DragonVale: How to breed a Daydream Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Daydream Dragon

DragonVale Daydream Dragon

The DragonVale Daydream Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,750 GEMS
HOW TO BREED: Mirage and Hypnotic

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Daydream Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Daydream Dragon Egg

69 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Daydream Dragon”
  1. I’m not sure if this is nearly impossible or just me, but it took me about 120 tries to get it, and I got a LOT of 18 hour Mirages…

    As always though, there will be some who get it on the first try or two, and some who never get it.
    – The Doc

    • Kiki says:

      Dear Doc..
      How did you get so many gems???

      • Backflip ran a friend code event for a few months where everyone could donate gems. I made about 500 a day. Great while it lasted, but now I am burring through them.
        – The Doc

        • Jim says:

          Ok I have to ask — How on earth do you get on these VIP Freind Code Events where you get 500 gems a day? Is there an email list? A web site forum to join? Or is this like some secret organization like the Masons?

    • anon says:

      I find that the closer you get to getting all your dragons for your dragonarium it suddenly becomes impossible to get the last one. I have been trying to get the geode with two lvl 20 dragons on the island with no luck and it is my last one. Now that this one has come out I’m sure I’ll get it – that’s how it usually happens. It’s their way of keeping you playing. I did get the dragonarium animated for a brief time during the game but they released new dragons and it no longer spits fire.

      • anon says:

        Oh, and do I need to set my twilight tower to day now that I’m trying for the daydream dragon? Or is it a night dragon?

        • anon says:

          You’re not going to believe this – I don’t – but I upped my mirage and hypnotic to lvl 17, bred both in my cave, set my tower to day and I got it first shot. I hurried it up and bred it to make sure and it’s it. Now I just need the *&#$ geode!

          • Anita says:

            Thanks for the tip-think it worked for me!

          • Corgi3 says:

            How do u set your tower to day?

          • carly says:

            Hi! I got my geode by breeding river and iceberg in the breeding cave. You might wanna try this combo.

          • Galmaes says:

            I get the Geode so many times its not even funny. I keep thinking rare dragons come and its just thr#*^% geode. Trust me, with the Sorarian and Double Rainbow you get it like that! Good luck!

          • Brendan says:

            I have tried at least 1,000,000,000 times for the geode, and all I got were lots of mud and a couple of river dragons. The geode is impossible for me to get.

      • Heeheehayftw says:

        I got geode dragon as one of my first few dragons lol, good luck!

    • Granny Ranny says:

      Which 2 dragons did you use???

    • Falleninfire says:

      Doc I use your page every time I need a new dragon. I got this 2 try. Thanks for all your help! Keep making pages and helping fellow dragonvalers!

    • Bluefairy13 says:

      I can’t believe after two months of trying twice daily with mirage and hypnotic and no one to get gems from, I finally got a Daydream dragon!!!

    • Justynn says:

      Haha blazing and lichen first try!

      • Lolol says:

        Lol I got a twins geode, and four geodes at once in my incubator house thingy. So many gems were wasted thinking that I got a rare dragon. So many damn gems…

    • Nick says:

      I just got it second try after 1 hypnotic dragon :'(((((((( sorry Dr Mac

  2. bonnie says:

    hey doc. how do you send dragons on quests
    i have kairos

  3. Meg13 says:

    First time I have ever gotten a dragon that I was actually breeding for on the first try!! Thanks Doc!

  4. renee says:

    Ive been breeding dream dragon since it came out….still havnt got it xD tried for this one bout 25 times so far………nothing -le sigh-

  5. Kee Oth says:

    Doc, you still haven’t accepted my friend request. 🙁

  6. Granny Ranny says:

    Which 2 dragons did you use???

  7. Sheila says:

    I get a clock error when I try to start DV. Anyone else? I didn’t do anything strange, it worked fine this morning…

  8. Maya says:

    Got it on second try – and got it again right after 🙂

  9. Maya says:

    Got it on second try as well as my third 🙂

  10. Sloth_dragon says:

    I BARELY got my first dream dragon today =| barely… After months and hundreds to tries and gems… With. 15 cave, and 17 glare, on upgraded reg breeding cave… I hope the same doesn’t happen to me with this dragon…

  11. Anita says:

    Think I have the Daydream-leveled both hypnotic and mirage to 17 and have 29 hrs on the island. Had tried several times at lev16

  12. Granny Ranny says:

    Is anybody getting Daydream with any other dragons than Mirage and Hypnotic???

  13. Urs says:

    Can anybody tell me what the twilight tower is? Many thanks in advance..

  14. Brandell Evans says:

    I just breeder my two Dream dragons and they made a Geode…go figure. Lol.

  15. Stef says:

    Hurray… I just got the 23 hr. 12 min. time in the EBI. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It took me ten days, about 2-3 tries per day. In the process, I leveled my Hypnotic and Mirage up from Level 15 to Level 19.

  16. nikaachu says:

    This dragon is nearly impossible.. but I think I got it after 50 tries. Also, what is a twilight tower? And where do I aquire one?

  17. Myster Myster says:

    Does this have to be bred at a certain time like the sun and moon? I’ve been trying nonstop for a few days and I have gotten Hypnotics every single time…

  18. myrubberduck 39 says:

    Posted what levels your are using to get it…..THAT IS WHAT HELPS….

  19. meermoggy says:

    Hi, what is the 4th egg on this pic? I have all dragons except daydream and can’t remember seeing this one. Thanks

  20. Dr dragon says:

    I breed a crystal and coral and the incubation time was one day and thirty min. does anybody know what it is

  21. myrubberduck 39 says:

    Finally AFTER 70 ATTEMPTS in both cave and island, I got daydream dragon with Mirage lv 17 and hypnotic lv 17 in the cave..

  22. Lisa says:

    Finally got one after trying for what seemed like 280 + times with Mirage and Hypnotic at both level 18. Upped the Hypnotic to Level 19 and got Daydream on 2nd try. I’m noticing that the higher your game level, the higher your dragon level needs to breed the dragon you need.

  23. Lauren says:

    Need 6 new friends. Will send gems everyday! GC ID- TheeLBC

  24. Applecake says:

    After at least 100 tries and a lot of Howl dragons, I finally bred a Daydream with both level 16 both Hypnotic and Mirage in EBI. I’m not sure if anyone knows whether or not this dragon must be bred during the day. Does anyone have the breeding hint to confirm? I know the dream can be bred at any time. I tried to limit breeding attempts for this dragon only during the day and was successful. Not sure if this had any influence.

  25. dragonlover says:

    Is it possible to get the daydream dragon without the twilight tower?

  26. V Lo says:

    I tried for a month maybe two w this combo and got tired of no results. I gave up & retried this combo after 2 weeks and it worked finally. Hypnotic lvl 16 and mirage lvl 16 EBI. I have no twilight tower either.

  27. egeknyl says:

    I am an very active player. I have all kinds, really all kinds of dragons and a really beautiful park. Add me for gems. Gamecenter egeknyl

  28. Undine3 says:

    Please tell me how to change the dragonarium from day to night. Please!

  29. Parker says:

    I have tried mirage and hypnotic 1000 TIMES AND I STILL CANT GET IT

  30. Princess Javert says:

    I need a friend so I can breed this
    I have one daydream but I need a second one!
    So please add LadyJavert and please don’t send gems because I can’t send back!
    Thanks 🙂

  31. melvin syriac says:

    Hi everyone. I just started playing dragonvale after quitting for some time because it was too hard for me to get any good dragons. I hope all of you can send me good posts because so far the only epic dragon i have is the leap year dragon. I sent a friend request to Dr. Macenstein just now. I hope we can get along well, and i will post whatever i can. Also i only have 17 gems and i haven’t used any gems as far as i know, so if you could donate a little gems too me that will be great. Thank you for everything, and i hope i can get some good dragons through this.

  32. Ben says:

    It took me like 30 tries to get the mirage so I could breed this but then I got this one first try haha I would have thought it should have been the other way around

  33. Joshua says:

    What’s the third egg in the picture?

  34. Leslie says:

    Just got daydream with lava and luminous!. I wasn’t even trying for that one, I’m very shocked that it came from that combo. Just wanted to let everyone know to try that combo as well. Good luck!

  35. scar says:

    How come no higher levels have the geode dragon yet? I don’t even have all the commons or specials yet, and I got it before I got any epic dragons. Why is this, I’ve gotten 4 from trying to breed a common ;-;

  36. Emily says:


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