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Apple Event: New iMac surprises, Video iPod is real

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Well, we can finally put the rumors to rest. Apple today finally unveiled it’s Video iPod. Available in 2 models (30 GB for $299, 60GB for $399), and both black and white, the Video iPod supports realtime MPEG4 and the H.264 decoding. The screen is slightly larger than previous models, and supports 260,000 colors. Also included in the new iPods is a video out port for watching content on a television, and the new ability to record stereo audio for the first time. Size-wise, Apple has once again shaved some pounds off the iPod line, with these new updates coming in at 31% thinner than previous models. The Video iPod replaces the current color screen models, so it seems safe to just call it an iPod now, since there will be no non-video iPods.

In support of the video capabilities of the new devices, Apple today announced video content, including 2000 music videos and some television shows supplied by ABC television (including ABC’s top 2 shows, LOST and Desperate Housewives) can be downloaded from the iTunes music store. (Apple also announced iTunes 6.0) The cost for music videos and television programming will be the same, $1.99. The videos have a version of Apple’s DRM technology embedded within them, and can be viewed on up to 5 computers.

Something no rumor site had predicted was the release of the new iMacs. The new models now run from 1.9 GHz up to 2.1 GHz, and have larger hard drives (upt to 250 GB) than previous models. Most surprising about these new iMacs is they contain a built-in iSight, which may finally be the jolt needed to get video chat into the mainstream.

Apple also announced 2 new applications for the iMac: Photobooth, a somewhat gimmicky app for taking pictures with the built-in iSight, and Front Row, which is a media center of sorts and allows the user to watch photos, video, and listen to music from the sofa, using a remote control.

So that’s it.

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3 Responses to “Apple Event: New iMac surprises, Video iPod is real”
  1. MacJunkie82 says:

    Photobooth is not a slideshow app (Front Row does that). Photobooth lets you take photos with the built in iSight and mail them, add them to iPhoto, or set them as your address book/iChat icon. You can also add effects to them.

    Also, on a side note, AppleInsider had a rumor about updated iMacs back in mid-September that fit most of the specs of the actual release.


  2. Thanks for the clarification on Photobooth, MacJunkie.
    As for AppleInsider predicting new iMacs in early September, EVERY site predicted new iMacs eventually. They also were predeicting new Power Macs and PowerBooks. Apple Insider did not predict for this event that we would see new iMacs.

    See Igor’s commentary on rumor site predictions.

  3. Get An Ax says:

    I’d rather have that Pink iPod Loop Rumors was so sure about… video iPod is lame.

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