Apple holding special press conference in New York Oct. 19 - Macenstein

Apple holding special press conference in New York Oct. 19

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

New Power Macs and PowerBooks look to be in the offering come next Wednesday.

For the second time in as many weeks, a special media invitation has been sent out to the press, this time asking them to join Apple as they unveil their “latest pro innovations.â€? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that since both the Power Mac and PowerBook lines are sorely in need of updates, we can expect to see at least those “pro” machines updated. It remains to be seen as to whether any of the pro applications, like Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro will see any meaningful upgrades. The Xserve line is a potential candidate as well, although we have heard rumblings of possible heat issues with cramming those processors into the Xserve’s casing.

Rumors have been around for over a year now that Apple would be releasing a new Power Mac based on IBM’s dual core 970 processor. Each chip contains 2 cores, whch in effect creates the possibility of a quad-processor pro Mac. It is likely we would see at least minor updates to the pro apps to take advantage of these new machine’s processors, if nothing else.

Stay tuned!

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