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Apple Market share up “Big Time”

Posted by Helper Monkey

Well, maybe “Big Time” is a bit of an overstatement. But when you account for just over 3% of all PCs shipped in the U.S., any growth can seem huge. IDG‘s latest report on the PC market showed an impressive 17% growth for the industry, feuled largely by low-cost PCs and laptops. In the US a strong back-to-school season is credited with providing a much needed boost to PC sales. While all the major vendors saw good numbers, Apple posted some very encouraging numbers.

“Apple – Apple cranked up its performance another notch, boosting growth in total PC shipments by 48%. The company refreshed the Mac-Mini line and its PC business continues to benefit from the rapid growth of its music business. Growth was particularly strong in its retail outlets and in Europe, although growth in the Americas and Japan was also healthy.”

A year ago, Apple counted for only 3.3% of the U.S. PC sales. The latest results show Apple up to 4.3% in one year. While these seem like small numbers, the jump is actually very impressive.

Many analysts are pointing to these numbers as very real evidence of the iPod’s “halo” effect. Strong iPod sales are credited by many as giving Apple a “foot in the door” into the minds of consumers who once would never consider buying an Apple computer.

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