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DragonVale: How to breed a Snowflake Dragon

Dragonvale Snowflake Dragon

the Dragonvale Snowflake Dragon

BUY-IT Price: ?? Gems
HOW TO BREED: Snowflake and Snowflake

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Snowflake Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Snowflake Dragon Egg

101 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Snowflake Dragon”
  1. StacyD says:

    Mac, there are actually FOUR Snowflake dragons. Two from the event you get as prizes and two more that you breed from the two you get as prizes.

    • OOOOOhhhhhh….. Well, but still, utlimately you need to win the first two to get the next two?
      – The Doc

      • Rohann says:

        There may be other combinations that can get the latter too, it doesn’t really say anything besides the fact that they are only breedable. But yes breeding the snow flake dragons y out got by redeeming berries is prolly the easiest way, you can even breed rare dragons along the way like the leap year dragon

        • Emily says:

          Actually it does show you, when you buy the breeding hints. They all (4) only show snowflake symbols + snowflake,, so it SHOULD mean only snowflake dragons can breed other snowflakes. Of course with the unpredictability of the game, who really knows for sure about anything..?…lol but seriously, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to breed them.

      • catnap70 says:

        I used the current Rosewhite or whatever it’s called breeding cave to breed the first snowflake dragon with one of the seasonal dragons. (Can’t remember which one.) and got a second one of the first snowflake. Then used the same cave to breed those two snowflakes and then got the spiky wings, no back legs snowflake. Don’t have all four yet but am thinking it is possible without the second reward dragon.

        • catnap70 says:

          Actually the spiky wings one does have legs, so it appears it is possible to get that one anyway. Will keep trying to see if I can get the ones with no legs.

    • Will says:

      Mac and Stacy, the easiest way (and only way that I know of) to get the 2 remaining snowflake dragons is to bread them using the 2 snowflake dragons you get from collecting berries (you also get a decent profit for the dragons that aren’t snowflakes that you breed(I even bred a Leap Year dragon!!!)). One of the breeding times is 25 hour incubation time and 20 hours breeding time; the other is also 25 hours incubation time and 20 hours breeding time.

      Be careful to look before you sell dragons-the ones you’re trying to bread look VERY similar to the ones you already have-they are different colors though. One of them has spikey wings, the other one has dark blue round wings.

      Other dragons I have been able to breed with those two dragons are:
      blizzard dragon
      rain dragon
      ice dragon
      Leap Year dragon (only have 1 so far)
      Moon Dragon
      rainbow dragon
      victory dragon

      clones of the two dragons I am currently breeding (dragons you get from berries)

      • XDYM says:

        How’d u get enough iceberries to get both snowflake prize dragons already? Is there a trick u can share???

      • Dyeyar23 says:

        Hi, any tips how to get more berries aside from IAP?

        • Aubrielle says:

          Some things I do to earn berries (and all the collectible awards that have existed in this game, for that matter):
          -Plant crop after crop of cheap dragon snaps
          -wait till these events to buy my new islands. For Max-Levelers like me, the hefty price tag of an island is worth it for the huge amount of rewards you get when it’s warped in. I just bought my eleventh, and I’m waiting for the double berry weekend to clear it-TWICE the berries!
          -Buy and sell Plant dragon eggs
          -THE COLOSSEUM. HUGE rewards.
          -visit friends (there’s a cap each time on the amount you can get this way)
          -upgrade things.
          -And for this event, track down that surprisingly fast Santa, and trap him with paths.
          Hope this helped. Check out my park!

      • Charlotte says:


        Check out my post under Gift dragon for Santa tips…but I don’t know how long he’ll be around.

        As for the last two snowflake dragons….watch the breed time…20th in upgraded breeding, 25 incubation.

        The eggs are identical, so trust your Dragonarium counter! !!

        …and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

      • ZooMom says:

        There are two “spikey” snowflakes and two “round” ones. Each pair will have one with back legs and one without. I’ve got two breeding pairs of the original snowflakes, and have one egg incubating that is one of the latter pair. The long breeding/incubation times on the final two are killing me…especially if they can’t be bred after the event ends. Sadness.

    • Breanna says:

      What events? I don’t exactly understand…

  2. Shane says:

    Any helpful hints on finding the special holiday park visitor Sandakloz?

    • Kee Oth says:

      Click on edit paths. It makes it easier to view visitors because all habitats and decorations become see-through. He’s the only visitor wearing all red. 😉

      • Daisy says:

        Does he move around? I can’t for the life of me find this guy….

        • Nicole says:

          Actually, he MOVES for a big guy!!!…and I’ve noticed he doesn’t stick around so you got to be quick to tap him!!!

          Kee Oth, AWESOME tip on doing edit paths!!!

          …And May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!!!

          • Charlotte says:


            For all you having Santa problems, look for my post under “Gift” dragon.
            I don’t know how long he’s gonna stay, though.

            Snowflakes, Will is onto it.

            Once you have both, I bred the “rounder” snowflake with the “spiky” one until I got the 20th breed time (upgraded island) then reversed the order until I got 20th breed time.

            And YES!!! They are similar! Trust your Dragonarium counter…eggs ARE SAME so watch the breed times or you could EASILY sell one off!

            …and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

        • Nic87 says:

          yes he moves……just magnify your island and stay close to the portals….he looks just as he should…

      • XDYM says:

        Where do you click on “edit paths”?

  3. Kee Oth says:

    Any idea on how to breed the other two snowflakes that aren’t event prizes? It says they’re breedable in the dragonarium.

  4. mick says:

    gem 4 gem lads gc – vPapz_

  5. Heidi says:

    want to trade gems to get the special dragons on December 24th, 25th and 26th. add me in GC HeidiND1993

  6. Aidan says:

    Want a gem trader

  7. Ape says:

    How do you get the crystal thing to play for the dragons

  8. Flamemanster23 says:

    Hi doc,

    Do you have the pictures of the other 3 snowflake dragons?

  9. Muma Beast says:

    Just put my snowflake habitat in the storage tower to do a bit of moving around on my islands. When I tried to get it out it said I was on max habitats! Eek. So I tried storing a different habitat to get it out again but I can only get out one habitat from a selection, but not the snowflake one. I think this must be a glitch?! I don’t seem to be able to get the snowflake habitat out of storage! Could be a problem! Any suggestions fellow Dragonvalers?!

    • Yvonne says:

      I know u asked in december but if u are at max habitats and an event gives u a habitat u are allowed to place it I’ve found. However as you’ve found out u never ever store a gift habitat that is been given over and above your maximum allowable amount of habitats or u lose it.

    • Johnythunder says:

      same thing happened to me. I accidentally found a way to work around it though. Just put one of your other habitats in storage and then take the snowflake habitat out, once the snowflake habitat is out you can take the other habitat out of the storage with no problems. It appears that the snowflake does not count as a habitat when it checks if you’ve reached the maximum habitats number when the snowflake habitat is already on your island

  10. Milan says:

    I tried to get the 3rd or 4th snowflake dragon by breeding the 1st two I got. From the websites I read, the 3rd and 4th snowflake dragons take 25 hours (or 20 for upgraded EPI) but I got a snowflake egg with just 2 hours breeding time. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the game and the egg hasn’t hatched yet. Hope it’s the 3rd or 4th snowflake dragon.

    • chris says:

      if it’s 2 hours, it will be one of the ones you won from turning in berries

      • Milan says:

        Yeah, you’re right. I got the 1st snowflake. Oh well, guess I need to breed it a bunch of times before I get the others.

        • Rohann says:

          Yeah I may just be unlucky but it took me like ten times to get both of the other snowflake dragons, they aren’t exactly common. The cool thing is along the way I got some other cool dragons like the leap year dragon, so keep on trying and you should get em.

    • Dyeyar says:

      Hello guys,

      I also tried to get the other 2.. Both the third and fourth dragon has 25 hours (20 in epi)… Took me gazzilion tries though.

    • Dyeyar says:

      You can check it on my park… Flamemaster23 is my gc..

    • Emily says:

      It’s funny seeing people complain about waiting 20 hours. These latest dragons in my breeding caves are taking 2 days just to breed. I’m just worried that once the dragons availability expires, I won’t be getting the dragon anymore, since it expires a day before the breeding time will be up. Does anyone know if that happens? even though I know it’s the dragon I’m getting, from the incubation time, in the market it says the dragon will expire after like 16hours, but the breeding time won’t be done for like another day. Do I need to come up with the gems to speed it up so I still get the dragon in time, or, once the dragons start breeding, is it already a for sure thing (hence the breeding time shown)? I know no one will answer in time, so I guess I’ll find out and post the answer.

      • Emily says:

        Wow, i didn’t know jack about the game back then. Lol obviously you get the dragon if you get the breeding time.

  11. chris says:

    Help, how do you get ice berries, and what and how to get into Season of Goodie Winter event.
    thank you,

  12. WinsAllot says:

    Looking to trade berries and gems, I am level 60, play every day for 2 and 1/2 years. Game enter ID: WinsAllot
    Please ad me, thanks!

  13. motleydragon says:

    Hey, guys, I just got the new Aurora dragon from breeding the two Snowflake dragons!! Woot! Wasn’t expecting that. I now have a 20 hr egg incubating so I know I got one of the two breedable Snowflakes, waiting to see which one. Has anyone tried crossing one of the iceberry Snowflakes with one of the 20 hr ones to see if it changes the odds of getting the other one? I have one extra of the first pair (2 hr egg) and when the new Snowflake hatches, if I haven’t managed to vet the second one yet, I will try breeding those together and let you know 😉

  14. Dlsknit says:

    Can you get the snowflake 3 and 4 after the event is over by breeding snowflake 1 & 2? Or am I out of luck until the bring em back of 2015? I spent my time during the last event trying to get other dragons I did not have, so I am hoping I don’t miss out on getting the snowflake 3 & 4. The snowflake 1&2 are still breedable, but I keep getting iceberg.

  15. ivy says:

    Okay, has anyone discovered a method that doesn’t involve breeding two snowflakes together? Especially since they just brought the snowflakes back? Thanks.

  16. Lorrell says:

    Dose any body now if the event will be run again as I only managed to get one of the snow flake dragon s?

  17. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    Ok, so I have a couple questions. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get both of the Snowflake dragons during the candy bash, is there a way to get the 2nd Snowflake dragon?

    Also, I noticed that the Snowflake dragons are still available in the dragonarium but they’re not in the market. So, are the Snowflake dragons still available or not?


  18. Jipsmip says:

    Just bred blue moon with my only snowflake & got 2 more snowflakes (one is of 2nd kind in dragonarium)

  19. Danielle says:

    It is not too late to get the 3rd and 4th snowflake dragons IF you have the 1st two. I just got one by breeding the 2 that were given during the ice berry event. Sorry no idea how to get the 1st two now that the event is over.

  20. Casey says:

    Um I have NONE of the snowflake dragons and during events I try EVERYTHING and I never got even one of the Snowflake dragons, does anyone know if I can get them now?

  21. Zeiker says:

    I’m still trying to get the third snowflake dragon. Anyone figure out what difference ( if any) breeding them in the Berrywhite island is vs. the other two island / cave? Thanks!

    • Corey norton says:

      Try the berry white I only got the first snowflake dragon bred it with the sun and got another one bred those two together to get a twenty five hour wait today.

  22. Os says:

    Only had one snowflake. Got a second same snowflake by breeding blue moon with my only snowflake, first try. Then got a second snowflake (one with spikes) by breeding the two same snowflakes together , first try again.

  23. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    UPDATE: Ok. For those of us that only got one of the Snowflake dragons in the iceberry event, you CAN get the second one through breeding. I just bred two of the the same Snowflake dragon (got a duplicate of the original Snowflake by breeding it with a Blue moon dragon) together and got the second Snowflake dragon from the iceberry event! I also got the 4th Snowflake dragon from the dragonarium by breeding the duplicate Snowflakes together.

    • Emily says:

      Lol Everyone already knows that! Don’t you people read? Or are you just so excited from getting a new dragon, you don’t think? Snowflake + snowflake = SNOWFLAKE It’s in the breeding hints. And you get the first 2 in whatever event it was you guys played. Great!

  24. Toby says:

    How did you hack dragon vale? Your gem obviously is from hacking

  25. galzini says:

    Now, if you only have one snowflake, you can use co-operative breeding to get the others, by getting a friend to put up a snowflake to breed with your single snowflake 🙂 Much easier

  26. Johnny says:

    Can someone help me out. I only have one snowflake and would like to breed the rest. If anyone has the other snowflake dragons and is willing to help me out using the cooperative breeding cave please send me a friend req on gamecenter: ****

    Thanks for the help

  27. Emma says:

    Anyone know if you can breed a snowflake dragon using the co-op cave if you don’t have one but your friend does?

  28. Johnny says:

    add me at johnnyk7979 if you can help me out with cooperative breeding. I only have one snowflake and need another. Thanks 🙂

  29. matamadu says:

    add me for coop breeding snowflake. gamecenter id matamadu

  30. Zoe says:

    zoelovage I’m trying to get snowflakes too! And does anybody know where I can get a monolith habitat from.?

    • Talarules says:

      You can just buy the monolith habitat in the market. Also, I only have one of the snowflake dragons, and I need somebody who has the other one and would be willing to coop breed. My game center name is Talarules

  31. Yorumi Haru says:

    hey guys, i was looking at my dragonarium, and it says that tgere’s 5 snowlakes, not just 4.
    its not hurting the stars on the dragonarium, but my curiosity is peaked. is it possibly just a glitch? or is there really a 5th snowflake dragon out there?

    GameCenter: YorumiHaru

    • Zak says:

      There are 5 snoflake dragons and I think u should have all individual bread combos!

    • Anthony says:

      It is a prize during the faire and be bought for 2890 tickets

    • Skylerr says:

      Yeah, there is a 5th snowflake dragon. In the summer. It’s new in the faire for 3,725 or something tickets. It’s incubation time is 40 hours. So yes, there is a fifth snowflake dragon.

  32. Sleeper0705 says:

    I just tried to buy a snowflake dragon with tickets and I keep getting the message that I don’t have room in my dragonarium. I only have two so what give Some?

  33. Skylerr says:

    Hey, does anyone know which kind of snowflake dragon has an incubation of 20 or 25 hours? Inform me, since I know it isn’t the newest snowflake dragon. I have 2 snowflake dragons (One from the Faire, with the fluffy white neck) and one with circular shaped wings. Thanks!

  34. Savage_Gaming says:

    Mac, there are actually 5 snowflake dragons

  35. Emily says:

    Was wondering if anyone would put the snowflake dragon in their co op so I can try breeding a second one please?

  36. Diana says:

    Heres the thing I have the snowflake dragon that the dragonarium says to be the most common but I didn’t win it, why? it is the one that’s turquoise with white spikes, is there any way to see what I used to breed it?

  37. Carl says:

    Hey, I just have the Snowflake 5 and i’m looking for somebody to breed with (any snowflake except 5) gc: Rednael 66
    In exchange you can breed with any of my dragons on my other account (-Barack Obama-).Thanks

  38. Kas says:

    I completely missed the event to collect these dragons so I don’t have any at all, but in the game it says all 5 snowflake dragons are available through breeding. I can only find info on how to breed them by using at least one snowflake dragon in the first place. I’m guessing you can breed them using other dragons but I have no idea which ones to use… Does anyone else know? If you HAVE to use at least one, I would have thought none of them would be available for me at all but as they are I presume there must be a way somehow?

    • JustinL says:

      I have one I’m currently breeding. Find me on FB- Justin Lessard. Just message me if you need something highlighted for breeding. Also- I have 2 now at a 2 1/2 hrs breeding time, so it can go quick!

  39. Samantha says:

    Just wondering if anyone else only received one of the snowflake dragons? I played every day but never received a second dragon or even a way to purchase another dragon with gems. Anyone wants to add me send me a message on FB ravenshead1987@gmail.com

  40. Michelle says:

    Can anyone please please tell me the combo for snowflake 3!! I have 2 of every other one including their pedestal but #3 is impossible for me…like dream dragon impossible!!! Help!

    • Carina says:

      I got mine via the co-op breeding cave, a friend had that dragon and I simply breed my other 3 snowflake dragons with it ar separate times and eventually got one! I’m trying to breed the 4th one so if you want help just add me: crens_nz 🙂

    • Carina says:

      I got mine via the co-op breeding cave, a friend had that dragon and I simply breed my other 3 snowflake dragons with it at separate times and eventually got one! I’m trying to breed the 4th one so if you want help just add me: crens_nz 🙂

  41. Lightkn says:

    They can be breed i got one today on coop breeding island breed a starwing with it and got it.

  42. Alex Stone says:

    Hey I have one snowflake dragon and I’m trying to get another, doesn’t matter if it is a duplicate. Add me on Facebook if anyone has one! FB: Alex Stone

  43. Nancy Cordero says:

    Snowy bronze and Snowflake will yield a snowflake for those who need one. I didn’t have any. They weren’t available during BeB. I just decided to try the combination and it worked. ?

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