DragonVale: How to breed a Garland Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Garland Dragon

DragonVale Garland Dragon

The DragonVale Garland Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,444 Gems

HOW TO BREED: (Any combination of Fire, Plant, Earth and Lightning) Flower and Quake / Crystal and Poison / Cactus and Lava

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Garland Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Garland Dragon Egg

33 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Garland Dragon”
  1. Thank you vbrown!
    – The Doc

  2. Thank you vbrown!
    – The Doc

  3. Musallam 17 says:

    Nice new dragon trying to get it

  4. Natalie says:

    Have tried several combinations – anyone have any luck

    • Ann says:

      Bouquet + Quake in the Epic Breeding Sanctuary (mine are both level 12). It worked the first try yesterday.

    • Alan says:

      Here ya go first try garland dragon galaxy breeding cave carnival level 20 glass level 13

    • Steve says:

      I got it first try with clover and love dragons

    • Heavyn says:

      Flower and quake

    • Victoria Gauthier says:

      Both my son and I got ours using Scorch and Forest. My son got his on his second attempt, after which I switched from Cactus and Lava and I probably got mine on the 4th try.

      • Emily says:

        First two I thought of, scorch and forest….didn’t work, like all the other possible plant, fire, earth, lightning combos I tried, literally 30 times (I log it now). Last few hours left for garland and I have no idea what to use when I know none of them are going to work. Thanks to everyone putting what worked for them on here, at least it might better my odds if I just keep trying these ones….

  5. Irina says:

    Carnival and Christal and I got it second try. 🙂

  6. Cam says:

    Nailed it first try with crystal and poison dragons

  7. Harry says:

    I was surprised to get the Garland dragon while breeding Hypnotic and Dream. I was trying for a Delirium dragon, but did not realize that it was expired.

  8. Sunniolsen says:

    Got it on 1st try with flower (16) and quake (17)

  9. Kyle says:

    I got a double rainbow and a garland dragon out of this! Thanks!

  10. blake elkins says:

    I have dragonvale on kindle… so if you have one too your welcome … 3/7 galixy dragons

  11. Abbie says:

    First try with carnival and lightning in cooperative breeding cave

  12. Vini says:

    Love dragon
    Sakura dragon
    = garland dragon

    Good luck all

  13. D. Ragoon says:

    Crystal 16 and poison 16 on EBI first try

  14. VL says:

    Failed 1st attempt with Crystal and Poison but got it on 1st try using Flower (lvl 15) and Quake (lvl 13) in EBI

    • Emily says:

      That’s great; so happy for you guys……so, I’m just about a level 24 and tried over 10 times with every combo on here for any dragon, and didn’t get jack. All my dragons are 11 and up(most are higher), still don’t have the 2 other pieces to Kairos perch (cuz they’re not putting any pieces in any of the chests, even though I win almost every race!) And I still can’t even get dragons like cactus and glass, so there’s no hope in getting dream, love, sakura, electrum, tourmaline, garland, bismuth, and probably will continue having badluck no matter how much I’ve spent on this darn game! Darn? I know THAT’S a typo, cuz that sure as h*ll ain’t what I was trying to say. I’m sorry guys…I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, I’m just so frustrated! I looked up all possible combos for these guys and they didn’t even work…well, actually, my combos were the ONLY ones that worked for the dragons I have thus far, like lunar eclipse, gold, platinum, and some others. Guess I’ll have to keep searching for my own combinations! good luck everyone!

      • Tiffany Lichtsinn says:

        Emily if you have Facebook you can look me up and add me through there. I have some of those in the co op breeding and might be able to help.

  15. Yarrowrider says:

    After many tries with flower and quake, I tried plant and leathery, in the breeding island cave. Got garland on the second attempt. Really appreciate having this site! Thanks Doc, and all the other contributors.

  16. DOGZRULE743 says:

    Another Garland combination: Scorch and Clay/Tree

  17. Blue says:

    Quake (level 16) and pepper (level 15) worked for me on 1st try!

  18. Gerhardt00 says:

    Nope! Cannot get the Garland dragon. Been breeding on both Island and cave since first day available, been breeding 1-4 times a day depending on the result, and no garland. All my dragons are lvl 15 or highest, and im lvl 70. Just dont get what luck of the draw coding i hit, but this stinks a whole lot…

  19. Belle says:

    I tried pepper and quake, both lvl 10 and got 60 hours on the first try. I’m definitely sure it’s a double rainbow Dragon.

  20. kitty says:

    I got it through co-op breeding. Apocalypse 15 and Ragnarok 11

  21. Tom says:

    I bred a cactus and crystal dragon and apparently I think kind got a Garland dragon!

  22. Elyse says:

    Mine was a first-try with a lvl 11 quake and lvl 11 pepper.

  23. Mr. Dude says:

    I just breed random epics and get lucky almost every day (I have all 3 breeding caves)

  24. Edna Carroll says:

    First I like your dragonvale web site. Lately I’ve started avoiding it because a so-called add pops up without anyway to close it approximately 50% of the time. I have to close the page and sometimes when I reopen it the add pops up again. Very irritating. I did take a pix of the site today in the event you wanted to see which site is disrupting your Dragonvale web sites.
    Thanks for all you do for Dragonvale players

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