DragonVale: How to breed a Berry Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Berry Dragon

DragonVale Berry Dragon

The DragonVale Berry Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,500 Gems
HOW TO BREED: Salamander and Light / Coral and Light / Ember and Water

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”.


DragonVale Berry Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Berry Dragon Egg

65 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Berry Dragon”
  1. Ken says:

    Dr macenstein, I’ve been playing dragonvale for almost 2 years. I play every day, level 60, all dragons, etc. it’s a bit of a guilty obsession:). Your site is my go-to resource when a new dragon is released. I think it’s time I paid back some. So, I’d be happy to send you gems every day, but I’m not sure how! I know you’re listed as “dr macenstein” and “macensteinipad”, but I do not know how to actually make you a “friend” within the game (or within gamecenter). If you send me instructions (or “friend” me yourself), I will add you to the list of folks to whom I send gems. I have the tree, but am down to 2 regular players with whom I daily swap gems. I do not need or expect gems in return, as I said, I’d just like to pay you back a bit for the help you’ve so generously afforded me. Thx

    • wallykoch5 says:

      What is your gamecenter?

      • Gamer_Gurl090704 says:

        I bred my light and Salemander but its only taking 8 hours. Does the incubation time mean for breeding to because i dont have the breeding center upgrade and i dont know what other dragons i could get! (If you know after your responve pls put responce to Gamer_Gurl

    • Bernie says:

      I tried adding him as well but I don’t know how either

    • Jonathan says:

      I feel the same way, also lvl 60. Been playing around 2 years, before I began to use ur website I used alot, but yours were definently the best, so i would also like the idea of being able to repay you somehow, because I really respect and enjoy this website you have made, best regards Jonathan

    • Gamer_Gurl090704 says:

      For every one who does not know how to add people as their friends in Dragonvale its very easy. First go into game center. (you willneed to log in) Next go into the blue friends bubble. In the top left corner there is a Plus sign. (Looks like this +) Click that then put in their email or game center user name. You can choose to add a message like (Hey! Please be my friend in dragon vale so we can swap gems and check out eachothers park!) (feel free to copy and paste the message) Then they need to acept and boom! Your good! (What ever picture you have above your user name they wil see it aswell as your username so keep it aprppriate because this IS a kids game) (no affence to you adults) I hope this helped and my dragonvale user name is HK3678 so if you do send me a friend request write a message that prooves your apropriate and dont feel bad if i decline you because i only trust 2% of people in this world. My family and people i have met on real life and have known for over a year. So… Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Mikael says:

        I would love to add u, but I don’t know know how to because I just got iOS10 and they removed the gamecenter ability, so could u just add me? My gamecenter ID is Nitro_Gaming_369

  2. atila7 says:

    Salamander + light 2 try

  3. Jraff says:

    My game centre is Henriscool plz add me

  4. wvugal says:

    Hi, for the last 2 days I haven’t been able to open DragonVale because it crashes immediately and says it recognizes the problem that causes crashes in the game and asks if I want to send info but then crashes before I can even click ok. Does anyone know what the hell is going on? I miss my dragons!!! 🙂 Please let me know. Thank you!!!!!

    • Nicole says:

      Over the years, I’ve had MANY problems!!!!

      Are you using FB (android) or gamecenter (apple) to “save” your park on???

      If so….uninstall the app., power cycle your device, then reload the app…..should be golden!!

      BUT is you use a local park….DO NOT UNINSTALL!!!!!!! Contact BackFlip for assisrance.

      GOOD LUCK!!!
      …And May the Odds Be Ever in Your FAVOR!

      • Flamepool the warrior cat says:

        You copied Annie. She always puts ‘And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor ‘ after her comments.

    • Julie says:

      Mine did the same thing. Had to update it.

  5. yesi says:

    got it first try.. coral & light
    thanks for the tip

  6. Nicole says:

    Having trouble breeding Berry???

    I have three parks active! Ken…nothing to feel guilty as I’ve been playing THREE years (since app came out).

    Anyway, Flower and Nectar (lvl 15/16, on upgraded island, in daylight) has in three breedings given me two Berry dragons!

    I got nothing but blazing before I switched.
    Good Luck!

    …And May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

  7. Mojoblue says:

    Got a berry dragon using salamander & light both level 18 in the EBI. It took about15-20 attempts & I used a lot of gems to speed it up because it’s limited & I wanted to be sure I got it. I would like to get at least one more so I can display it in another color, since it changes color twice (very cool)! I’m gonna try breeding my berry dragon with autumn dragon & see if that combo works to get another more quickly & without using up my gems.

  8. Allie says:

    OMG!!! I got it with Coral and Light, both level 11. 🙂 I was so excited. I like this little dragon, he’s so cute. <3

  9. Kika says:

    ive tried like 20 times but still no berry 🙁

  10. Frak says:

    This one definitely requires patience! Salamander (15) and Light (15) got me the Berry dragon after consistent week of trying on the EBI. Used a few gems too. I’m level 26.

  11. Luca says:

    what’s the dragon in the left side of the picture? near the colosseum

  12. V Lo says:

    Just got one too! Light lvl 18 and Salamander lvl 18 EBI!

  13. Big Monkey Pie says:

    Hi Doc. I just bred the new gourd dragon with pepper and root. Cheers. 🙂

  14. Kat says:

    I have tried all three combinations back to back to back in both the EBI and cave… Still haven’t gotten it ):

  15. MommaMcD says:

    After breeding salamander and light at least 15 times on the breeding island, I tried Ember and water in the cave. Got it first try.

  16. MrsKinch says:

    Nonstop attempts with 2 of these combos since released and STILL no Berry!!! Time is running out! 🙁

  17. Ann Musco says:

    How do you earn a silver air shrine? (It’s listed as goal)

    • Womble says:

      You have to have a certain number of level 20 air dragons. This is the same with a fire shrine and fire dragons, a plant shrine and plant dragons, and so on.

      Hope this helped 🙂

  18. Ruth Hudson says:

    I am glad that I’m not the only one having problems. I haven’t gotten any of the new limited dragons and have been trying for almost a month 2-3 times a day. I feel like I’m at a stalemate with this game. I finally got the special Halloween Dragons but nothing else since then. It’s frustrating and boring to get the same dragons over and over again. I hate missing out on these special Dragons but I don’t see why I should purchase them and the needed gems are really prohibitive. If I miss them, I’ll just miss them. I’m starting to lose interest in the game it’s not fun any more, just frustrating

    • Flamepool the warrior cat says:

      I feel ya bro! Just when I thought I had terrible breeding luck, the universe threw me a bone and after I leveled my Procyon dragon up to level 10 ( my Procyon came with my island, so lucky! ) I bred it with Nogard’s level 5 Arcturian dragon in the Cooperative Breeding Cave, I got a Double Rainbow Dragon!!! So don’t give up!!!!! GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!!!!! Also, I have a massive amount of Dragon Treats, so all of my dragons are level 8 or higher.

      DON’T GIVE UP!! I wish good things for you! I would buddy you, but I have Android, so I can’t.

      Good luck!!! WARRIOR CATS ROCK!

    • Emily says:

      I think it’s just cuz people like you and i spend our gems and they know it, because the same thing’s been going on with me, except, unlike you, i actually had to purchase all my halloween dragons with candy and i was up trying to breed dragons so many nights that i even missed nightbloom, cuz i finally passed out from exhaustion, and by the time i woke up, nightbloom was gone. It makes me literally sick that I’m getting scrwd over so bad on this game.

    • Emily says:

      I totally agree. I guess we are just the ones who are always gonna be screwed over in this game, until we get smart and move on.

      • Emily says:

        Oh, and just fyi, pretty sure Ruth isn’t a bro. Thanks for the commraderie, though. Also, why hasn’t anyone said what works in the co-op with berry? Since I’ve decided I’m never going to get it the normal way, I now have moved on to the co-op, which is even harder for me to get anything.( haven’t gotten one dragon from breeding with a friend’s, yet!) So everyone knows, I obviously had already gone through every combination on this page and nothing worked! I’ve been doing this all day, everyday since it came out; same as the topaz dragon, and guess what? Don’t have that one either. Whatever, I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting sick of seeing me btch. Good luck to the rest of you, though! 🙂

        • Gail says:

          I’ve been trying to get berry for days at level 82, using elder elementals and level 18 hybrids, in the recommended pairs, in two breeding caves. No luck. Ridicuous!! I have bought gems to speed up breeding sometimes, but no way am I going to buy this dragon. Demoralizing.

  19. Polianna says:

    Really disappointing that it was so difficult to breed and I spent so much time & so many gems to no avail – when it gets so difficult it’s impossible it’s no longer fun

    • Flamepool the warrior cat says:

      I wish great awesomeness for all the people like me who can’t seem to get good dragons. I CALL UPON THE FORCES OF NATURE TO GIVE US PEOPLE GREAT AWESOMENESS IN DRAGON BREEDING TO SHOW OTHER PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF GEMS AND DRAGONS THAT WE ARE AS GOOD AS THEM!!!!!! ( no offense, Doc MacEnstein! )

  20. Laura says:

    Got this dragon today with Salamander and Nectar (both level 12) on the 2nd attempt! So happy!

  21. roni says:

    I got it with leap year aND double rainbow

  22. Skkather says:

    I finally got a berry dragon. Only took me the entire time it was available the first time until now. Thanks for your help!

  23. Brad says:

    Tried these combos many times! Nothing! Just got it on accident with Bouquet and Glass(level 16)

  24. Erik says:

    Just got mine with coral and flash levels 12. You basically need a water, fire and light combo. The combos listed here didnt work for me

  25. Patricia says:

    I have been playing this every day and sometimes twice a day. I was level 70 and was starting to get rare dragons and you boot me back done to level 1 and starting all over again. I am not impressed and if I don’t get my levels back and dragons I will not be playing this game again. Not the way to treat people. Just about at the end of pumpkin patch and get booted. I want it back or good bye.

    • Flamepool the warrior cat says:

      OMG that sucks so much!!! You totally deserve all of you levels and dragons back!!!! Report it to Backflip! If they don’t do anything, keep me posted! I will go report this at the Play Store and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! All that work will NOT be wasted, I assure you!!!

    • Shrimpy says:

      OH dear. That happened to me a while ago. I told them my level, the name of the park, and my favorite prized dragons. Also is you have the Park ID, give it to them. I will assume you are on adroid, and if you don’t have a park ID, just give them your current new one. Should help them locate your device. Best of luck!

  26. =) MBM (= says:

    I bred it first try with double rainbow + quake. Weird combo, and I wasn’t even trying to get berry dragon, but it worked!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I got it in the coop breeding cave polarian and Fire first try test it out guys

  28. Jeffrey says:

    How do u breed an ember dragon or a seasonal dragon

  29. Haeley says:

    Tried and tried so many times, with Salamander/Light & Coral/Light all level 16 on the EBI with no luck, went through so many gems. Finally tried in the upgraded breeding cave with level 13 Ember and level 16 Water and finally got it! It’s so cute! 🙂

    • Haeley says:

      Oh, I also had switched to day time hours, dunno if that had anything to do with it but I wasn’t having any luck before that!

  30. Jennifer says:

    Got this dragon with fire (level 14) and lotus (level 12)

  31. Cameron says:

    Bred my Zombie Dragon with a friends Double Rainbow and got this lol

  32. PaganReader says:

    I got one on my first try with a level 11 coral and level 11 light dragon in the epic breeding cave.

  33. brittany says:

    I got BERRY my first try with LVL. 12 FLOWER AND LVL.11 LOTUS. GOOD LUCK

  34. Momma says:

    Water & ember. Lvl16 on both. Third try.

  35. Tessa says:

    I am ready to throw my IPad at the wall I am so frustrated! I have been trying for almost an entire YEAR yet I can’t get it! Please someone help !

  36. krwxyz says:

    Coral and light, first try normal breeding cave. Both lvl 11

  37. Trenton says:

    I got a 2nd berry dragon I try to get spring by berry dragon + plant dragon and I got a berry dragon

  38. Hannah bananana says:

    Omg the craziest thing just happened omg

    So today I decided I was going to breed a berry dragon, so I came here to look at how to breed one. I tried coral and light two times and didnt get one. I thought it was going to be really hard to get one. So I went to the rift to collect etherium and try breeding a couple of times. I bred a chromacorn dragon and a yolkwing dragon in the rift and THE FIRST TIME I got a berry dragon. Life is crazy.

  39. Sandy says:

    Could someone tell me how to get the berry dragon to level 18 please. When I feed it, it only gets to level 10 and no further.

  40. Sandy says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get my berry dragon beyond level 10? My feed option stops at level 10.

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