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Apple beaten to Dual-Core punch?

Posted by Igor

OSnews is reporting that the company Genesi has announced they will build a 970MP (dual-core G5) server, named “Open Server Workstation”. This would be the first production computer to utilize two 970MP chips. Rumors have been flying in past months of an upcoming G5 PowerMac revision featuring two 970MP chips, but so far our sources have been unable to confirm this.

3 Responses to “Apple beaten to Dual-Core punch?”
  1. I hate it when people complain about what they cant stand.

  2. A maxed-out Mac Pro with 8 (yes i mean eight) 50 inch displays

    Hey a guy can dream cant he?

  3. Sam Trevor Eric Vlad Emmett John Orik Brady Steve

    Look at the initials!

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