meteor probably 150 times this month even buying gems when I don’t believe you should have to shuck out cash to play this game. Going to try that other recipe on here, metal and lightening although the only 2 that are suppose to work are the first 2. I’m a level 40, my dragons are all 15 that can that level and I have an upgraded breeding cave. Could never get Ruby either despite probably over 50 tries. The pollen and meteor have produce only one of those 2 , metal, and 2 others all 8 or 14 hrs. Never been so frustrated! I’m SammyBug2005 and I have 2 friends. Will add 3 more but I’d appreciate gems back!

    • Sacred*Realm says:

      I send gems in return. My Game Center i.d. Is Sacred*Realm

    • Shadow says:

      I am also having this same problem. I have been breeding pollen and meteor both level 15 since it became available. I get on everyday so I usually breed them at least twice a day. I have tried on both the ebi and the breeding cave and nothing. It is so frustrating!!!

      • BoboDance says:

        Same problem here, zombie dragon is the last missing dragon in my park. I could need some friends for gem4gem as well. My ID is NBA Star (level 46)
        And keep breeding.


        • DLJ says:

          I’m missing Jade,Pearl,and Emerald.Got zombie on 47th try.

        • LarkSong says:

          My park is at level 43 and all my dragons are level 17, I have epic breeding and have attempted the Zombie Dragon 8 times using this method. Each time using gems to speed it up.. I have most of the gemstone dragons too but I was wondering if you knew any others? Please get back to me with a answer before the dragon leaves.
          Many Thanks

      • BoboDance says:

        Same problem here, zombie dragon is the last missing dragon in my park. I could need some friends for gem4gem as well. My ID is NBA Star (level 46)
        And keep breeding.


      • Shadow says:

        I spent all month trying to get this dragon and I finally got it. Here is how, if you don’t have one yet. Buy gems and rush incubation. Apparently that is what it takes. I bred level 15 pollen and meteor probably 150 on the ebi this month trying to get the zombie dragon. I then leveled up my two dragons to level 17 (I am level 32) and continued to try to get zombie with no luck. I then conveniently got the last call notification for the dragon and realized this was my last chance until next year. So I rushed incubation and hatching times. When I ran out of gems I bought more for $4.99. What do ya know. Two breeding tries later voila!! I got a zombie dragon. This isn’t the only dragon this has happened with. The same thing happened to me with the lunar eclipse dragon too. I had to buy gems to finally get it.

        • DLJ says:

          Never buy gems also zombie is back.

        • Emily says:

          Consider yourself lucky. I’VE GONE THROUGH $$$ TO RUSH INCUBATION (every month) AND GUESS WHAT IT GOT ME? Jackshit! I finally stopped, and what’d’yaknow? Got my damn dragons. Anyway, good luck to everyone!!! 😉

    • Mikehl33 says:

      It really requires an enormous amount of patience to breed the dragons, I have found that this guide always works, always! Just follow the combos as Macenstein posts them and eventually you will be rewarded with the dragon you’re looking for. I have, as yet, never had these combos proven wrong, they always work, always! Initially I could not breed the Zombie dragon in my first 30 tries or so, and then BAM!! got around 6 in the next 10 tries or so! Other times the combos work within the first couple tries, but it does seem pretty random as far as I’ve seen, just have patience! Good luck with your breeding! I think my game center ID is mikehl33 if you want to see how successful the guide is, I always breed at least 4 of the dragons as they become available, 2 to go in the parks as a breeding pair, and 2 to go on display. Look at my display eggs if you doubt this guide, I even have some gem dragons on display, that’s how well this guide works. I did take a break for a while, so I might be missing some of the seasonal dragons, but I’m fairly certain I have all the rares, except the platinums, I’m working on those now! Again, have patience and good luck!

    • RC says:

      Hi sammy
      Add me… And you will get back the gems as soon as you send. Hope to be added as a gems exchange friend 🙂

  3. Alyssa says:

    Pollen and Meteor worked for me on the second try on EBI and both over level 10. The Zombie dragon is pretty funny and worth the time. When it walks around in its habitat, sometimes his arm falls off. He looks down at it, picks it up, and sticks it back on his body. Very unique dragon, plus it wins every sing racetrack match I’ve put him in. Good luck!

  4. Kiddohope says:

    Just got a 20 hr with metal (level 15) and lightening (13). Just tried that in my regular breeding cave after reading previous posters comment. I’ll definitely come back in 20 hrs and let you know if I got a zombie!

    • Popogeejo1 says:

      It’s my understanding that only pollen & meteor produce the zombie dragon. Metal & lightning produce copper which is also 20 hrs.

  5. Dani says:

    I’ve tried about 50 times as well with no luck. Has anyone bred one recently?

    • Popogeejo1 says:

      I got 2 this week…pollen & meteor in the EBI…1st time both level 16…2nd time both level 17. Previously tried level 15 since he became available several times a day with no luck.

  6. Brian says:

    I finaly got him but really don’t like that they changed the rules on breading

    • SammyBug2005 says:

      What rules did they change? In the dark! Also this magic thing is another money hole. May just quit playing. Used to be fun with actual obtainable rewards not it’s a lot of frustration for nothing. I had even spent $10 on gems trying for Zombie and still didn’t get him and I don’t think we should have to spend cash!

  7. ShantielJoy says:

    I finally got one after trying all month! Level 15 pollen and level 14 meteor on the epic breeding island!

  8. A3ri3l says:

    Hi, I need six friends to share gems with. I play DAILY and want you to do the same. My game center id is A3ri3l. Live well and prosper.

  9. shifter says:

    add me plz i gem daily im on android

  10. silent says:

    i am still trying to get this one before halloween special ends ^^ i only have 1 friend right now id like to get 2 more friends so we can send gems daily? i am lvl 18 my appcenter gamertag is SilentRiki so if youre interested please add me

  11. BigMonkeyPie says:

    I think they must have increased the odds on this one over the last couple of days. The first Zombie dragon took me endless tries and many, many gems. Then yesterday (November 1st.) within 8 hours I all of a sudden got 3 Zombie dragons – and two of them in a row! (Yes I admit I used gems to speed up the breeding.)

  12. Frank says:

    At level-15 each, I’ve tried this Pollen/Meteor combination in BOTH breeding caves 2-3 times a day with no luck. All I get are more Pollens, Meteors and Chrome dragons. It’s getting to be very frustrating when the only combination that’s “supposed” to work, doesn’t work!!!

  13. binx1025 says:

    I too was having the same issues. Couldn’t manage to get Opal either. FINALLY this morning I get 16 hr breeding time so I think I finally lucked out. Love wasting an entire month to get this guy at the very end. –__–

  14. Hateshinai says:

    No luck with pollen/meteor yet. Anyone need a gem-for-gem daily? Add me on Game Center! Hateshinai on Game Center.

  15. Legend_82 says:

    Hi, I’m a level 21 looking for more friends, I send gems daily.. add me: Legend_82

  16. Soulsuit says:

    I can’t believe this is going to pass me by. I have yet to fail at getting a dragon I have shot for. I am level 46 and have level 20 meteor and pollen on island and level 15 both in cave and have tried every opportunity that has been available in both spots since they became available. I know it is only a 2 percent shot but come on! Got it first shot on wife’s not long after trying on my other park with only level 15 dragons. Even deleted game and reinstalled thinking glitch. Been burning gems even trying for this and that’s not like me… Very angry….

  17. Stella says:

    Try activating kairos then breed! I did that and bred pollen 15 and meteor 10 in epic breeding cave! Got it first try!

  18. Ali says:

    I’m having a lot of frustration getting this and time is running out! Also I need gem-gem friends my game center name is aliciamae08 so add me!

  19. Bootooboo says:

    Looking to add frends to my dragonvale. My ID is duckjibes. Merci beaucoup.

  20. Jonzibeno 1 says:

    Hello is anyone else having trouble racing once you’ve
    Won the race you can’t claim your gift as it seems to be
    Stuck so you can’t run a new race as it won’t play… I’m stuck
    Racing cherry road and no matter what I do it won’t budge…
    Any ideas let me know….

    • Popogeejo1 says:

      Haven’t had any problems myself, but didn’t have that particular race. Have you tried totally shutting down your device & then restarting it?

  21. tenwai says:

    looking for 3 friends to trade gems with gamecenter nick is ihayem

  22. Dev says:

    Gem for gem ?
    Gamecenter I’d is : !dev59!

  23. MAvvi says:

    While I was about to sleep I decided to breed just one more dragon. I randomly picked magnetic dragon and a pollen dragon and this awarded me with a zombie dragon. First try!

  24. Alyssa says:

    After almost a month I got it with Polen (lev 19) and Meteor (lev 17) in the EBI!:)

  25. Matthew shadwell/coy 23121321 says:

    Answer my friend request on gamecenter please been a couple months

  26. Logan says:

    To be awesome enter this redeem code


  27. spluggennuts says:

    add me to have a lot of gems 55421321!!!

  28. Adam says:

    Be my Game Center friend my user name is Jor44da

  29. Vlo says:

    Metorer lvl 17 and Pollen lvl 16 worked for me after 3 days

  30. Ruby says:

    2nd try pollen lv15 right and meteor lv15 left side in epic breeding island.

  31. Kyla says:

    Pollen and meteor level 10 in EPI first try. Breed in the last 15 hours it was available.

  32. Daniel says:

    I have been trying to breed this Dragon ever since the “bring them all back” started before the Christmas event. It is been about two weeks, about two or three tries a day, no luck.

  33. LoreneGo says:

    I just got a Zombie dragon! I don’t have an habitat available? Can I put him in the storage area until I level up again? I really want to keep this dragon!

    • LoreneGo says:

      I got this dragon from a friend. it was a twin dragon from the new galaxy breeding cave! That means it can be breeded anytime not just at Halloween!

  34. Lily says:

    Yay! Been trying and trying, but finally on the last day got a 20hr breed time on level 26, with level 15 Pollen and Meteor. Thank you!j

  35. Sunshine says:

    Finally!! I’ve been breeding these 2 dragons together since it became available… My last chance breed before the time runs out & I finally get one! Both dragons were level 15 & it was on the Epic Breeding Island.

  36. Lindsey says:

    Add me on Game Center lindsss134

  37. Anonymous says:

    I got mine 1st try

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