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DragonVale: How to breed a Midnight Dragon

DragonVale Midnight Dragon

The DragonVale Midnight Dragon

BUY-IT Price: ? Gems
HOW TO BREED: The Midnight Dragon can only be bred during the Bring’Em Back event – / Dark and Moon

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Midnight Dragon egg

The 1st egg is the DragonVale Midnight Dragon egg

24 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Midnight Dragon”
  1. MC Chen says:

    How do you get stardust so fast?! πŸ™‚ And how is it level 15, is it the special shrine?

    • Jess says:

      Im not sure if its everyday as i only just noticed but if u visit friend’s parks and u collect the money u will get 10 star dust from each park ????

  2. Maggie Wise says:

    I have always loved Dragon veil until now. The special events they have are just a way for them to make money . There is no way to get enough of whatever like roses or Stardust to get all the things they offer without spending money .
    The best was with Easter eggs and I still could not get everything but only missed out on one and that’s was spending five dollars the extra Easter eggs you could find hidden on your island was great but Stardust is a joke only get at the most two a day. Most everyone I know has quit playing and I guess it is about time for me to quit playing .

    • Mothgurl says:

      Don’t quit yet! The key to the quests is to grow foods daily and breed and do the colosseum every day. I usually get all my treat farms to grow the dragon pepper tree treat which is a one day treat, I get all the quests without spending any money!

    • NAME =3 says:

      SO FRUSTERATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet I’m going to get all the stuff before the dragon and then not get it. That’s exactly what happened during the monolith event.

    • SN says:

      Actually… if you read the guidelines properly and do those for 30mins every day. u can get up to 150star dusts a day or more

      • Peter jack says:

        Dude even if u get the max amount for the day the most u can get is 14000 but all the good dragons cost like 8000 at least it’s bullshit

    • Zeiker says:

      True dat. I play several times a day and leverage double dust weekends and still came up over 900 short from the final reward (weather station).

      • Frostfox says:

        This was me , but it wasn’t till the last three days that I figured out you can buy fire dragon eggs sell them after timer and it would give you dust. So for the last three days I capped out dust for the day. But until then I hadn’t been. So I came up short. Maybe if I had learned that trick sooner.

  3. wow says:

    Grow lots of dragon snaps and compete in races and Colosseum events

  4. Vesperia says:

    I can never get enough Stardust… I GOT THE THORN DRAGON Though…

  5. Anonymous says:

    #Maggie Wise, I agree with you, but the events are only events, they are meant to be quick so you don’t always get everything. The prizes aren’t always even high quality, but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing. Remember they are only short periods of the game, not the entire game. The point of DragonVale is to get as many dragons as possible. That’s the actual catch, they keep coming up with new dragons, so one day you might have all the dragon breeds, and the next day you level up so there is a new dragon breed, plus the ones they are coming up with. I’d also like to say that I wish you could breed these event dragons, even if it is nearly impossible! P.S. Please no one send me any e-mail, and I do know that my e-mail account will not be published, but this is more of a P.S. for Dr. Macenstein. Thank you.


    • KnowJesusKnowHeaven says:

      I had all the dragons until the last 2 special events. I did the pay to get enough before but said enough is enough no more of my hard earned money is going to this game. I play every day and get all the “treats” the game will allow me to earn everyday. I did not earn a dragon either of the last 2 special event times and it is doubtful they will be in the bring them back thing. Still a fun game but mad they have made it into a money hog.

    • Anon2 says:

      The original post is true. The game is designed to make money on in app purchases. The events give you a little bit of what the event has to offer, but it’s DESIGNED so you CANNOT acquire enough of anything (tickets on recent dragon faire) to even purchase one of each dragon that is in there.

      Where the frustration comes in is the follow-up where you cannot breed the “missing” dragons and therefore it makes the game impossible to get all of the dragons.

      I suspect the game changes the odds for breeding based on what you have. I have most of the dragons except for the gemstone dragons. All are minimum level 15 where allowed. I have used the recommended combination of dragons in an attempt to get the monthly gemstone dragon and end up with nothing (pushing whichever combination that might be for the gemstone of the month up to 17 or 18). 30 days/attempts minimum should generate at least one gemstone.

      Remember these games are designed by engineers and highly technical people that can write complicated algorithms to account for a change in odds based on the content of your park.

  6. Another midnight dragon says:

    If I get one midnight dragon, will I be able to breed it with another dragon to get another midnight dragon?

  7. andshewas says:

    I was about 30 or 40 dust away from getting my first midnight dragon when I logged in and got the message that the starfall event was over – a full day before the timer ran down. The starry graphics are gone, my dust is converted to food, I did all that for no dragon, and I can’t stop going to the social tab and watching the timer tick down the last day that doesn’t exist for me, apparently.

    It’s enough to make me want to quit dragonvale altogether πŸ™

  8. The cheese dragon says:

    So basically we can’t get an arctuarian dragon if u or yr friend doesn’t hav one?

  9. Bri_Elda says:

    I got the midnight by breeding my rainbow dragon with a friends midnight dragon on the cooperative breeding island, not saying it will always work but it’s worth a shot!

  10. ACuser says:

    Gold dragon plus a friends Midnight dragon in the cooperative breeding island worked for me!

  11. Guy says:

    Can you breed it now? (During the bring them back)

  12. Gemma says:

    burning the midnight oil, i love itttttt!!

  13. Lmartin41 says:

    Of course they want you to spend money- I read through these comments to see a lot of people who obviously enjoy this game as much as I do- I’ve been playing if for about 4 yrs. I don’t often spend real money on it but on occasion I do. I don’t get angry about it- the people who keep Dragonvale updated and interesting deserve to get paid for what they do. So if I spend $5 here and there to get a virtual dragon that I feel my park can’t live without, why would I be angry for that? Most of the fun I’ve had in this game has been FREE!!!! Honestly I almost feel obligated to occasionally spend a couple of dollars – if they keep making money they will keep adding to the game- I get to continue to be interested in playing. You do realize that you didn’t pay for the game, right? No one owes you anything and how are you getting angry at FREE! You know you could always save your money and go for a walk or actually talk to the person sitting across from you. Just sayin’.

  14. Sunshine says:

    So I’ve been trying to breed this dragon for the entire BEB event… I got every other dragon you could possibly get from this combo, but no midnight dragon… has anyone been successful breeding this dragon outside of the coop cave? I don’t have either shrine, so my moon dragon is lvl 10 & my dark dragon is lvl 18. I’m really disappointed because after the starfall event, my phone got broken & I had to restart from scratch so I lost this dragon, which is one of my favorites. Now I’m gonna have to wait a whole year to try for it again…

  15. Retiree says:

    Why do people complain about spending a few dollars here and there to get special dragons? I am retired and have had some back issues that keep me from being as active as I would like. This game is my entertainment. Any real money I spend comes from my entertainment budget. A movie is $10 and over and done in two hours. An electronic book can be as much as $15. I get a couple of days out of that. A coffee at Starbucks is $5 and we know how long the enjoyment from that lasts. You can get a lot of entertainment for very little money and with patience, persistence, and a little luck you can get lots and lots of cool dragons. Sometimes you have to pay to play, but as someone else said you can always go for a walk or talk to friends. You could also read a book, but go to the library or you will have to shell out real $.
    PS I tried every combo listed on two sites multiple times trying to get Party so I decided to give it a rest and try for Dusk with Dark and Moon. Imagine my surprise when Party popped up! I love this game!!

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