Dragonvale: How to Breed a Solarflare Dragon - Macenstein

Dragonvale: How to Breed a Solarflare Dragon

Dragonvale SolarFlare Dragon

The Dragonvale SolarFlare Dragon

BUY-IT Price: ??? gems

How to Breed: Solarflare and ANY other dragon – in cooperative breeding cave

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale SolarFlare Dragon Egg

The Dragonvale SolarFlare Dragon Egg

35 Responses to “Dragonvale: How to Breed a Solarflare Dragon”
  1. Glen says:

    This doesn’t help. How do you get one before you have one? Someone needs to get one first to breed it. What other two dragons will get one?

    • instinct says:

      You get the solar flare dragon for free at level 100, so find a friend with the dragon and breed with it in the co-op breeding cave

    • Riley says:

      Breed a sun dragon and a galaxy in the cooperative breeding cave. I got it that way

  2. Pixanna says:

    Hey Dr Macenstein, I’d add you To send gems but you can’t by Game Center name any more! (Unless I’m missing something). You need to add an email to get new friends now.

    Hope we can find a way to breed this lovely dragon without already having it!

  3. TS42 says:

    Anyone have any luck breeding one of these yet? Even if you’re not level 100?

  4. natalie says:

    you forgot to mention that this dragon is only gifted to all the players with lvl 100 parks. I’m still lvl 50 🙁
    it is a long way to go

    • Hannibal says:

      I have ondt that people can breed their dragons with in the co-operative breeding cave and you can just add me om Facebook if you have IT my fb name is Hannibal johannesson

      • Chen Fu says:

        There is a lot of ways to get the solar flare dragon… You can get it from the wishing well when u unlock 100 daily chests, ask a Friend (if u even have one) to co-op breed with u.

      • ava says:

        hii my park ID is: 4640591 could you select your solarflare for co op if you friend me back? thanks!

    • AuciousAid1 says:

      Don’t worry if you do your coliseum every day and watch the ad and occasionally use double xp boosts you’ll get there a trillion times faster. Also doing the rift quests give you lots of exp

    • Link says:

      Got mine as a daily gift, level 87

  5. Rianne says:

    I just became lvl 100 and i didnt get the dragon….

  6. Emily says:

    Are you still able to breed it if you’re at a lower level?

  7. Nick Clark says:

    You can actually get one from an ‘Egg of Mystery’, regardless of your level

  8. Tristin says:

    I actually bred one and I’m only level 79 which was interesting because at first I had no idea what it was until I bred it

  9. Darkmoonfari says:

    Just bred this with my buddy in co-op breeding cave, my dusk dragon lv7 with my friends galaxy dragon lv15(I think). My park is lv 36, so it seems you can get at a lower lv too! Just lucky and the right combination, I’ve been breeding dusk with my buddy for a few weeks, I was hoping for a second dusk cause they are too cute!

  10. Euan says:

    I got the solar flare from a sun dragon (level 13) and the npc guys Celerurean dragon

    • Alex Stone says:

      Yes that is possible, there is actually a 0.5% chance to breed a solarflare dragon using a sun and a cerulean. Good luck to all!! Add me on Facebook if you would like.

  11. Sharon says:

    Hi. Just started the game a few days ago. My one and only friend that has this game as well happens to be lv 100 and has this dragon in her breeding area. I bred a celerulean to it and got a bluefiee! How does that work ? Is it possible to get any basic or hybrid dragon from breeding galaxy types ?

    For the record my 2nd day gift was another galaxy dragon that I bred to the npc’s celerulean and got lucky.

    • Cyber says:

      When breeding two epic dragons anywhere, you can get any random dragon that is availiable at your park level.

  12. Cameron Matucha says:

    I just recently breeded this dragon on accident, I used the Dusk dragon and the Celerulean dragon, idk how this happened or what level I need to be to even have the dragon in my park but it’s still cool either way

  13. Sam says:

    I some how breaded a solar flare dragon with a nebula dragon and a flower dragon. I’m level 14. What are the odds?

  14. Joey Warne says:

    I just bred mine on complete accident I just turned level 30 I bred mine at the uprgraded epic breeding cave with plant and mud dragon vogue level 12. First try to.

  15. Sarah says:

    Hey if anyone has the dragon can you respond this message and add me so upI can breed it please !!!

  16. vasu says:

    i used my wish on it. Was it well used?

  17. Asha Rae says:

    I’ve found that if you breed a dawn and a singularity, you’ll get a solar flare. Worked for me and three of my friends.

  18. Cupcake says:

    My brother has a Solarflare and I’ve been trying to breed one with his dragon in co-op for like a month now. It doesn’t work! Is it really true that you can use ANY dragon with the Solarflare? Does it have to be a certain time of the day?

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