DragonVale: How to breed a Monolith Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Monolith Dragon

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 1

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 1

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 2

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 2

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 3

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 3

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 4

DragonVale Monolith Dragon 4

INCUBATION TIME: 3 hours for v 1&2, 25 hours for v3&4
BUY-IT Price: ? Gems
HOW TO BREED: The first two Monolith dragons can only be earned by completing the “Epic Egg Hunt” Easter event. Those first two Monoliths can be bred to get the 3rd and 4th Monoliths (as well as extra 1’s and 2’s)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”.


DragonVale Monolith Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Monolith Dragon Egg (all 4 Monoliths have the same egg)

74 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Monolith Dragon”
  1. mandie says:

    Has anyone else had a problem with this event? My event finished, converted my eggs to food and the island disappeared. However, I’m still earning eggs! Anyone else had a similar experience?

    • Erika says:

      That happened to me too. I reported it through the Help link within the game… They restored it back within a day

  2. Craig says:

    I accidentally sold my 1st Monolith dragon. (Yeah, I know I’m stupid.) Is there a way to get another one?

  3. Sara says:

    No matter how hard I try I get the same amount of progress for all events. Unlock the first dragon and the event ends. I’d rather have no monolith dragon than have one sitting there knowing I can’t breed the 3 others. These egg refill times are ridiculous.

    • mayo_humdinger says:

      Has this worked? I will try it. I also got just one Monilith on the event

    • Ravenshad says:

      You can breed another one. I did it with Monolith 4 and the basic Earth dragon. On 3rd try I got the monolith egg and it was Monolith 1. Then breeding the monoliths together I got all but the 5th one so far.

  4. Zodiac175 says:

    Welcome back, i miss u so much Dr

  5. sing_er says:

    My event is still going on. Hope it will stay longer, I need the time!
    Anyone wants to trade gems? sing_er

  6. Erika says:

    First and Second egg breeding – I got the fourth egg. Second and First = another 2nd. Now trying 4th and 1st to try for 3rd but Macs guide says first two should produce 3rd and 4th. I’ll try first and second again next.

  7. sam says:

    I was only able to get one of the monolith dragons during the event. Can you breed another monolith dragon using just one monolith and a second different dragon? I heard that with the snowflakes, you could breed Snowflake 1 with another limited epic dragon, and that could result in getting another Snowflake 1 dragon. Then you could take your two Snowflake 1’s, breed them together, and possibly get the other snowflake dragons. Does anyone know if that’s also true for the Monoliths?

  8. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    Has anybody had any luck breeding for the monolith 3&4 with only the 1st one and another dragon? If so, what was other other dragon that you used?

  9. anonymoose says:

    Some people have gotten another monolith 1 by breeding monolith 1 with hydra, then from there, use the monolith 1s to breed other monoliths.

  10. Penny Selmon says:

    Has anyone tried the breeding hint? The dragonarium says they are all still available.

  11. Teresa Patterson says:

    I got the first two n kept breeding then got the fourth that looks like the pan long kinda, it’s a 24 hr breed well 20 with the reduced breeding time, but I can’t get the third. Breed both my fourths n got another fourth that I used for display πŸ™‚ does anyone know how long of incubation the third one is ??????

    • Veebeegee says:

      I have also yet to get the third. It has the same incubation time as the 4th: 25 hrs. I used to be able to get a lot of dragons with persistent breeding, but now I find that I am having more trouble getting the dragons I want. But my poor daughter tried the whole month of April to get a Diamond dragon, re breeding and changing order and levelling up with no luck. It is ridiculous. Best of luck getting your 3rd dragon. I am thinking of giving this game up. The prizes are getting harder to get without paying cash.

  12. Fuji says:

    Someone please read gems with me for the midnight dragon event
    Add me FujiiiApples

  13. Yarrowrider says:

    Got the third by breeding the first and second. Still trying for the fourth. Have tried second and third, and got another first, so will keep at it.

  14. kittylkitty says:

    hey, does anyone know if you can breed monoliths or snowflake if you missed the event they came with? i dont have any monoliths or snowflakes and would like to try for some.

  15. Chickengoddess says:

    Monoliths can also be bred through cooperative breeding. I ended the original event with only one monolith and have bred a new one through cooperative breeding.

    • APondNamedRiver says:

      Would you be willing to Co-Op breed with me? I’m trying to get the last 3 monoliths (I have all the snowflakes, finally) and I’m trying to find someone who’d be willing to help me out.
      If so, my gamer tag is the name I’m using to post on here.

    • Emily says:

      How??? How did you do it through co-op? I tried almost all of my epic dragons with my friends monolith, since none of my friends, except one, are really being cooperative when it comes to helping with ANY dragon (it’s practically the only one i’ve been able to try for in the co-op since i’ve had the game) and I still have no luck. Please help us people that don’t have monoliths by telling us the dragons that work to breed them with in the co-op, so we can then start to breed them and have a chance at the other ones! Thanks πŸ™‚

  16. lilacamy931 says:

    If you have no Monoliths at all can these still be bred via the co-op breeding?

  17. Robin says:

    Can I still get these dragons ?

  18. siohbeast says:

    if you check the monolith and snowflake dragons in the game, it shows that there are actully 5 dragons. so there must be one missing at macenstein.

    • Nic87 says:

      No there is none missing….this new event is giving us a new one….just like with the snowflakes!

    • muma beast says:

      There is a brown coloured Monilith dragon. Somebody said they got it by breeding Monolith 1 and Monolith 2. I’ve been trying thus since and still await a little brown Monolith for my collection. ?

  19. David says:

    You can now get 2 versions of the monolith dragon with tickets at the great dragon faire

  20. Jess says:

    Just FYI – was successful with breeding Monolith 1 + 2 to get a 5! Saved me some tickets! I did it on EBI, by the way!

  21. Dragonlover says:

    In co-operative breeding if one of the dragons is a Monolith is it possible to breed one if my dragon is an epic dragon like platinum or gold or Olympus gold? I missed out getting one during the Faire and the Epic Egg Hunt.

  22. M1ssslowie says:

    I need monolith. Please coop with me someone. I have most dragons includingall Galaxy except andromedan. If you want to chat you can add me on line or kik: m1ssslowie. That’s also my Game Center id. Remember there is a 1(one) in my username.

  23. CDQ says:

    I’ve been trying to get the 5th monolith dragon. But it just hasn’t been possible yet. Am I doing something wrong by breeding 3+4 together?

  24. Michele says:

    I have 5 monolith dragons available. Also I can’t breed any of the Galactic dragons because all of my friends quit playing so I don’t know how you get a new friend. One that actually plays . I needed someone to that i can exchange gems with . I have a Samsung note 5 phone. Can anyone help. People talk about play center, but I haven’t been able to find it. I think it’s different on my phone VS an iPhone any help would be greatly appreciated I feel like I’m missing out on a big part of the game. I’m a level 72.

    • Pam says:

      I’ll share gems with you . . .

    • Molly says:

      I’ll share too. Request to be my friend on game center

    • Megan says:

      I would love for a few more friends! I only have one monolithic and I would love some more people with whom to co-op breed! And exchange gems!

      Add: Megz[:

      • Nekomancy says:

        I have a monolith 4 from last event. Happy to co-op breed if anyone wants πŸ™‚

        Game Center id: nekomancy
        Also have 4 gem trading slots.

    • kaytekaatt says:


      sorry to say that the only way I know of for anyone with an android type phone to get friends is via Facebook. πŸ™

    • Emily says:

      You got facebook then, meaning you have to go through facebook if you don’t have game center. If you ever check this again, you can friend me on facebook Emily Yageman- the one with the animal pic on it. Good luck everyone!

    • Emily says:

      You are. Forget these morons that don’t know how to read your comment. You need a facebook account to add friends, since you DON’T HAVE GAME CENTER people! Some of us aren’t that lucky! Anyway, you go to your settings on dragonvale (the gear on bottom of screen) once you have a facebook account, and there will be a log in box to facebook. Once you click on it, it will only have your friends you’ve added on facebook that have this app, which aren’t that many, if you even have any. From there you will have to find people on sites like this and the official dragonvale sight that will either add you as a friend, or give you their facebook id so you can add them on facebook. Once you are friends on facebook, they will be on the friend list on dragonvale and from what i remember, i think you just add them from your dv facebook friend list. New you can go to social and swap gems or visit their park. They will also now be on your co-op cave list to breed dragons with; Though, to communicate with them, you need to message them on facebook. I hope that was more helpful, than confusing. More than likely, you wont ever see this, but I hope it at least helps someone. Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  25. Susie says:

    One bought the monolith habitat but have now discovered I can’t get a monolith dragon because they were only released over Easter last year. Does anyone know if they will be bringing the monolith dragons back?

    • Kim says:

      I’m also wondering that. They don’t seem to be part of this year’s egg event.


    • Dragonflysummer says:

      Hi! I just started playing 2wks ago. It’s fun, but I’ve missed a ton of events. I need snowflake, Chrysalis, monolith … everything. From reading comments, it sounds like some of these events are a one time occurrence. I hope that’s not the case. So far I have habitats taking up space with no dragons to occupy. I guess the only rational step would be to put them in storage until an event occurs to fill them. Does anyone have recommendations….

  26. Pam says:

    I just got Monolith 6 and shared it with the cooperative breeding cave for others to breed with. Are you going to add 5 and 6 for us?

  27. Katie says:

    How do we breed the new, pink one? Can it be bred using only the old monoliths?

  28. Glopspot says:

    but i couldn’t wait to breed them so I had to spend ten gems to finish breeding the first, and six to finish the second, but I couldn’t because there was 4 eggs already in the nursery so I had to spend another ten gems to finish that. But worth it!

    • Emily says:

      If you think that’s a lot of gems to spend, then you are sadly mistaken. This game makes so much more than people think.

  29. Midoku233 says:

    GC: Midoku233

    I have both of the first monoliths. Add and Kik me to co-op.

  30. @YaznotYazzy says:

    Add me.

    Game Center: YaznotYazzy

  31. Firestar says:

    I have no monolith dragons and the egg hunt is not untill a long time, but can I breed monolith dragons in the co-op breeding cave – if so, what dragon of mine should I breed with my friends monolith dragons?

  32. Hannahavran says:

    Level 80 looking for coop breeding with monolith dragons, have ALL Galaxy dragons and many many epic dragons.

    ADD for daily exchanges and coop breeding
    Game Center ID:Hannahavran

  33. andyorse says:

    I bred Monolith( i dont know wich one)
    with Crysalis and gave me 2 days and 12 hours… what is it?

    • Emily says:

      Always double rainbow; but, pretty sure you figured that out after waiting 2 1/2 days, unless you don’t know how to click on the egg under the dragons pic in the market, then i guess you found out in 120 hours. Wow, I’m bored, and tired.

  34. Marilyn says:

    What is the combination of the Monolith 6 Dragon? I still have had no luck with this one,even though I have tried many many times using all combinations of Monoliths.?Many Thanks Marilyn

  35. Aleph says:

    I have Monolith dragons 1,2,4, and 5 and i’m breeding them in co-op breeding cave to get the last couple. You can breed with my monolith dragons if you friend me on game center?. My GC name is: Aleph888

  36. Tamara says:

    I ended up with monolith #4 but none of the others, I don’t remember how I got it either… Is it possible to get #3 from breeding #4?

  37. Which versions of the Monolith do you need to breed to get version 6 and how long does the egg take to incubate?

  38. Steph says:

    What is the third egg in from the left? I just won it for checking in everyday. It’s takes 2 days too breed but I can’t figure out which dragon it is? Does anybody know?

  39. Elaine says:

    Is it possible to get it through co-op?

  40. FerrariF340 says:

    Well…. I definitely recommend getting mystery eggs…… First, I got an Apocalypse dragon and then I got a monolith dragon…. I put the two together and I have a breeding time equivalent to monolith breeding times…. Yay!

  41. Angela McCormack says:

    hi. I am a dragon fan! I’m now on level 46 and have a huge range of dragons-including 4 monolith, 2 gemstone, 3 seasonal, 10 galaxy and ones like double rainbow and leap year-on 9 islands. am looking for new friends to co-op breed & trade with. I am purplerhino13 and my park is Saturnalia πŸ™‚

  42. Breeder says:

    I bred the Monolith Dragon a different way. I didn’t get it from event. I bred it using a Singularity ddragon and one other dragon

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