DragonVale: How to breed an Acid Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed an Acid Dragon

Dragonvale Acid Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1100 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Light and Promethium / Dark and Radiant / Promethium and Radiant / Fungus and Ironwood

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Acid Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Acid Dragon Egg

15 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Acid Dragon”
  1. Katarina says:

    Add me, my game center id is KATARINAT

  2. Jojo says:

    You can also breed this easily with dark and metal if you don’t have the hybrids yet: good luck! 🙂

  3. SophieB210 says:

    I think the breeding times for Acid and Promethium are backwards. Acid is 15.5 hours

  4. Josh says:

    I have this coloured egg but it’s taking 15.5 hours??? What dragon am I getting?

  5. Muma Beast says:

    This is the hardest of the new dragons for me! Have two spaces for daily gem swop. Anybody interested? muma beast

  6. Ross says:

    Please add me I exchange gems every day! Rossco2511

  7. Mariealena says:

    Breeding Dark and Promethium has only 2 possible combinations, therefore giving you a 50% chance. For those having trouble, try that one.

  8. HattyHattington says:

    Acid dragon looks cool, I will keep one as dragon and get one for a pedestal, looks like a good collector dragon!

  9. selene says:

    In Dragonvale no one can hear you scream. (Good thing after that 5000th gemstone dragon breeding fail.)

  10. Liz says:

    I got acid with Dark and Copper both level 14 in breeding cave on the first try

  11. Lily says:

    Tried Promethium and Light and got 14 hour breed time. So … Mirror, I think. Need that one anyway 🙂

  12. Lily says:

    Got it with Palladium and Dark whilst trying for Mirage 🙂

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