DragonVale: How to breed a Tourmaline Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Tourmaline Dragon

Dragonvale Tourmaline Dragon

The Dragonvale Tourmaline Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1750 Gems
HOW TO BREED: Crystal and Electrum


(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”.

The Dragonvale Tourmaline Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Tourmaline Dragon Egg

57 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Tourmaline Dragon”
  1. Allen says:

    Thank you ^^

  2. wow says:

    First comment.:-) this s a hard dragon to breed…

  3. totoro2003 says:


  4. Kaia says:

    You did this so fast Thank you Macnstine! Love this. 3rd Comment!

  5. Chris says:

    I want this so badly, I need the electrum first.

  6. Mjölnir says:

    Getting electrum is soooo hard!

  7. Gabe says:

    Gem for gem!


    • Enplosion says:

      Obviously you can read or you would have seen at the top they have asked not to post crap like this on this forum.

  8. Airachnid01 says:

    This was semi easy to get, it took 5 shots in the EBI.

  9. A-lid-dip says:

    First try working on second with crystal and electrum, easy peasy

  10. Nick says:

    I have jasper dragon

  11. Nick says:

    I have electrum dragon and crystal dragon

  12. Kanoa says:

    Hey everyone! I have had a great amount of good dragons by breeding in the cooperative breeding island, with the dragons- Ooze and tidal. Some dragons I have received are the Silver dragon, the Bronze dragon, the Bronze Olympus dragon, somehow the blue moon dragon, the wisp dragon, the mirror dragon, the sulfur dragon, the plasma dragon, two arctic dragons and currently in incubation, the lodestone dragon. I am not kidding!!! If this works, your welcome. =+)

  13. Cynthia says:

    Got it on first try! Wow, I never have such good luck!

  14. Andrew says:

    Just got this on my second try, got Loedstone first. Crystal lvl. 16 and Electrum lvl. 10 in EBI Goodluck all! ????

  15. 1Bonton says:

    Hey my lightning shrine randomly turned silver, I don’t have enough dragons leveled up and I didn’t use gems to do it. Does anyone know what could’ve happened?

  16. Chrispy says:

    This is making me crazy. Why won’t it give me the tourmaline!

  17. Deborah says:

    I didn’t get the jasper until last day … Even though breeding from first day. Seem tourmaline is going to be the same. Grrrrr

  18. Hannah says:

    Keep getting electrum or iron.. so hard!!!

  19. Anonimous says:

    Fuc***g electrums and lodestones both have huge waiting times and are the only thing im getting(till now 3 electrums and 2 lodestones)

  20. totoro2003 says:

    I CANT THIS DRAGON!!! after so many electrum fails, i dont think i can take this anymore!! WANT TOURMALINE!!

  21. SquidPickle says:

    I amazingly enough, already have an Electrum dragon, so I’m set!!! Yay! The Tourmaline’s look awesome, as well!

  22. Robert says:

    I got electrum about 3 days before I knew I needed it for this. Yey. Already got him 2nd try \(^o^)/

  23. totoro2003 says:

    SO UNFAIR!! my friend got it, and i have been waiting SO PATIENTLY!! having so many bronze and electrum fails sucks. takes so long!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

  24. totoro2003 says:

    ARGH! i have way to many bronze and electrum fails!!! HELP ME!!

  25. Rosemary says:

    I have tried multiple times. No luck. My friend has 3 tourmalines, by using a level 15 electrum dragon. How can you get the electrum dragon to level 15? I need help.

  26. Zadgookie says:

    Got the tourmaline dragon but can’t put it anywhere. I have plenty of open spots in gemstone island. Any suggestions?

    • Mase says:

      It doesn’t go in a Gemstone habitat, it goes in the Crystalline habitat you can buy in the market for 2 million.

  27. Kylee says:

    I was worried that it was going to take a loooooong time to breed this dragon because people were saying that they tried and tried and couldnt get it. Then when i breed my Crystal (Level 15) and Electrum (Level 10) dragon on the epic breeding island, i got it first try:D

    • Emily says:

      Guess what?? It’s October now, and I STILL don’t have Electrum. At this rate, I probably wont get Tourmaline NEXT year, either. 🙁

  28. totoro2003 says:

    does it work better with Electrum before crystal??!! i need help! and Rosemary, u can only get lvl 15 dragons if u have the Ancient Relic? i think thats what it is called. u could have won win it during an event.

  29. Chrispy says:

    Still trying to get this dragon. Have wasted so much on it. Trying to get it and the suns truck at the same time is a nightmare

  30. pebbl8r says:

    I keep getting the electrum dragon without even trying, i must have like 6 by now.

  31. blek84 says:

    Can’t seem to get this dragon, i’ve been trying to breed it in EBI, in the Coop. Breeding Cave and in the Breeding Cave since the beginning with no luck whatsoever ….

    • Nuria says:

      Me too. No luck at all. I get the feeling that when you have a lot of dragons things get so much harder. It takes me forever to get new dragons. Maybe our only chance is via the friends breeding … I better find some friends that have it and want to share it!

  32. Samantha says:

    Didn’t get it after like 20 tries in the EBI with lv 10 electrum and 19 crystal, but I got it first try with the reg BC. What’s the point in even getting the island…

  33. Samantha says:

    Didn’t get it after like 20 tries in the EBI with lv 10 electrum and 19 crystal, but I got it first try with the reg BC. What’s the point in even getting the island…

  34. Taquesman says:

    Have been attempting to breed the Tourmaline now for about three weeks. So far, total and utterly glorious failure. Will persist as I simply refuse to give up. Each attempt is greeted with the same grim determination that perhaps this will be met with success.

    • Cephalotus says:

      Don’t feel bad ….I’m in the same boat. Been trying since it came out with no success.

    • Norlux says:

      Same here. I’ve also been trying to breed for it since it came out and I haven’t gotten close. Though my luck may have run out. There’s only 19 hours left to breed it for me…

  35. Unicorn23 says:

    I’m having no luck I’ve been trying with electrum (10) and crystal (17) since it came out..

  36. Funkykitsune says:

    Arrrrgh I still haven’t got this one yet

  37. hannah says:

    I just bred a polarian dragon and a procyon dragon and first I got an procyon dragon and then I got a moon dragon!you should try breeding these dragons because you almost always get a rare dragons

  38. Sarah says:

    Been trying to get this dragon for a while now, just wondering if I should have my twilight tower set to something special?

  39. Timgib says:

    This dragon is crazy hard to breed. EBI has better odds but breeding cave is pretty reliable to breed noob dragons. 8)

  40. Jade says:

    First try, it says 1 day 11 hours… Think I have it. Woo Hoo!!!

  41. Scrumpery says:

    How do you make friends if you have android :\

  42. Wnshade22 says:

    Did you get the lightning dragon to Elder?

  43. Ashley says:

    I want it ever so badly! Such a difficult one to breed ?

  44. Cheri says:

    I got this trying for the Autumn dragon, with Air and Blue Fire dragons.

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