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Apple to bring back “themes� in Leopard?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Macsimum News is reporting that Apple has recently been granted 2 patents. One relates to driver configuration in linking up multiple FireWire devices (yawn), but the other seems to imply we will soon see the introduction of “themes� or skins to OS X.

Patent number 6,958,758 is titled �Pattern and color abstraction in a graphical user interface�. The filing describes “Systems and methods for providing a user with increased flexibility and control over the appearance and behavior of objects on a user interface… These themes can be switched dynamically by switching pointers to drawing procedures or switching data being supplied to these procedures.�

While we feel the introduction of themes could be a major selling point to some users when OS 10.5 ships in early 2007, there is no reason why Apple would have to wait until Leopard to introduce such features, and perhaps they plan to implement themes in a Tiger update when the first Mactel systems ship next summer. Many PC users have grown accustomed to being able to apply themes to personalize their desktop’s appearance. While we doubt Apple will allow for extreme customization of their interface, even modest color choices would be welcome.

The FireWire patent, titled “Method and apparatus for dynamic link driver configuration� is less exciting, but at least it implies Apple has not totally abandoned FireWire in favor of USB 2.0.

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