DragonVale: How to breed a Dusk Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Dusk Dragon

DragonVale Dusk Dragon 1

DragonVale Dusk Dragon

BUY-IT Price: —- GEMS

HOW TO BREED: During “Bring ’em Back event you can use SUN and MOON – Otherwise 1st Can only be obtained through completing the Firefly challenge ; once you have one you can breed more with Dusk and Moon/ Dusk and Solar Eclipse / Dusk and Sun

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”.


DragonVale Dusk Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Dusk Dragon Egg

DragonVale Dusk Dragon 2

DragonVale Dusk Dragon

DragonVale Dusk Dragon 3

DragonVale Dusk Dragon

66 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Dusk Dragon”
  1. Annie says:

    There is an obelisk or token that you can earn at the last stage of the firefly festival.

    When you touch it, yopu can turn day to night!
    Maybe vice versa..???
    All I know that you can have better odds breeding some dragons by day or by night!!

    …and may the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!!!

    • L!e detecter says:

      I completed event and there is no such thing
      There are to decorations tho, but the are not given at the end

      • insanepplmeh says:

        Sure. I read the news and it says so. If you don’t mind I’m gonna put some Id up here. I am at level 20 with 38 dragons and 1 ruby, 1 gift, and one motley.

      • obba says:

        the twilight tower

      • ?JawBreakerzz? says:

        Why is there always haterz on this site… maybe she unknowingly typed in the details wrong, why make up a lie on here that’s pointless to her or anyoe else? Either way, I will never understand why haterz LOVE these using website like a chat room full of insults. My level is maxed out and I have 239 dragons…. I use this website daily, and never ONCE have gone on here and called anyone names or acted like a know it all. So thanks, Mac, for the great advice I get every day for breeding combinations… and thank you to all the playerz that also gave me successful breeding tips!!!

        A day YES – I have always spelled certain words with a “Z even my user name on” – before the haterz fire insults back LOL

    • Dreshawn says:

      I’m lvl 50 with all elemental dragons and some special dragons

    • It’s called “The Great Dragon Faire”,not “The Firefly Festival.”Or are you talking about the first Challenge Tent Challenge wich is called “Firefly Chase”,not “The Firefly Festival.”

      • Travelinglamb says:

        Different year, different event. Firefly was the year previous. The Great Dragon Faire was the summer long event we got in 2015. Firefly Festival was a different event entirely. Check wiki.

  2. Leamei says:

    How many fireflies total to complete the entire event?

  3. pprab says:

    someone wannna swap gems? add me : pprabb

  4. theploxxis says:

    I am searching for 3 daily playing people to trade gems with !!!

    add theploxxis

  5. Sergio says:

    Add me , dedegaspa, daily gift giver !!

  6. Rambonobo says:

    How did anyone finish the challenge, already? I’m at level 55 with pretty much every dragon known to man, and I’m still only 500 fireflies into the third part of the challenge. Any tips on getting more fireflies (other than buying them)?

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Rambonobo good question. Doc did you have to make an in app purchase to get fireflies so quickly to obtain these dragons? Someone else asked how many fire flies does it take to finish this challenge and that was a good question too because it appears as if these newer challenges are rigged whereas you will never get all prizes without in app purchases. If that is the case then Backflip needs to stop claiming that with enough “patience” you can get ALL dragons.

      I’m getting sick of these rigged challenges but this is how Hasbro operates all their games. Augh

      • I think you will need to purchase fireflies to get all the goodies. It may be mathematically possible to earn them, and they may do more double- (or x4) weekend events, but I think the average player will not be able to get them.

        – The Doc

        • Patrick says:

          My dad has and I was able to breed the dusk and dawn dragon I have 2 in my park

          • Emiy says:

            Okay. That is awesome! Can you explain how, though? Did you just use Sun and Moon, or a different combination? Thanks for any help you may give. 😉

        • Dyeyar23 says:

          Hi doc,

          Ive been out of the game for almost a year…. So do you think theres a chance that i can still get these dusk and dawn dragons?

      • Linda says:

        5500 is the amt you need. I don’t think it is possible but I have people telling me I am not doing it right.

    • Sugartrip says:

      I have obtained the Dawn Dragon and i need 900 more fireflies to get the Dusk Dragon and i’m lvl 23 and i haven’t spent any real money on fireflies ^^

  7. Seraphim00 says:

    Just FYI the Dusk dragon IS breedable. I used my single Dusk and a Moonstruck trying for a second Moonstruck. I got a Dusk on the first try and a Moonstruck on the second (moonstruck are also out of season) I am seraphim00 on game center so you can verify for yourselves. I will be trying Dawn and a sun type next to reproduce that one. Both Dusk dragons are in the new hybrid sun/moon habitat so you can verify my second. Check the treasure island for its location.

  8. Evan kent says:

    You can Breed with dawn and blue moon or sun and moon check it works now

    • Enoah says:

      I’m trying it and keep getting hail or storm n once I got a dawn but still no sign of dusk do I need to have a dusk dragon myself first I didn’t get it in the firefly challenge

  9. Dan Breen. says:

    Hi I can add you and give you gems

  10. Brenda says:

    Hi, Does anyone know how to trade gems through Dragonvale on my Kindle Fire hd? I log in thru Facebook and it allows me to invite friends through Facebook, give gifts and receive gems. But nowhere does it give me an option to enter codes or trade gems. ????????

  11. gohefro53 says:

    I have a bonsai tree and need new friends to gift everyday. add me “gothefro53”
    cheers 🙂

  12. iulcaes says:

    Oh, I was so stupid that accidentally sold my dusk dragon instead of putting it in freshly acquired celestial habitat 🙁 I hope, there will be possibility of breeding it anew 🙁

  13. Pinky says:

    This is incorrect. You can breed the Dusk and Dawn dragons. During this event you can breed both of them together and depending on the time of day you can get a Dusk or Dawn dragon. I bred them together at night and got a second Dusk Dragon. I am still working on a Dawn. I do not recall the breeding time, but it was long… the egg incubated very fast though. Same as when you first got it.

  14. Cool Boy says:

    Hello im level 55 and i have almost all the dragons except the prism dragon and dusk dragon

  15. Judy says:

    Does anyone know if “ends on August 3” means we get to play that day?

  16. Piggie says:

    Hi mac um I’m not trying to put udon or anything but I somehow got a dusk dragon from breeding sun and solar eclipse together – I wasn’t aware that this was possible but if u goto my park u will see I have 2 dusk dragons and a dawn dragon plus all my other dragons 😉 if u would like to see it my game loft is R2D2prototype

  17. Kareem says:

    I have a friend that has 2 dawn dragons how is that possible

  18. ABW says:

    Hey guys I know the knowledge is unknown but I think there possibly is a way we can breed a dusk dragon. Now it’s experimental but it seems to make sense. Now although you aren’t allowed to breed epic dragons I guess the creators forgot about two. So what I am doing I am trying to breed the moon and dawn dragon together. It seems to make sense. So I am posting this because so really want to know other people results. I want to see if the creators possibly made this cheat for those genius or open minded enough to think of it. So come on guys add to results, the failure, the success! All of it. Just breed.

    • Flamepool the warrior cat says:

      You are awesome!!! Once I get amoon dragon I will totally do that just because you seem so positive!!!!

    • Emiy says:

      That is what I have been trying, since it only makes sense. Also, sun and moon haven’t been working out too well for me. Goodluck everyone! 🙂

  19. Alisa says:


  20. Ethan says:

    You can breed dusk dragon by breeding dawn and dusk

  21. arno says:

    What’s the best way to breed a Dusk dragon in the Get ’em back event?

  22. Katsider says:

    This dragin is available now for a limited time. Any idea what combo needed to breed it? Thanks

  23. Nashira91 says:

    please update this for the recent Bring ‘Em Back because Dusk is back and I don’t know what to breed. Been breeding dawn and blue moon, which clearly results in a dawn, but I don’t know if dusk is part of that probability too

  24. Ynnep1 says:

    How can I get this now that it is back?

  25. Derek J0hn 1027 says:

    I’ve been trying dawn and moon also sun and moon with no joy, keep getting hail or storm
    I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to breed dusk at all. If anyone breeds this please let us
    know. It would stink to have to wait for the firefly event and come up just short of the only
    dragon we’re missing again

    • Courtney says:

      I need help too! during the “Bring Em Back” Please, anyone…I need a dusk & do not have one to use to breed with, so then how can I breed a “Dusk” dragon? I assume the time of day, probably after 5:00pm, would help like it does with a moon dragon.
      I also need a Sunstruck dragon. any help is appreciated! Thank you all so much!
      I am (:outdoorsgirl:) on Gamecenter and my park is level 60.
      merry Christmas..Happy New Year, and Happy all holidays! ????

  26. Sarah says:

    It says to breed sun and moon between 7pm and 7am when you buy a breeding hint. I’m going to start trying now, hopefully I can get one!!

  27. Derek J0hn 1027 says:

    I purchased the breeding hint and it says sun and moon elements and it must be between 7pm and 7am

  28. Tracey says:

    Just bred one right now using moon and sun. Earlier in the day it produced a dawn dragon and now it made a dusk.

  29. Rob says:

    Add iAmRelentlessll for gem for gem 🙂 I play everyday.

  30. Jordan says:


  31. Johnny says:

    OMG i got a dusk dragon from breeding Ragnarak and dusk, in the co-breeding cave, and it isnt a firefly event it is a Halloween event. Macenstein do you have an explanation for this?

  32. Flamepool the warrior cat says:

    Hey what if you breed a moon and sun dragon at dusk doesn’t that give you a dusk dragon? I have a dawn dragon I got it at the Faire. Her name is Dawn! Android sucks BTW I can’t add you awesome ppl because Android can’t. ??

  33. Sjöliden says:

    Hi! Is it still only Sun and Moon to breed Dusk? I have tried so many times now, with no luck!

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