DragonVale: How to breed a Arcturian Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Arcturian Dragon

DragonVale Arcturian Dragon

The DragonVale Arcturian Dragon

BUY-IT Price: ? Gems
HOW TO BREED: The Arcturian Dragon can only be bred using the Collaborative Breeding Cave, and using a Arcturian Dragon (yours, or a friends) and either another galaxy type dragon, or an epic dragon.


(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”.

DragonVale Arcturian Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Arcturian Dragon Egg

55 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Arcturian Dragon”
  1. Thanos says:

    I can’t get my galaxy dragon to level up beyond level 10 and I see my friends have 15s. What do I need to do to level them further? FYI I don’t have the option at this time to feed them up further.

    • Foxlery says:

      You would have had to have gotten the dragon statue for the magic egg event to level your epic dragons to 15. It should be made available for purchase with gems eventually like the lost isle or treatery or any of the other reward items.

      Best of luck 😀
      – Foxlery

    • Sugartrip says:

      You could get this building in a past event that let you lvl epic dragons to 15 ^^ without that building they will only go to lvl 10.

      • Michelle says:

        How do you get this building and what is it called?

        • Luke says:

          It is called the relic of the epics and looks like a rainbow dragon shrine; the only way you could’ve gotten it was by playing the egg hunt event 24/7 this Easter. I’m sure they will eventually put it in the store so you can buy it with gems. Hope this helped

          • Time Travel Man says:

            XD I come from April 30th 2016, There is no such thing as a relic of the epics, maybe next year?

        • Sugarhoney says:

          It’s called “relic of the epics

          • Sugarhoney says:

            You can get it from the event that joust finished maybe next year you can get it

  2. Kee Oth says:


    I’ve tried adding you as a gamecenter friend for a while now, but you haven’t accepted any of my requests. 🙁

  3. Lynsey says:

    Hi All. I’m going a lil OCD dragonvale breeding crazy trying to get these Galaxy dragons…. I’m level 65 with every dragon but these! If you have them, please friend me?? ****@game center. Much thanks 🙂

  4. RueRajaram says:

    Hello all! I bred A gold with an Antarian and got Antarian. this worked for me, but I had to try many times. Good luck everyone!

  5. Priscilla says:

    I’m still wirking on getting these dragons if anyone wants they can add me on GC. My username is ****

  6. Margaret says:

    Macenstein, can you request to be my friend I can breed those Galaxy dragons I don’t have. It’s ****. Cheers

  7. Cally says:

    I have an Antarian and Polarian but need to get the rest! I’m happy to friend anyone who wants to collaborate. My game center ID is *************.

  8. Turtle says:

    If you have an arcturian( this dragon) or an sorarian dragon pls friend me I have a polarian, ANTArian and a bizurian
    Game enter: ****

  9. Chloe says:

    Hey anyone have a Sorarian dragon they are willing to breed with me? Friend me with my gamecenter name:


    Will and try to send gems!


    • Chloe says:

      Thanks for all the friend requests! I think I got a sorarian dragon so thanks for all that sent requests! Still trying for a Sprout dragon so if anyone has any tips or wants to help, my gamecenter name is on my previous post.


      • Chloe says:


        I am getting too many friends and want to give them all gems every other day! Thanks to those who sent friend requests, and sorry to the rest of you. 🙁


    • Cheryl says:

      I need some friends with arcticuran Dragons. I am ****

  10. funkykitsune says:

    Is there any trick to getting these? I’ve been breeding my LV 15 Antarian with my Friend’s Polaris and Bizurian dragons for ages and I’m not getting any Galaxy dragons

    • SMILE says:

      Getting a galaxy dragon via breeding is very rare. Best of luck!

      GC: ****, need help with sunstruck and solar eclipse. Thanks to you all!

  11. Charlie 1915 says:

    Can you get the rest of the snowflake dragons if you only have one?
    GC ID: ****

  12. Cheeky says:

    Hey Guys, add me if you need help and we can work together!

    ID: ****

  13. Ella says:

    i keep trying breeding my friends galaxy dragons with my polarion dragon but I’m not getting anything.
    i would recommend breeding a galaxy dragon with double-rainbow because i got a sprout dragon, spring dragon, snowy bronze and some olympus dragon

  14. syl57543126 says:

    Hi guys, I have both Antarian and Polarian Galaxy dragons and looking for others. I am a daily player since the beginning. Please add me. Gamecenter id : ****
    Thanks !

  15. Toyah says:

    Hey guys trying currently to get all the galaxy dragons the only galaxy dragon i have is a sorarian add me on gamecenter- ****

  16. Daruude says:

    I need help I would like all the star dragons i hade two polarian and antarian if you have the others please add me on gamecenter and let med breed them with mine.

    My gamecenter: ****

  17. Aisha says:

    Anyone with an Arcturian dragon like to help me out? I have a twin Antarian (? Don’t know why they called it that when the two dragons finished breeding but anyway) and a normal Antarian. My game centre account is****

  18. robonmyknob says:

    Looking for friends for coop breeding, have antarian and polarian dragons also gem for gem, i have no friends 🙁

  19. Emma says:

    Hey guys add me on Facebook so we can breed our dragons together!! It’s ****

  20. Quentin Johnson says:

    Add me I’m trying to get all galaxy dragons add me on Game Center user name: ****

  21. Bonnie says:

    A friend shows Arcturian level 1 as her selected dragon in her breeding cave, but when I visit her park there’s only a Sorarian level 1. What’s up?

  22. Schoc4524 says:

    Wow… I apparently have 2 acturian Dragons and a anturian. If anyone wants to friend me, I’m 22Schoc22. I bred my acturian with an anturian and got myself an anturian dragon. And I just bred an acturian with a double rainbow an got another acturian 🙂

    • Lauren says:

      Hi there! In desperate need of an Arcturian. Have all the others. I just friend requested you so maybe we could help each other out!

  23. Patrick says:

    Hey peoples! I’m looking for a few friends to add on Facebook so I can use the co-op breeding to get more galaxy dragons. I also have the gem tree so I can gift gems daily as well. I guess just reply to my post if interested? Dunno, this is my first post here. Thanks in advance

    • Rowena says:

      Hi I have tried adding pple through game centre but I never get pple so do you have to have them as friends on Facebook if ok could you add me so I could get the last two dragons in the galaxy dragons the two orange ones or red thanks

  24. Teresa says:

    Can people who have Arcturian, Bizurian, and Surarian dragons please add me as a friend, please? Game Centre name is ****. Much thanks 🙂

  25. Rob says:

    Hey all, I need help with these galaxy dragons! If anyone has an arcturian, bizurian, or solorian dragon, please friend me. I have the polarian and antaran Dragons. Unfortunately my gem spots are full, but if I have a friend who quits playing, I will add you to my gem list as I send gems daily, but I don’t have gem spaces available right now. Thanks! My game center name is rob91274.

  26. Austin says:

    I got a galaxy breeding the brizilian with a fire

  27. Perfect1Up says:

    I have a polarian and an antarian dragon but need the others. Anyone willing to help me? I can give gems as well, all my friends on dragonvale have been gone before Galaxy dragons started so…

  28. Laur77 says:

    Hi looking for someone for cooperative breading.

    Many thanks

  29. Mega says:

    How can you get any of the galaxy dragons if your friends don’t have them? My wife bread one of them with heat and mirage. I can’t remember which one it was though. Is this possible with any others?

  30. Sparkyhaylie says:

    I keep breeding my antaruan with my friends acturian and keep getting common hybrids…. What am I doing wrong?

  31. Ginger says:

    I need galaxy dragons, add me fatzeebhoi

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