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Apple announces over 1 million videos sold in under 20 days

Posted by Helper Monkey

In a statement released today Apple announced it has sold over 1 million videos via its iTunes music store in under 20 days. Given the fairly limited selection of videos to choose from (2,000, most of which are music videos) these are industry-rattling numbers. Steve Jobs noted these sales numbers imply a greater demand than expected, and vowed to increase the number of offerings.

“Selling one million videos in less than 20 days strongly suggests there is a market for legal video downloads,� said Jobs. “Our next challenge is to broaden our content offerings, so that customers can enjoy watching more videos on their computers and new iPods.�

Considering the video iPod has only been available for 2 weeks, it would seem most purchasers are watching these videos on their home computers. This would seem to fly in the face of the traditional thinking that people do not want to watch tiny, compressed movies on their traditionally small sized computer screens and tiny speakers. It also implies that there may be up to 1 million people out there right now saving up for a video iPod purchase in the very near future. Looks like a merry start to the holiday season for Apple.

2 Responses to “Apple announces over 1 million videos sold in under 20 days”
  1. I still don’t know who is buying these videos…

  2. hahaha says:

    it wasn’t me

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